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For once in my life it would be nice if my mom wouldn't treat me like the second choice of the family. Just because i'm failing school (because everyday of my life is spent doing chores for her) while my sister gets to go off and graduate doesn't mean she can ignore me and treat me like her slave. She constantly yells at me and blames me when her and my dad fight then she turns around and wonders why i shut myself in my room and never spend time with the family. She literally... read more

I stay up late to enjoy some peace and quiet to myself but it makes me tired in the mornings and all day really. I don't have the option to wake up earlier (already 6am after 5-6hours sleep) or take other time to myself (kids, job, kids extra curriculars). Wtf else can I do? Without this time I would go insane.

It would be nice if my days off weren't planned out by other people. Can I do some of the things I want after working hard for time off? Do you have to make a Honey-Do list every time? Leave me alone sometimes damn.

I'm a lesbian. Too bad I can never tell my family

i had to wrestle my cat in order to keep her from sleeping on my face. like, i love you so much baby, i really do, but i need my space to be respected too. i also need to buy you a bed

I hate my stepmom. Even when she was my dad's GIRLFRIEND she was an authoritarian. It seemed like she was trying to be my mom and she constantly calls me hey son. Which is weird because I still have a good relationship with my actually mom. In fact we got into a mini fight tonight where apparently I was ignoring her. I wasn't, I just didn't feel the need to respond because she had told me something I already knew for the fifth time. So since she's a teacher (preschool, whoop-... read more

How do you sleep when your alcoholic dad tells you he's had dreams about hurting you...

Every day you come home angry and it's like you're looking for any reason to jump someone's a**. Is it any wonder everyone hides when you come home?

You're such a f***ing drama queen. I'm not saying you don't know how to cook just because I tell you that you don't need a whisk to whisk eggs. That does not deserve some dumb a** lecture about how you've cooked before. I was just trying to be helpful. It won't happen again. And then your stupid remark about why you didn't want to watch another episode of that show. I don't give two sh**s about your political views. I'm not going to argue with you over a stupid show, even if ... read more

My mom has never been physical with me, she's threatened to slap me though and almost seems to never say anything positive about me unless she wants a favor or it makes her look good.

She whines that I never talk to her about anything
When whenever I do I either get in trouble or I get told that i'm a crybaby or i'm a crazy person [Her and my brother almost laugh at me or get mad at me for crying because i'm emotional and they aren't= I feel like a mistake just for having em... read more

Know what grinds my gears? When family members decide to have conversations in ridiculous hours right outside my door. No, don't f***ing care you talk quietly. I can STILL hear you out of my room, past my HEADPHONES. I don't f***ing care what you're talking about. You HAVE to check that stupid sh** you're gonna buy for the house RIGHT NOW? it's midnight. You're voices are ruining my babble of things I DO want to hear, it's interrupting as sh**. I don't want to hear your annoy... read more

This my second Muttr about my brother in 5 minutes because I have got to get this f***ing sh** off of my chest. Once when I was opening the bathroom door I was him pissing on my toothbrush and my mom didn't believe me. Once when he was away for a few days I went into his room to turn his lamp off, the night after that when he was home we shook my bed at 3 AM and said "Don't ever go in my f***ing room again", I just said "Okay whatever, just stop shaking my bed", he then shook... read more

My brother is a jack***. I was just having a nice conversation on my lunch break with my friend when I was called to start back School (Homeschooled). I was going to let my friend finish his sentence before I told him I had to go. As I was called to start school back my brother ran out of his room, ran into mine, unplugged my computer and slapped my headset off of my head. I was about to start to f***ing scream at him for being a jack*** until he then ran out screaming "Mom! ... read more

Dear Grandma,

I'm sorry that I've failed in wanting to stay married my whole life like you and grandpa did, but I just can't do this anymore and I need your forgiveness to move on. As you know because I still talk to you, the husband and I have been having problems since we got married. To my credit, I have tried very hard to be the kind of wife and mother I should be. I quit my career, quit smoking, took parenting classes, upped my medication, and got in therapy. My kids ar... read more

Please stop embarrassing me. Thanks!

My dad is emotionally abusive and he wonders why I want to live as far away from him as possible. Must be nice to be an ignorant bastard.

My dad has made my mother cry for the last time. He should've died years ago when he tried to commit suicide. Oh well, this time he better not fail. He's a worthless strain, he's pathetic, and I don't know how my Mum put up with him for so long. He used to be an amazing dad, now I want him dead. I wanted him to die as a seven year old and ten years later my wish is the same. When he dies I wont cry, I hate him.

Ugh, soo annoying just get over it already

So here is the thing, I'm in my 30's and I have to be a live in caregiver to both my parents for the past 12 years. think about that.. 12 years no job no source of income broke 99% of the time. only source of money I get is helping some neighbors now and then. So I do it all myself as no one else in my family can do it, sister has her own family and she is sitting in jail for the next few months. her business not mine. So I have my Brother in law and my Niece and Nephew ( 5 y... read more

My mom only wants my dad back for money and to not feel lonely

My dad isnt that great