What my dad said today really hurt me. Funny thing is I don't remember exactly what he said, but I can piece enough of it to know it'll make me hurt more just by thinking about it.

If life were easy, so would be death.
If death was easy, I'd wish for a painless death and live another life.

I know I'm spoiled and bratty, dumb, a failure, but I feel hopeless and miserable. It used to be I begged to stay home and not go to school, but now it's starting to become the opposite. I'm so easily influenced by people, articles, posts on websites, that it rubs off on me and I push it on my dad (Some of which is influenced by him), I'm sorry I'm such a bad daughter. I'm sorry I don't want to get a job this Summer, that I'm bad a math and I can't do anything right besides drawing and that I can't pay the taxes for you.

You think I'm gonna sit on my a** all Summer on the computer, annoyed that you'll have to take me to Summer School again for Math, maybe you're right. But you're no better, Dad. You hate vacationing, you think everything I like is immature and stupid, you won't do anything I like to do, only what you want and grocery shopping, you sleep in the afternoon and think I'm the most annoying thing in the world and it makes me feel like everybody's lying that they like me, that everyone just thinks I'm an annoying brat that won't shut up.