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An FYI to parents:

If you think you have grounds for stealing your child's hard-earned money, you are a piece of sh**.

If you think your child should offer to help you financially before you "need" to steal from them, you are a piece of sh**.

If you think allowing your child to live with you rent-free entitles you to take money they earned all on their own, you are a piece of sh**.

If you tell your child that they have no case in reporting you to the police for stealing t... read more

My dad just snatched my debit card and ran off with it like a kid in a candy store. I forgot I took money out. I should've given him the cash but he and my mom got me while I was half asleep. Ugh. It's so hard saving up when they come around.

I have my boards result coming in a month. And I didn't do so well. And I am not sure what I will do if the result is disappointing and not up to my parents' expectations. My parents are not very understanding and my result is going to be compared to my cousin who gets straight As. I have contemplated suicide. But I am not sure I'll be able to do that. What should I do?

You're a bully, you're a twisted f***ed up bully...maybe one day someone will treat you the way you treat others...

my grandfather is the worst. he's such a scumbag and there's nothing i can do. he's cheated on my grandmother (and attempted to cheat on her with her sisters and hairdresser), abused my mother and uncle (verbally and physically, nothing sexual thank god), he screams at my grandmother at least once a day, yells at me all the time, and is overall an unpleasant person to be around in general. He's moved out twice, but came back both times not even a full day later. He says the o... read more

i f***ing bought like 3 grams of weed and only paid 20 bucks for it and my alcoholic b**** a** mom threw that sh** away

I keep saying and thinking my brother is a sociopath, but maybe I am also? Who knows

Listen mom, I've done my absolute biggest effort possible to give a sh** about you. I've given you advice, I've tried to reason with you to no end, I've lectured you, I've even tried just to be a good role model for you, I have done everything I possibly can to help you and every time you have shot me down and made my efforts and myself feel useless and garbage. You kicked me out of your house because you hated how passionate I got about improving yourself. At that point I ju... read more

I feel like you're giving up on me as a mother. After we had one little fight and apparently that was you're breaking point. Because you've gone a week without talking to me and you refuse to let me even give you a sincere apology. So when you snap and ignore me it's okay but when I do that god forbid? I'm done too. And I can't wait to move out. Because I'm about to give up on you as a daughter. You always said that we would get through everything together. You were my best f... read more

My husband is at least a problem drinker. His problem is the binge. I've been telling him for the last three years that every time he goes on a binge that he goes through this cycle which lasts approximately five days.
Day one: remorse, edgy
Day two: empty promises about how he is going to change his life and then the abuse starts
Day 3-5: anxiety, verbal abuse, blame, feelings of being overwhelmed, accusations of me being an alcoholic, name calling, threatening to leave, say... read more

something is honestly wrong with my mom. she does this sh** were she blames me for every single thing and tries to get people to feel bad for her so they can turn against me. like literally today i had a college tour with my friend and i've been telling her for days but when the day comes she goes all out crazy about how i'm a devil and sh** just because she wanted me to go shopping with the family (even though last time i went shopping with her she bruised me and threw sh** ... read more

I definitely know I'm an adult child of alcoholics. It's so weird. I spent time today working for my mom. She tried to stiff me with the $$ (twice). All these years I'd been blaming my step-dad for all the weird financial sh*t I had been through... I mean, after-all he was the one who always threatened to throw away our toys if we didn't clean our rooms. Got a big black garbage bag out and all...

it's so weird seeing my mom is to blame for things like claiming me on their ta... read more

With the cheating dad situation I actually just discovered it from my mom...she just told me. When my dad was young he had a kid with another woman and was tormented by the fact that he abandoned them and began a new life with my mom. 24 years later, he contacts them, but begins a relationship with the women once again. My dad didn't want me to know but I suspected something was up, so I asked my mom until she gave up and told me, but I didn't think it was something like this... read more

I just discovered my dad is cheating how do I deal with this?!

I went to check my phone for a message. Hoping for something positive. Only to find a message from a relative who stresses me out with their passive aggressive nature. I just need a break from all this bull sh**. I keep working so hard, but it's never good enough. I just need people to leave me alone.

Dear sister-in-law: You weren't there. You have no clue what happened. You are only taking into account what your LYING, ignorant, bully, jack@$$ brother has told you. He's been a jack@$$ your entire life, but suddenly you're going to believe him over us because...umm...because you're too afraid to have thoughts of your own that might differ from your Mummy and Daddy's? You've been a difficult, whinging biotch from day 1, but I tried so hard anyway to make friends with you. I... read more

Why does my sister have to be such a b****

Why does everyone in my family irritate me

My mom was drinking with my brothers girlfriend and her 2 friends. She was between buzzed and drunk (all the girls were). My brother was out drinking with his friend and his uncle at the uncles house. I was on the phone with my mom on speaker for 5 hours. My brother came home and everything was still fine. Everyone was laughing and he asked if they wanted him to make them drinks. They all daid yes. The girls slightly picked on my brother (but even my brother laughed) then he ... read more

I tried to argue with my aunt about getting a gun.....

.....I lost

What she doesn't know is that I'll keep it in my car. As long as she never goes or looks in my car I should be fine