A few years ago after my mother died and my father left my family for good, I was adopted by both of my grandparents. I now live with them as well as with my uncle and eight year old cousin. So far it's been pretty rough living with them. Almost every day both my grandma and my uncle scream at my younger cousin and I. They call us names (stupid, sissy, brat, etc.) and basically blame all of the family's problems on us. They've also hit the both of us on several occasions with belts, wooden spoons and basically anything they can get their hands on. It happens more often to my cousin then to me, but it's gotten to the point where you can see marks on his body and he's admitted to me that he hates himself and has tried to self harm before. They also have little to no concerns about our health. For instance, my cousin and I are both asthmatic and have a hard time running because of it. My grandma one day decided to make us run all the way down the street and back in cold weather while she followed us with a metal spoon. She said that if she caught up to us we would be hit with said metal spoon. Another example is I have a certain problem with my jaw and so when I was at the dentist they referred me to an orthodontist to see if it was something serious, and of course my grandma never took me because it was a "waste of time." Same thing happened when I my shoulder came out of place and it was about a year before she finally took me to have it fixed.

My question is, would this be considered abuse/neglect? If so, what could I do to stop this from happening? I know there are hotlines that help with this kind of thing and there's obviously the police, but I'm both extremely shy and also scared of what might happen afterwards. I have no other family to go live with and I've heard that orphanages and foster homes are terrible and I have a feeling that's where my cousin and I will end up if I go through with that. I am completely lost about what to do. Any help or advice?

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