I think this might be weird and many might not respond, but if you read this, please give advice on what to do, please.

So my mom has been judging me recently, she keeps commenting on how fat I am, how I act, my way of doing things, How my acne been very noticeable recently, how I do things ( laundry, writing etc. ) etc. And she talks about it to her friends too, not in a caring way but in a ' mean girl gossiping ' way. She talks about it loudly in public, and she keeps hitting me, leaving red marks and sometimes bruises when I didn't do anything. I told her about how I feel when she talks to me like that but she doesn't listen to me, and she'll scold me for ' talking back ' when I try to defend myself. Every time it happens I feel like I'm depress and suicidal for some reason. I'm trying my best to be ' perfect ', but I just can't, since no ones perfect, and it seems that my mom hasn't heard of it yet.