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When Dark Souls is the source of your rage

What's the point of even working on it anymore nobody gives a sh** about it. I just wanna give up- why am I trying so much on this? Why do I feel so stressed augh

Steve Harvey Accused of Torturing His Ex-Wife in $60 Million Lawsuit

Steve Harvey, the brown Ryan Seacrest.

I'm bored. I just want to comment/give advice on every love muttr post there is because some girls/women/men out there need help with their love lives lol

Steve Harvey is hosting ANOTHER SHOW!
Some invention show starting in June.
There are no other comedians out there or what?

Guys any recommendation for novels with outgoing but sensible/kind MC?

I wish I had somebody to talk with about my fave shows...

After watching TV for 10 minutes, I feel significantly dumber.

Can I just be allowed to think a character like frisk is white?
Can I just be allowed to think the same for Chara?
Can't I be allowed to gender pronouns with them? [The creator said to leave it up to interpretation]
Can't I be allowed to think 'they/them' can be used in a stranger term??
"but it’s also another significant way the game is separating you from them."but Toby said the character can be whatever you want it to be? Same goes for chara?
"all of the monsters continu... read more

Rp servers:

My friend: *makes event sever*
14 notes [6 likes 7 reblogs 1 reply]
21 people total in the server
It gets advertised in super popular servers
Everyone is talking and being social
Bunch of roleplaying and interactions
Gets to implement all events they wanted to show

Me: *makes event server*
2 people reblog it [both were mods on the server- one even relogged it twice]
3 people join only because my friend advertised it out of pity
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Nobody... read more

Nobody looks like they care I'm on the phone until I start typing. I'm not chatting with anybody, I'm posting on friggin websites about stupid junk.

Muttr keeps trying to make me post as me since I added a picture... Nah, I wanted my Empress card in the corner like an Ace up my sleeve.

Read the worst self published book today... It made me feel so much better about myself... :)

#Author #MineHasType-os #ThatOneMadeNoSense

And I miss my home, I miss myself and I miss you.

Holy fudging crap! The season 12 finale of Supernatural has the whole f***ing world shook. I mean with the deaths of almost all of our favourite characters, and the f***ing cliffhanger! Everyone saw this coming and yet they're overreacting like f***ing babies. Of course Castiel isn't f***ing dead. Crowley, maybe, but why the f*** would they kill off everyone's favourite character!? The writers have been doing a sh** job for most of the season, but I don't think they're strivi... read more

f*** overwatch f*** overwatch

I took a "What's Your Theme Song" quiz just for sh**s and giggles.

I got "You Give Love a Bad Name." And now I'm slowly becoming convinced that it's a sign. That I'm actually a really sh**y person and I deserve all the sh** that's come my way recently.



Very good and very different

type of time travel movie.

Dear Rubix,

Remember how you white knighted me into silence and twisted my arm until I took the blame for a 50/50 situation?

Yeah. I've been suicidal for the past three days, thanks to you.

Hope my life was worth you getting to play the hero to a teenage asshat.