I'm a 13 yr old lesbian, and sometimes I really hate my life. I wish I was straight. Not because it's the "norm" but just so I wouldn't have to hide it from my parents. I've always know my parents weren't the types of people who would be like "oh your gay, well good for you" to a stranger but I never really knew how they felt. I've tried coming out to my mom by starting with "there's this girl in my class that just said she was gay" to see what she's says and then be like ahaha that girl is me, surprise surprise, but noooo. My mom just interrupts me and is like "she's too young, it's all because of those gays polluting the mind of young souls, im so thankful your not like that" and other offensive things like that. She also saw a picture in my phone were I had done rainbow eyeshadow lipstick and put it on and she yelled at me and was like, why did you do this, what's the purpose of this, are you gay, are you bi, what the h**l. I just said "oh no I did that just cause, no reason.*nervouse laughter* of course I'm not gay or anything like that. Haha". Then she said something that really offended me and made me want to take that back and yell at her and tell her the truth. She said "Of course your not gay that's the most disgusting thing. No child of mine would ever be gay, I've taught you correctly and that gays are disgusting. I'm not a very religious person but let me tell you, god created a man and a woman, Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve or Avril and eve. And don't you ever think that THOSE people are acceptable, my cousin maybe gay but that doesn't mean we can accept it. All lgbt+ people can just go ahead and die the most gruesome deaths, and did you know a long time ago homosexuals were tortured because it was illegal. God do I wish those days came back, then it would be a wonderful world. No more unholy marriages, no more children having their brains rotted, or any disgusting things like that!" Those were her exact words, I k ow because I remember that day like it was yesterday, mostly because it is everyday. Thanks for reading,
#lesbian #homophobia #venting