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wish i had a jason dean and we could run away together,,, wouldn't have to deal with embarassment #heathers #heathers musical

Alright, so there's this thing called the 'milk fic' which is mentioned here and there sometimes. It seems everyone in the world has read it except me. Should I check it out?

Roger Moore, James Bond actor, dies at 89

Moore dies after short battle with cancer, family says

How do I get discovered and out there ?

Just finished Hunter X Hunter anime series.

148 episodes and 2 movies.

What a long, strange, and incredible trip it was.

Follow the heard! Just another cow :D

does anyone watch prison break? whos your favorite character?

The Gorillaz concert tickets have already sold out :(

Ugh why did they have to invent cloths??? Like don't get me wrong I stay up to date with the instagram trends but some mornings I just don't want to get dress what so ever.

ever try to stick your dick up your a** and fart it out?

i'm trying, it's hard work. someday i will full FILL my dream.

f***ing Xbox one won't work. I am f***ing pissed off that I spent this much money on it for a piece of crap. f***ing piece of sh** won't f***ing work. The f***ing controllers wont connect to the f***ing Xbox. I am f***ing pissed off. What the f***. I f***ing hate this thing, it always has to f***ing crash. Stupid f***ing Xbox.

Omg, That Ariana Grande concert was a blast! She sure put on a KILLER show last night! :)

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When are more Americans going to realize that anime is more than just some Japanese sh**. Y'all don't understand the beauty that comes with it. Your Name deserved an Oscar. Just wish more people broadened their sources of entertainment.

I have no one else to talk about this to so even though it's not negative at all but seriously I just want to babble 'bout this
Yo so there's this new series of shorts called 'Villainous' and I f***in love it
It gives me Invader Zim and El Tigre vibes
Plus the character designs are basically eye candy to an artist's sight
When I saw the shorts, I was all, "Wow everyone's gonna be obsessed over Black Hat because he... read more

I'm loving how each day that goes by and you hear nothing from us that ya'll howl and gnash your teeth over there. The humble brag online was a cute touch, but if a "demand/request" was ignored, what makes you think a humble brag would be responded to? Tsk, tsk, tsk, you mistake us for people who actually give a crap about you. Without me to make reminders, trust me when I say that my partner is not likely to do it on their own. You made some seriously miscalculated mistakes.... read more

Soft and neat...

Hey guys have any writing advice?

sausage peas are juiced straight down my rectum. we hopeses you's eats yr own in your i.q. weight ratio. i lust for your turdeses. please do disappear because i want to guess where you are. i hope that you are soon up my anus so i can squish your head like a orange. i would do the berry shame for you.

ok? and you better get it up and put it up my anus.

I just finished The Song of Achilles and it's SO DAMN GOOD

Okay I'm gonna go cry now