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I just watched the first episode of season 3 of Twin Peaks.
Final thoughts: HOLY f***.

My mind says no continuously but my fingers keep scrolling.

This sight sucks due to sucky people! Duces dudes! I'll be ranting on Tumblr!

dear wanda, if you gave a f*** about your hubby he wouldn't be a 300lb rolly polly bleeding polyps in his a**h*** stuck in a sh** hole job slacker.

you're such a white hating piece of sh**, slandering garbage filled hateful c***.

For some reason I can't listen to any music without feeling like sh** or thinking of him OR BOTH.
Unless it's Hamilton. I'm starting to get tired of listening to Hamilton, though. Plus some of those songs, some parts of those songs hit too close to home, and it's even worse.

Dear Andrea. . You wanted to turn your bigotry into activism. ..

But all you got was a criminal record.

Haw, haw.

Dear Evan Hansen has one of the most depressing storylines tbh

I was looking at pictures of the characters from both "Rugrats" and "All Grown Up" and I just gotta say this: I know they're all supposed to be a decade older, but Drew looks like he was recovering from a friggin' disease! I suppose that's good since I always saw him as such an insufferable character.

When i was a kid i pretended that i couldn't speak english just so i wouldn't have to talk to people in lines and stuff. Which worked because my moms french and austrian so i just chose from either language and strung together sentences with random words.
Like in theme parks or at the grocery store. Id be like "Non, non."
Thinking back i was such a wierdo.
X )

I really enjoy reporting people who join DeviantART who are under 13 years old lmfao. Someone posted that they were 11 and I was like oh wow one less user on this site

I'm an adult woman and I absolutely cannot wait for may 29th. Honestly I wish I had more friends who watched this show, so I had someone to talk about how excited I am with!

They are an immensely great artist that I want to watch. I love their style so much...only thing is they sometimes post certain things that make me uncomfortable...

Eris from Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is hot

She is pure evil. I like that in a woman

WHo will be listening to this weeks This American Life?

I laugh when I look at so much absolute bulls*** I post on here for a reaction. Some of the people that are raging on there keyboards say things because they think it's gonna affect me, half this sh** ain't real honey xxxx


my man has TWO JOBS

We should really strive to treat each other better.

We come on here because we're all a little broken and no one will listen to us... But then we're f***ing dick bags to each other? Really?! "#InLoveWithAFurry is the new #author", being a dick to someone who confessed they had cheated? REALLY?! And don't get me started on the racism thing! You're going to be a dick because someone is weird in a different way than you? You're a f***ing mess too! Your cruelty shows who you tru... read more

So...Can't talk without being judged and ridiculed anymore? Good job, kids.


Some of the slang ya'll use... I am ashamed to have that google search on my browsing history