Incoming novel...

Well this is really f***ed up. Basically my dad is very religious and he believes that there's nothing in the bible against mom believes this as well. He currently has two wives, but my problem is he's 63 years old and yet he continues to look for more wives. He's constantly online chatting with women. I didn't really give a f*** however considering I never had to see or interact with these women. the problem is recently one of them came from Germany.

Normally I do not live at home, but it just so happens I recently got a new job for a Pest Control company and one of the reasons they hired me is that I said I would be able to work out of the area my parents the plan was I would go home sometimes and be able to work that area. I was actually surprised to see her there, I thought for whatever reason that it was further down the line. So anyways I have to meet and interact with this woman, which I's for like 2 seconds then I'll just be back at work the next day and I won't really see her.

The problem was the next day it not only SNOWED. Like a freak snow in the middle of May. Needless to say my pest control job is very weather-dependent and so my work was basically canceled. They wanted me to stay in down for a WHOLE DAY and wait for the next day. So sh**...suddenly I'm trapped with this b****.

Now I'm not saying she's a bad person...but I still feel like she's a bad person for participating in this whole thing. Personally I used to believe in polygamy, that God was basically playing matchmaker and hooking my dad up with these women. His other wife, who is African, he met on an African mission. I mean, to me that story sounds legit...he was in Africa doing the work of God, trying to spread the gospel, and he meets this widow. That was a long time ago and I have accepted her and her kids as part of the family, which is pretty f***ing easy to do because they live in Africa and I literally never see them except on a Skype call once in a while.

Another piece of the story is that there was another woman before this one who basically came from the same she turned out to be a total snake. She was just using our house as a place to crash basically. Worse than that I heard them f***ing one morning...which is to say I heard this f***ing cow moaning. I was shocked considering in all my life I had never heard my mom and dad having sex, so to suddenly hear this sh** was just unacceptable. I confronted him about it, considering I was only staying over for ONE DAY I told him he should consider me and just HOLD OFF or KEEP IT DOWN for ONE f***ING DAY. At first he took great offense to what I said, but eventually he came around and basically said I was right.

Anyways that woman turned out to be a b**** month into living at our house she said she was uncomfortable living in the house and she wanted him to build her a cabin, which is f***ing laughable...first off...he doesn't have money for a cabin, and secondly even if he did...why move out? The house is f***ing huge...there is easily enough space for another person. After he denied that request she got all weird and basically said she needed to go to Hawaii because one of her NINE f***ING DAUGHTERS (you can tell this b**** gets around) was having a kid there and she wanted to help take care of it. Basically she just left and never came back. All of this sh** after literally mom, the African wife, and my dad agreed that God said she would be a great fit for the family. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA...apparently NOT.

It's actually hilarious to me how my mom claims to have "the word of knowledge"...which is basically that God will tell her truths...but how does that work in this case? God told her this woman was fine, turns out she wasn't. My mom explained that basically it's all part of God's plan and even if it didn't seem like it worked out for us that doesn't matter. basically she can never be wrong. Awesome.

But the point of this little side story is basically that after that incident I thought we were done with more wives. I thought that he learned his lesson that basically importing these b****es from the internet wasn't a good idea, but I guess f***ing not cause here we are again.

Fast forward to this b**** me this doesn't seem to be of God at all. There's no way to spin this one. Basically he claims he was on a language-learning site trying to learn Chinese or whatever, and instead he meets this German woman. They hit it off and start talking online. The thing is she has no intention of joining the family in any real way. She's going to just come here, go back to Germany, and that's it. The whole thing just feels dirty and wrong to me. She's clearly just coming over to f*** my dad, then she'll least with that other WHORE it was expected that she'd stay around and join the family...this just feels like he's cheating on my Mom...I hate it. To make matters worth this chick is FAT...I mean Jesus Christ I weight 230 pounds (but I have the build to support it) and I'm guessing she does too. She is a fat b****.

Anyways...I just can't stand the whole situation. It just seems wrong to me. I'm starting to realize this whole polygamy thing is a f***ing scam so he my dad can get his dick wet. There's nothing of god in this. He's not helping a widow and her orphan children, he's not planning on having any more children with her (she's too old I'm guessing anyways)...this is literally just a f***ing hookup that's masked with religiosity. I hate it.

So back to the actual situation. I was finally alone with my mom finally away from that b****, and I basically told her that I can't stand being here when she's around. Then I kind of freaked out and threw a box (empty box...that's another story) and yelled "THIS IS SO STUPID!" My dad was out of the house but he came back and said "I heard you were being bad" and I just looked at him and said "I think you're the one being bad, I can't believe this crap is still happening!" and he is just like "this is my life!" (which is a hilarious a f***ing preteen goth would say something like if you can't change the circumstances of your life). So I say "well your life is insane" so he says "well if you don't like it then leave" and I was like "ok, I will then".

So I just went home, I had to call my work and tell them I wasn't going to make those jobs and to put someone else on it. They're probably a bit pissed over that, but whatever...I wasn't going to spend a whole day around this STUPID WOMAN like I condone this sh**.

I guess my real issue is...where does this sh** end? All my life my dad has been sitting on the f***ing computer typing away to I realize that all this time he's been trying to meet women online. It's f***ed up. It's actually sort of funny to think that it's taken all this time, I'm f***ing 27 now, for him to actually find a couple willing to basically travel to him and participate in a he must be pretty f***ing bad at it. But beside the point I already know he talks to AT LEAST a few other women from various countries....are they going to eventually come over as well? When does this sh** end? I'm personally tired of it. The guy already has 2 wives...2 should be enough for any man. That's 100% more than most guys...and he's trying to get more. It doesn't seem to be of god seems like he's just trying to f*** at this point, and I feel like my mom is being cheated on. It's disgusting.

This sh** needs to end...for a couple reasons...first off it's f***ed up, but the second reason is my parents struggle with money. They consistently barrow money from me (and believe me I'm not rich), my dad's parents, and basically any and all extended family that will let them. It's very annoying...instead of spending his f***ing time online basically trawling for fat b****es to f***, my dad needs to get a f***ING JOB. And make some more f***ing money. I'm tired of hearing of their financial woes, and being asked for money. If he put half the effort into finding a job or getting a better education that he puts into talking to rando women on the internet he'd probably be quite well off.

So yeah...that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading I just really had to put that out there. Situation is so f***ed up, and the worst part is that my job wants me to work in that area AGAIN next week...I have no idea what I'm going to do. I'm not going to stay at my parents as long as that woman is there, and I doubt she's going to leave and fly back to Germany just because I don't like her. So I really don't know what to do about it. It's a really f***ed up's like all these weird elements...the weather...this random woman...etc. just colluded to screw me over. I'm 27 years old and I can't believe my life is this f***ed up.