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I'm sure this is an old people type thing, but why do people like that show "This Is Us"? It's absolutely horrid. I couldn't get through 1 episode.

I hate it when people are like "Umm, there are too many women/[insert minority] characters in this piece of media" like my guy have you actually gone outside or have you spent your entire life ranting about how Tracer being a lesbian ruined Overwatch for you while splurting your gurt to splatoon r34 while watching LoveLive and saying that Studio Gainax is the best studio out and disowning your family for not knowing what anime is and arguing about which anime girl has the bes... read more

Remember to be kind on muttr!

I am absolutely outraged that Hugh Jackman isn't playing wolverine anymore but in the plus side his last movie Logan was amazing!

Just saw the movie Logan and I'm absolutely outraged that Hugh Jackman won't be playing wolverine anymore. But it was an amazing movie!

"Two Haters Saying Goodbye"

HATER 1: See you later, Masturbator!
HATER 2: After a while, Pedophile!

so the ending of the book Animal Farm had me shook

sick of these spiteful catty girls saying they dont want to start 'drama' and then posting hour long videos of them ranting about an entire personal argument literally no one cares about :')
the other people involved in the argument are making absolutely no response and she's still going on and on about it all the time, emphasizing the fact she doesnt want to be involved in drama. . . .. . . who even has the time for this, you're in your twenties not f***ing 14 years old

Funny thing happened. I was checking out porn and had a thought, after browing through the typical mass produced boring mess or massive turn offs, that this is the best the devil could do. Sexual sin, the greatest temptation. At least for men. And I just envisioned the devil literally working in the porn industry and coming out with sh**y results that people just eat up. And lo and behold, a minute later, I see a vid where a guy dressed up like the devil. :D haha stupidest c... read more

Cuban Pete is better than anything the Beatles made

Haha, I feel kinda bad now. A Canadian company that set a game in Canada briefly used US spelling. A few of us politely pointed this out. It was a while ago and I just checked it out. They actually corrected it to UK spelling. :P

And yeah, not a rant, but it made me feel amused and I had to tell someone. :)

Why the hell is Kevin NOT the villain in "Ed, Edd n Eddy"? If he wasn't just a cartoon character, he'd be the kind of guy you'd want to shoot in the face!

Counter to what movies and TV want you to believe, chloroform takes up to 5 minutes of constant inhalation in order to cause someone to lose consciousness.

Tumblr is the plague amongst the privileged.

Square Enix is trash now. Idk if anyone can see it but it's obvious they are giving the complete bare minimum trash now because people just eat up anything new nowadays. people are desperate for something new and they know it and abuse it. Mostly in NA or global. They also give all their attention to japan even if NA or Global makes them way mooore money. f*** Square Enix

Think I have a troll who likes to comment rude things on my #Author posts. Show yourself, troll! Come out with your username! :)

Black Sabbath, pressed for time and opportunity, recorded their self-titled debut album live-in-studio, in one day.

The album went on to be among the most significant in hard rock history.

Recorded - 16 October 1969

alright, so I've moved fandoms right? I like kpop, #bts was my favorite for a little over a year, and #jin was my bias for a huge chunk of that year along with jimin. I've actually made decisions to switch fandoms by the end of 2016, but then bts planned on releasing you never walk alone, sharing the album's logo to the audience of an awards show and everyone else worldwide. I ended up sticking around a little longer, seeing how things work out.

it was the worst idea ever.

... read more

Takashi0 liked one of my posts, yuck.

Corny sh** is the new cool now adays?? these trap rappers are trash some are good but this huge of a following for everything just because they have the same beat sound.