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Let's all do the Potato Dance

I gotta start watching more anime, god I feel like a f***ing failure....

I'm 21, but when I get stressed and can't cut purge or smoke I just watch an episode of Code Lyoko. It would be cool to live a life with them as friends. #InnerChild

Am I the only one who doesn't give a flying f*** about Game of Thrones?

DAMMIT don't pound on my door when I'm in the middle of a scary movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning roaches and rabbits it's gonna be a scorching 106 degrees today better run for the shade

Why is it that I see criminal minds and I see myself?

I just saw someone mugged and I could do nothing about it

It's so fun to listen to people b**** on here... I mean come the f*** on you're not the only one going through sh** suck it up

I stole my ex's favorite screen name, and now I post on this site all the horrible things I did to her to sap up all the sympathy.

It really baffles me how they only considered SIGHTED people for a BLIND role. It just seems like a huge kick in the face to the blind actors who can't find jobs out there, but alright. You needed to have the pretty British boy-toy twink, right? No one else could play the role? M'kay.

Who's ready for Suicide Squad? :D

Rolling Rolling Rolling
keep them doggies Rolling

Come on now wheres the grammar police?
i'm tryings to makes you're day

Yu Gi Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Potato mania...................

gibber gibber gibber
That's some good poo throwing my monkeys
you rock, spewing from both ends
better than chewing gum and walking at same time

I think muttr should become a Mobil app, anyone else agree?

I wish wikis weren't filled with people's non-canonical, fanfic bullsh*t. I'm looking for legitimate information, not your stupid OTP.

Romance is like chess
one false move and you're mated