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stupid snowflake cons are pissy because they're too stupid to not have pictures of themselves taken when they want to kill n***ers and women.

AWWWW! you're inbred slimeballs, go f*** your mother.

There's too many deer and fungi. I just need the snakes, not, the deer.. and the fungi...

I just love how all the cornflakes are bitchin about snowflakes
you know how the cornflakes like to cornhole? yep it's like that!

Awww, cons are mad cuz they can't kill minorities....

f***ing snowflakes.

F*** this s*** I'm out! *jumps in trash can*

When was the last time you were in a bowling alley and they spontaneously broke out in dance?

Stupid old navy!

How do you keep a blonde busy?
give her a bottle of shampoo :)

Are you going to get a Trump or an Obama? let's find out together

I hate how Cartoon Network has gotten worse. There's only two good shows. Call me sillly for watching a cartoon, I don't care.

A man lives in a 20 story apartment building. He lives in the 20th floor. Everyday when he leaves for work, he uses the elevator to go to the 1st floor. When he gets back from work, he rides the elevator up to the 13th floor, then gets off and takes the stairs the rest of the way. He only does this when he is going up, not down.
Whats going on here?

Comment any yes or no wuestions. I will tell you if you guess the answer right.

A dad and his son are driving in a car, when they get into a horrible car accident. The dad dies on the scene, but the son is rushed to the hospital. He needs iimmediate surgery. He is taken to the operating room. The surgeon walks in and sees the boy and says, "This is my son."
Whats going on here?

*Ask any yes or no questions in the comments. Ill tell the answer if someone gets it right.*

Whenever I see a firefly, I always flick it out of the sky, and squash it with my shoe. It makes a nice glowy substance.

A new record 6 minutes for one page of toilet paper, that's all this site is worth now.

benedict cumupmyassholedaddy

playing quickplay on #overwatch is meant to be fun but the algorithm gives me f***ing level 20 and below players when im level 60? f*** off, i want to play a f***ing match with people of my own skill level and not a bunch of twats who don't understand how to play the f***ing game. oh and if it says we need a healer, be a f***ING HEALER you level 12 pharah player, we don't need a f***ing attack on a defense map you retard, go f*** yourself. play as a f***ing team and adapt to ... read more

I used to write great stories, and it came with no effort. But now whenever I sit on my computer to write something, my brain just goes blank and I can barely form any sentences. Can anyone tell me what to do?

I really want some weed. I mean, I have a little bit now, but only enough for a one night cruise. Once I smoke it, I'm not going to have any again for a very long time. I'm holding onto it because I want the perfect time, but it seems like no time is perfect.

There was a time I smoked all day every day, I really miss it.

I kinda like a widely liked or widely hated thing, homestuck [sorry] and made some dumb troll ocs that I kinda like and the art I made of it. But I don't know where to put this art. I feel kinda shamed for liking it [I mean i'm not exactly in the fandom though yet- though I know it's toxic] sso my usual art account is kinda out of question and im worried if I make an alt account for it someone will recognize my art style and call me out. And i'm also worried like, what if the... read more

yo man i need some whiskey and dick

Should I do it should I put myself out there ? I just don't know