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Kala Sanspariel is a huge f***ing b****. How do you like your name place on this website eh? I know you already did that to Baba, Leon, and I.

I hate my life. My teachers seem to love sabotaging me, especially my language teacher. My mum always sides with my teacher and never believes me. My father is seemingly bipolar and will beat me up for minor things. I'm so sick of life and have attempted suicide twice. I may try a third time and I'm kind of hoping for it to work. I just want to die.

I have a three day weekend and I want to spend it inside my house, studying for 5 quizzes...5 f***ING QUIZZES this coming Tuesday in peace, but nooooooo my old af uncle have to marry someone whom we have to f***ing meet. I DON'T WANT TO f***ING GO TO ANOTHER TOWN TO MEET ANOTHER NEW MEMBER OF THE FAMILY! BESIDES THAT I WANT TO f***ING PASS THOSE 5 QUIZZES AND MAKE MY FAMILY PROUD SINCE MY WEIRD AND NON FUNCTIONAL FAMILY IS SO OBSESSED IN EDUCATION AND BRAGGING ABOUT THEIR CHI... read more

Kala S. is a huge b**** especially when dealing with her "feelings". Psycho.

I dump on you
and crap on your head
then I send you off to bed
nighty night stink bug

maybe he really did love me after all

Since i was only 14, my grandfather used to tell me things like "when are you getting pregnant already ? i wanna see my great grand son."
Not only implying i was only there to make babies but also that he wouldn't accept a daughter. And at a very young age with that.
He was also racist to the extreme and wanted me to marry a french man and give him my name instead of taking his. Would accept no other and was utterly mad at my uncle for marrying an Irish woman.
Both my grandfa... read more

f***ing stupid b**** adopted auntie doesnt know how to do her own f***ing dishes, causes my f***ing mum to flip out on my and now she wont stop f***ing yelling. jesus f***ing christ i f***ing hate lazy as f*** a**h*** who dont know how to work for themselves, like seriously, the b**** is 30 years old and she doesnt even have a f***ing job. for f***s sake my f***ing mum needs to f***ing get her f***nig facts right bc that f***ing adopted b**** isnt doing any f***ing good at a... read more

i keep trying to explain to my parents what's going on with me, whether it be trying to come out to them or explaining my uncertainty about my future, but they always seem to ignore whatever im saying and assume things before i finish. I'm so ready to leave them and move on, but, due to a few circumstances i haven't been able to set anything up or figure out plans for my future. i have literally no one to talk to freely about any of this since it has come up, and i just feel ... read more

i really like privacy, especially when it comes to family. i'm on vacation and came to visit them since i haven't seen them for like seven years and all they want to do is talk to me, which i understand because they missed me, but i just want to be alone. i don't like talking much and i don't like being in a crowded room. but there is no room where i could stay alone and even if there was, my cousins are like lost puppies following me everywhere. i just want alone time man.

So, I'm a competitive swimmer, and my mom and I have been looking for good swimming colleges that I would fit in at, and so i was /assuming/ that we were on the same page that I need to focus on my best events, breaststroke and individual medley . Today, I go to this meet, drop a couple seconds in the medley, and add 3 seconds in the 200 free, right afterwards. NBD, i thought, chalk it up to being tired. But my mom. ohh my mom got triggered. went on and on about how she expec... read more

I'm so frustrated and hurt. My cousin got married and I'm one of her bridesmaid but guess who wasn't invited to her bachelorette? Me. She invited everyone else and even invited my boyfriend and I had to find out from my boyfriend. He even asked me if I was going and I didn't even know she was even doing it. I decided that maybe she forgot so I waited for a few days but I never even got an invitation. She was acting really weird towards me too when we had to get our bridesmaid... read more

I remember that time you left me waiting after school, to pick me up and you never came. You did that to me in elementary school and when I was in middle school as well. You never came to any of my school events. You never encouraged me or gave me any sort of emotional support. You just hid in your office working or at my grandmothers house all the time. Away from us. You left me and my mom alone all the freaking time. I remember one Christmas my mom said not to open gifts un... read more

my uncle is a f***ing snake and idk how my mom lets him in the house let alone let him come near us with him not showering for weeks at a time
like that dog f***er stole more than 40 bucks from me in a span of 3 days bc my little sister was crying about being alone at 3 in the morning
also he lies about checking up on us even though i know he only comes to our house for free food, wifi, and air conditioning and continues to yell at me and my sister for literally no reason. he... read more

I grew up without a dad, just whatever guy my mom had in the house at the time. When I was 14 & 15, she let two of them sleep with me. I was a virgin with the one when I was 14. When I was 22 I asked her why and she told me she was afraid they would leave if she didn't. I'm 26 now, and I don't have contact with her anymore, but I don't think she ever understood how much hurt it caused me.

So frustrated because I actually wrote down all of the things I wanted to say to my dad today, but didn't get a chance to because my husband was with us to support me. My dad was here visiting and fixing the fan. I hate this. I'm crying because I feel so frustrated and stifled.

I have so much I wanna tell him and now I have to wait until freaking next Friday just to get to talk to him about it. I don't know how I'm going to have to tell him sh** at a restaurant but I'll do i... read more

When I was about 4 my mom took off and left me and my brother with my dad. He was an alcoholic and we lived in our grandpas house with my aunt, uncle and two cousins and my dad would leave me to watch my 1 year old brother every night while he was out getting drunk and doing pot. Later on we moved and my dad got a girlfriend so she moved in. I went to a public school and had many friends, they would come over my house and we would have huge sleepovers and we would drink my da... read more

wow....okay...???.... grandmother is seriously trying to push her dumb religion on me..? b**** what the f***? she keeps saying if i dont pray i'm going to hell and bad things will happen to me...and...if i dont believe in god, bad things will happen. i'm just lookung at her like, b**** have you not been paying attention yourself or your f***ing life in general? that is the most hypocritical thing you could ever say to anyone. you alsodon't even know what a fuking demigod is, ... read more

I really wish I had a therapist. There are a lot of issues I have about things I wish I could talk about. But I flat out can't tell my mom these things. I just can't. and if I tell her this she'll just get mad at me. I don't know what to do. I don't want to spend anymore money but I can't go on like this either... I just want a third party to talk to.

I've always called my father 'father' not 'dad' because to me dad feels like someone one whom you have an emotional connection with, (I haven't seen my dad in 10+ years (I'm 16)) so we don't have an emotional connection I honestly hate him as he has done horrible stuff, but lately I've come to relise that I don't have an emotional connection with my mum and I can't help but think mother everytime I say mum, I don't love her we don't have a connection she seems to be just like... read more