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    As you've described - Yes, it absolutely is abuse. Have you attempted to contract your father with an update on what is occurring? If you don't think that is an avenue that might provide assistance to you and your cousin - I'd encourage you to contact the National Abuse Hotline. It may well be scary, but considering the circumstances as you've described, it would be a better alternative. If you can't make the call on behalf yourself - do it for your cousin. 1-800-422-4453

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    The thing is whats the point of staying with that family if its no better then the whole foster care rumors you heard about. If need be see if your cousin is willing to confess too and you both can tell someone that you trust like a teacher, a neighbor, a counselor at school, or like you said go to the police. You do nothing to trigger an abuser that individual that mentioned that in the comments is stupid and is either an abuser themselves, a person being abused or just plain retarded. If your family is hitting to a point that you bruise there is something wrong with them no you and that is considered abuse. I know it's scary and I was in a similar abusive situation when I was a kid but the thing was I had family that believed and supported me when I confessed. If you feel like this whole situation is endangering you and your cousin confess and be brave. I was shy when I was younger too but I knew better than to let the abuser continue to hurt me.

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    You're going to have to learn how to give yourself what you need emotionally.

    These dingbats done dropped the ball.

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    My question is, would this be considered abuse/neglect?

    It's sad that you have to ask.
    Of course it is.

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    IF you are doing anything to trigger these abuses, like not doing chores, get to bed, etc., change your ways.

    This an unbelievable pressure your grandparents have been put under. Both financially and emotionally.

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      Nobody deserves to be ABUSED for not doing their chores.

      Perhaps the ADULTS should learn how to talk to people with productive results.

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    When emotional wounds occur in childhood, these injuries are experienced from a child’s perspective. Memories and understanding of the events are stored in the brain in that child-like state. Children do not process information like adults.

    They tend to place too much blame on themselves and internalize negative messages received from others. We carry this blame as adults and still believe and replay those negative messages. “You’re stupid,” “Why can’t you do anything right?” “I wish you were never born.” We may tell ourselves these things for years after those who made the original tapes are long gone.

    (( Not everything is your fault. Don't let this cripple your spirit and break you down. This will end some day, and that's when you will need to have courage and move on in life. ))

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    I'm praying for you because that's most of what I could do. I would go to the police. They shouldn't be treating you like that.

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    I'm for your loss and for what you had to deal with talk to somebody that's willing to hear your pain not judge you but will understand your hurt and pain