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not liking the new xbox update...everything is too white! Too boring...not enough color! Grrr...

oohhhh yeaaa! come to papa! ''''''' let me tell ya ur the hottest girl today -- baby lets have a celebration

maybae i have a babe!!! probablae i have a babe!!!

You've done everything in your power to make it impossible for me to succeed. Not only that; you're arranging so that I'll TRY, and fall flat on my face. But you're going to fail. This year will be the best haunt in ten years, and by the grace of God, I don't need ANY of your help.

On October 30th, my dream will be... your nightmare.

google facial violation then click on the webstie. It is sadly not porn but it is some funny stuff man

I'll never understand how these songs and people get so damn popular... "Teach me how to dougie" - how about instead, they should be singing "Teach me how to get an education so I can get a job and not rely on welfare."

Wanna play starcraft 2 but i dont have a decent computer. Also found out diablo 3 is comin out and i cant even play that! Friggin money...

WHY IS EVERYBODY POSTING ANONYMOUSLY? It frustrates me because I am always seeing 'says Anonymous' and I keep thinking that I am the only one on muttr :(.... sad, I have no life - :P lol!!!

Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone is lip syncing most of the time on the VMA's...

World of Warcraft adverts are misleading. WoW is never "your" game. When you make a character, sure you can customize its look. But, to be the best, you have to make the exact same character as everyone else. You will be just like any tank, just like any healer, and just like any DPS. Go astray from the builds and you'll be called a noob, and never be invited to raids. No strategy is needed either, just spam your skills with a macro while eating a burrito and buffing out your... read more

I've seen several videos of squirrel launchers now, and not a single one has made the obvious next step of including a wall of spikes or even an acid tub.

I love Halloween! I put on a haunted hayride one night every October, and I look forward to it all year. Unfortunately, it's never scary and always amateurish, because the people I count on to help me just simply don't care. So this year, I'm doing it all myself. All the planning, all the building, all the decorating and all the spooking. I was on my own anyway for the last ride last year, and it was the single best ride ever. Now that I'm building it from square one to be op... read more

If there is no pole-shift in 2012, the entire new age community, and it's millions of believers, are going to look really stupid. Atheism will suddenly have a whole lot of new followers.

On the other hand, if there is a pole-shift, we're going to have floods and earthquakes galore! I hope you have a boat.

OK. Let's be clear about this. 3D is not new. It's actually rather old. It dominated filmmaking during the 1950s, often considered the "Golden Age" of 3D. If I hear one more person talk about how the technology is so new, I'm going to give them a 3D smack on the head.

Why don't people actually do rock music anymore? Last time I checked the same 5 notes strummed on guitar or tapped on the piano repeated ad nauseum isn't music. Songs now of days sound like sh** and they are 98% vocals (which are inane anyway) and 2% music. Also i dont like screamo or punk where they talk about killing everything. oh how I miss 80s rock when music was still a vital component of a song.

I suppose everyone that matters lives on the west coast of USA. They always get the best stuff. Like oh, a game demo of the most awesome looking game ever. They might as well say f*** YOU to the mid and east coast of USA. I'm just as big of a fan of the game as anyone in California and Washington. It's not fair one bit~! The only reason I can't go is because I wasn't born in the west coast. SORRY. Not everyone in USA wants to spend 500 dollars on plane tickets to go to your s... read more

Never try to pee in the gas tank of a Tesla.

I hated that song the first time I heard it. And yet, the radio insists on playing it at least 30 times a day. I'm tired of switching the stations and driving in silence. Come on now.

I hate how twilight comes between genders with a vengeance.

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Someone should make a horror movie about a foreigner going through security at a U.S. airport. That would be one freakishly scary movie XD