I hate the favoritism in my family.
One fine day our little brother was born (he's two years younger than me, I'm the middle child.) Sibce then, you'd think my older sister and I don't exist except to do chores. You'd also think he's our older brother the way he tells us what to do and our parents allow it. My older sister and I have pretty much always got along, but our brother is SO spoiled we can't even deal with him. Get this: for his 14th bday this year, he got his own horse. My sister and I apparently aren't "responsible" enough to have our own horses, but we are apparently responsible enough to shovel the crap. We having been caring for HIS horse since he got her, he just gets to ride. We have to ask permission to ride our parents horses, and never are we allowed to ride his. And talk about responsibility: this kid has none. At least, he's not held up to them like we are. He slacks on his chores, and guess who has to pick up the slack? On top of that, he refuses to do "girls chores" like dishes, cooking, cleaning, ect. My parents just write it off as a boy just being a boy but he's legit just lazy. My sister is really saving money to move out, and I'm so sad. Because when she's gone, I'll have no one. I'll probably get stuck with all the chores while my brother does nothing until I am finally able to leave.