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So I have a family of five and had to move out of my rental house because the loan company f***ed us over in buying a new house. I thought sharing a room was going to be bad.. but that lease hasnt happened yet. Now I am stuck in a hotel room with a family of five people having to share a bed with my sister while the youngest sleeps on a cot. I am seventeen, and bed sharing sister is fifteen. Some people may be able to deal with it... but get this. She is the NASTIEST, most UN... read more

I don't even have words left to say to you, you horrible, wretched woman. Do you honestly think we're going to all just pretend that it is "business as usual" and allow you to sweep everything under the rug?? Do you honestly think that we are going to just FORGET all of your transgressions, and those of the other family members?? You can try to divert the conversation all you like, but it is not going to do you any good. Those days of us allowing you to sweep things under the... read more

yesterday hours before my college graduation my father threw a fit like a little kid throwing temple tantrums all because he had to go through security Metal detectors my mom didn't complain she was okay same with my brother but he had to inform dad do you not understand with some must stuff going on you don't care about being safe would you rather for all of us to be dead or be safe my finally realize that life is important like come on

My parents be playing games with my credit card and my money, its so annoying. I gotta move out. Omg I need to move out. Im better off

My dad got me oh SOOOOOOOO f***EDDD UPPPPPPP!!!! I told him I wasn't gonna be able to help him because I had homework, and my brother comes home from his friends house and goes straight to sleep. My dad yelled at him to come help him but he didn't even get up. AND ME THINKING OH MY BROTHER GOT UP AND HELPED HIM SO THEY FINISHED, NOPEEEEEEEEEEEEE my dad is still waiting for me to help him. Soooooooooooo my brothers sleep is more important than me finishing my f***en homework!?... read more

I guess you don't see why it hurts me when you say that i'm a disappointment to the whole family, why it hurts me when i come to you crying and you tell me you'll do this and that to fix it but the money that i set aside for the solution goes to helping your friends and feeding your addiction, why i start crying when you scream at me because you're angry at my sister or my dad, why i always say yes to you because i remember what happens if i don't yes i remember the way you n... read more

So i just got home from college and my mom has been sick for the last year and a half or so and went to the hospital last week because she was really deteriorating health wise for the last 3 weeks because of heart failure.. but no one told me so i wouldn't worry.... i have so many issues with that but i get it came from a good place and since I've been home I've been lectured about twice a day about any and everything and reminded of why i went so far away to college. But I h... read more

Seriously she brings a tweaker ads friend to stay with us but he lives in his own trailer in the back while he brings a diseases who're with a baby when it's 100°F outside. We make him food, provide utilities like shower & toilet, He uses our laundry soaps. All he pays for us his gas and his cigarettes. Ever since he moved in ALL THE FORKS WENT MISSING!!! And my mom thinks I'm the one doing it saying I'm lazy and do nothing when I do laundry, dishes, trash, cooking, vacuumin... read more

The favoritism is real in my family. My cousin who is married, cheated on her husband with my boyfriend who I was with for ten years. Of course I got mad at both of them but especially my cousin because we were close and she was family so I yelled at her for how f***ed up she was. Guess who got yelled at instead? Me. My whole family took her side, forced an apology out of me, told me how wrong I was for doing that and they even knew what she did to me and they didn't say anyt... read more

My parents are quick to call themselves good people, to say that they will help out whenever they need. They're quick to help out their friends, but turn a blind eye when it comes to their son. I am desperate at the moment, days away from being evicted, needed only a little bit of money to get out of my current situation. But, they offer no help, only saying that I need to learn that my actions have consequences, even if it means me being homeless with animals. My mom has bee... read more

Divorcing a parent at first seems wrong but after you make the decision you'll find you are your own person and someone shouldn't treat you that way. It's foreign but once your there, it's comfy.

My mom got a boyfriend and 3 foster kid and all his kids..built herself a family and now she's mad at me because I'm going to spend the weekend with my family for my birthday.Lolol..Sorry you had me memorial day weekend dude. Also remember who was your family first before you decide you need a new one

Having a fight with myself, usually love the outdoors look for any excuse to be out exploring the world, those were the days, now I'm lucky if i get taken to the thrift shop . Can't ask to be taken somewhere else becayse always get shut down. "See there's no parking andDthat driver is a moron, that other one is stupid" all the freaken time whinning about everything and everyone. Ugh now trapped for ever. Marriage sucks!!!

They dont need me. I should be taking care of them but they do that themselves.
All Im doing is taking up space.

I have a lot of mixed feelings that I don't know how to deal with. My best friend was a man named Dave, he was 63 when I met him at the ripe age of 14. We were closer than me and my grandfather and we quickly adopted each other in out hearts and minds, not legally. As time went on we would open up little bits and pieces to each other and I learned a little about his daughter. I met quite a bit of his family and friends and we became almost inseparable. He died almost three ye... read more

What kind of sister are you to purposely seek out my boyfriend, try to flirt with him in my face, sexually harass him, stalk him and then you expect me to take care of you once you get kicked out of the house because your husband finally found out what you've been doing all those supposedly sister time which was actually just you stalking​ my own frickin boyfriend! How far does your obsession goes?! You literally have my boyfriend scared out of his damn mind that he had to ... read more

My heart is broken. Two days ago, I found out my dad isn't my biological dad. I'm over 40 and this news came as a total shock. Mom and Dad have been together almost 50 yrs and they have never been previously married/divorced. I was born 7 yrs after they were married. (yeah, born in wedlock, just to illustrate how shocking it is to find out the truth) When confronted with the dna evidence, my mother still wouldn't admit whether - or rather who- she had been intimate with, so I... read more

You shouldn't be this obsessed with what I think of you, get help, you're dragging us all down.

I miss my brother. I had to leave him in an abusive home where my parents force him to do hard labor in the Southern US heat because my mom manipulated him into staying. We were best friends. We only had each other in our isolated world.
He probably thinks I abandoned him. I'd been sexually abused and suicidal then, so leaving him this way was my only other option.
I miss who he was before my parents' cult warped his mind.
He cut off contact with me.

You're telling me I can't go to work but I gotta stay home with the kids knowing that they got nanna to watch them I'm entitle to work honey