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OKay I'm getting somewhere now! Getting that headrush

When the town idiot comments on your meme to point out the joke to show off the fact that he understood it. lmfao.

Okay so I'm a little high. But I want to be very high. Like I want my mind to be blown.

I'm so hyper what the hell is wrong with me

Can you sing well?

Black veil brides
black veil brides
black veil f***ing brides xD

Black veil brides ♡

Buen "truleo" tucan mistico de los montes siberianos del sureste, pero quedaria mejor si hubiese sido un poco mas origninal tigre de bengala potenciado por uranio enriquesido de los desiertos de Kazajistan. Van mis +10, denuciado, -8, bloqueado, desfaveado, vuelto a bloquear, posteado en mi fb en publicacion marcada, desbloqueado. Asi que despedite de tu cuenta bombardero cosmico del septimo comando irani de los altos cargos galacticos Mira lince galactico del valle artico de... read more

Love a good internet fight!!! Ah so great sometimes lol

I just watched nyan cat for the first time and WHAT THE f***

Onew you fu*king idiot. To think you will ruin your 10 years of reputation down the drain in a night think about how much it will effect your members key who posted on insta that he won't be able to sleep because of Annabelle ends up with a nightmarish reality that is of you sexual molesting a woman in a club and the fact that you finally had solo activities which made me excited but all of it is ruined to think my desire for you to be a trending topic ends up with a news lik... read more

I miss my Facebook
When I'm frustrated or angry or disappointed or just want to bullshitting, I can't. I just can't, since you (my 'best' friend) criticized me. I mean, THAT'S MY OWN FB, MIND YOUR f***ING OWN BUSINESS & DON'T INVOLVED WITH MINE.


Trump only has one option to get out from under the Russia collusion
and to keep himself from being impeached!

WAR WAR WAR!!!!!!!!!!!! Since all republicans and most democrats like a good war.

Yes and I know you too, on and on and on without saying a single thing worth hearing

Baby, you eva been to dah strip club??? Heeeeeeyyyyyy

Is Beyoncé even known for her music anymore?

Rock music ♥♥♥♥

A few years ago, before their stupid family was revealed to be filled with pervs and incesters, I posted that dumb meme about a vagina not being a clown car re; that stupid family whose name I cannot recall at this time.

This dumb twatwaffle woman was like, "well, you shouldn't judge them, maybe it's not right for you, but who are we to judge them"

fast forward a few years and I am just like, HOOKER! U DUMB

My meme page is the only thing that prevents me from committing suicide

Trump thanks Putin for excuse to fire 1700 Americans! LOL