I just dont know what to do anymore. i am so alone. i want a best friend who i can talk to. but my dad wont let me have any friends. i resent him so much, he takes everyone away from me. he is arrogant and always considers my friends shallow because they don't have good taste in movies or whatever. he once got furious at me because i wanted him to drop me off at the mall with a friend, and he wanted us to go to the museum instead. wtf? im 14!!! i should be allowed to do what i want with my friends! not that i hate museums , in fact i would have loved to do that. but he didn't have to embarras me in front of my friend who understandably thought it would be weird to go to an art museum with her friend and her friends weird a** family and annoying dad!!!! my dad literaly is so strict, he has to know everything about my friends. "do they cuss? do they like to read? what kind of music do they listen to? what are their parents like? maybe you can invite them over and we can watch some documentaries." UGGHH. i know i probably sound like some spoiled brat or something, but my dad is seriously crazy! he controlls every aspect of my social life to the point where my friends are actually creeped out by him. im not allowed to do anything or go anywhere. im not allowed to have my own tastes either. he says he failed with me and that i have shallow tastes. he thinks im stupid. he hits me too, but hes never left a mark. i honestly want to just get out of the house and never see him again. does anybody understand? is there anyone out there like me? cause i feel like im completely alone. please help someone, i want someone to talk to. #lonliness #parents #teen #help #deppression #alone #resentment