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I'm addicted to masturbating. It's gotten out of hand and it's against my religion.

I'm kinda bummed out that Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job ended after only 5 seasons. To me, the show's surreal humor was great, but I guess too many people were only used to fart jokes or whatever to understand it.

And yet shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force have 10 seasons and so forth.
*Shakes head*

I'm a binge (sort-of) watching the office and why did they have to make the episodes 40 minutes long? wtf it's just a comedy, they're kinda getting boring now and I'm just on season 4

We've all misheard lyrics, right?
Well, when I first heard House Sparrow by Xiu Xiu, I thought the first lyrics went " The f*** human?"

When in reality it's " Defrock human."

Haha, that makes more sense.
I don't know, I just thought it was funny.

I secretly really love the movie The Room.
I realize that it's bad, but it's so bad that it's impressive and in a way, I kinda wish that Tommy Wiseau would make another movie.

So, I'll probably get a lot of hate for this, but I kinda like some of ICP's songs. Not all of them, but a few are pretty damn catchy.

Meh, could be worse. I could like Justin Bieber.

I used to really enjoy The Nostalgia Critic, but now his videos are just too silly and other characters keep appearing in them too, which is annoying.

Not to mention the pointless opening theme.
I missed the days where he would just sit in his chair and just get to the f***ing movie.

So, basically on one of the main websites I stay on, the only new wallpapers is just the same picture over and over again of some guy from One Piece with different backgrounds.

You got to be f***ing kidding me.

Ugh, there's this really cute drawing I want to reblog form a person on Tumblr, but this person happens to draw NSFW stuff sometimes, and I don't want my friends on Tumblr thinking I'm some sort of pervert.

:( I don't know what to do.

So, I was playing GTA 5 the other day and I noticed how odd getting a haircut in that game is. I mean, Trevor is obviously balding on top of his head, and no matter what haircut you pick, it's going to stay the same, but yet he can get a full beard just like that.

Game phsyics, you gotta love them.

What pisses me off and makes me disappoint in most people is that annoying idiots like PewDiePie or JennaMarbles are famous on Youtube and probably making a lot of money just by acting like immature kids with ADD. No, wait, I take that back,
I think kids with ADD are more likeable than those youtubers.

And yet, really funny and nice Youtubers
like DashieXP or penguinz0(Cr1TiKaL) are underrated and not nearly as known as those morons.

It's probably because they... read more

I think Free! is one of the most overrated animes of all time. It's about these generic "hot" guys who do nothing, but swim around in trunks, but of course all the girls are going crazy over it.

Personally, it sickens me that such a stupid anime is more popular than actual good ones such as Paranoia Agent. Why don't a lot of people like Paranoia Agent you ask? Because, the art style is appearently not "cute" enough, so, therefore it must be boring and l... read more

all that i needed was something to believe cuz everything just falls in place like that

Does anyone think Gilligans Island it about as stupid as stupid gets ?
It wasn't funny in the 60's and it sure as sh** is dumb a** stupid now.

Is it wrong to like a covered version of a song rather than the original?

I think the Pokemon series needs to die already.

Then again, I guess the company who makes it gets so much money that they probably wouldn't dare end it.

Sooner or later, people WILL get sick of it, you just can't keep doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over again. I know for a fact that if I did that, everyone would get tired of it and annoyed by me, so, why does Pokemon get away with it?

As a child, I grew up with Pokemon and I admit, I like... read more

Is it considered racist if everytime I hear a flute being played that I instantly think of Native Americans?

So sad that the only reason why I recongize some old classic songs is because of modern songs that covered/ or sampled the songs.

For example, Mo Money Mo Problems by r The Notorious B.I.G. samples I'm Coming Out by Diana Ross.

There was also a rap song that sampled Georgia on My Mind by Ray Charles, but did the original song no justice what so ever.

Honestly, I prefer the original songs compared to the covers. They sound much better than that crappy rap songs.

I had never thought a song could ring completely true to me through lyrics and tone, but I have found it. Skillet- Believe sums up so much for me. It hurts to listen to, but it feels so... like me when the words bounce around in my head. The lyrics... The desperation and slight accusation in his tone... It moves me deeply.

Anyone remember when public tv had no stupid assed commercials ? It was funded by their annual donation drives - no f***ing commercials !!
They sold out and became another useless station , including the drives which are now really annoying .