f***ing hate my mom and sister!! I've been working hard all year and never ask for much. I wanted to buy something and it requires a (debit) card to pay online, but I don't have a card for now. So I go ask them to pay for the thing I want, and I WILL pay the same amount used to pay in cash. And those f***ers won't let me! LIKE WHY!? They're not technically paying for the sh** that I want, it's my money that I'm using! They're getting no loss of money here. And I'm going to f***ing delete their card information after paying for the thing that I want, so their card won't be affected anymore after the purchase. It also shows proof that I don't want their money. And then my mom goes on about telling me to stop and focus on school. Like b**** I got good grades and don't even slack off. The least I deserve is buying something I'll enjoy FROM MY OWN MONEY after all the stress and sh** I go through at school. f*** them and f*** my life. Don't ask me for anything.