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I wish my weeaboo brother understood he is not Japanese, that just because other people dont speak Japanese doesn't mean they're dumb and won't notice HE doesn't really speak it, that adding "kudasai" after a bunch of random "Janapese-like" sounds does NOT make him sound japanese and that looking down with a hood on his head and whispering gibberish, does not make him look dark and cool. It just makes him look like a f***ing annoying weirdo.
And also that knowing how to you c... read more

my sisters a f***ing attention seeker. ive had depression after my fathers suicide and Ive never told my mother and my sister.
my sister hated my father and hates me because we both would raise our voices at her.
she's a brat. a complete f***ing brat. all she does is whine about everything. if we try to help her, she claims she has a panic attack and begins crying.
were at a convention this weekend, and my sister claimed to have a panic attack because I told her to be more re... read more

I came out as gay to my mom a looong time ago but i still haven't come out to my dad. I want to but i'm worried that he'll feel hurt that i told my mom and not him for so long.

Well she's done it again gone to bed in the afternoon so she don't have to cook tea never known anyone so lazy.but hey she will be up earlier tomorrow as she's off out

I did not pick this place my father picked it I had no choice I am still here if I had someplace else to go I would surely go there

why is nearly everybody an a**h*** on this website

Im 22 and caught myself referencing myself as "a kid". Ugh omg. In front of my coworkers. Honestly all my parents think I am is a stupid kid they can screw over anytime they want. I just want to move out. But everytime I get a fighting chance, my parents criticize my new job, they criticize my work ethic, my dreams, and my direction. Theyre just not all that supportive at all. And I must be suffering from depression or something because as soon as I recieve any of their unhel... read more

Do you ever realize how anxious you make me? How i shake every time you yell? the way that my eyes fill with tears when you scold me? No, of course you don't you're too busy drowning out everything i say to notice that i'm crying for you to stop

No one would ever know that I sometimes lay in bed at night and just silently cry. You know how movies often times depict people walking on ice, when it suddenly cracks and everyone is separated? That's what happened to my life and I don't know how to handle it. I feel like I'm alone, floating downstream. No one knows. No one cares. I get by during the day but at night I sometimes lose it.

La Familia Es Todo

tl;dr: i have a lot of unpleasent memories, and living with my neglective uncle is one that stuck in my mind forever.

years ago when i was still in elementary, my mom and her boyfriend had to move across town and left me with my uncle bc he lived at the nearest school. it was his job to take care of me though, and idk why my mom even trusted him. he can't even take care of himself. anyway, it was hell. my clothes were never washed, i literally did not eat at home at all, my ... read more

My mom ran away, again. She was bawling on the rug because of the pain she puts me threw, even though I don't admit it and say everything is fine, she sees in my eyes that I am hurting non stop. She knows I do not want to move, but we are going to. And, so she got in her car and left without saying anything. She said she is tired from life and went in the direction of her favorite hiking spot. I tried calling her ex boyfriend since he is the only one close enough to go see if... read more

GOD DAMNIT he can't do anything f***ing RIGHT!!!!!!!! Can't hold a damn job right. Can't be happy right. Can't clean right. Can't just be f***ing normal! Now you've done got in ANOTHER f***ing car wreck that's YOUR f***ing fault for not watching the damn road like I ALWAYS f***ING TELL YOU TOO!!!! DAAAAAMNIT!!!! We already can't make ends meet because you can't hold a g**d*** job and now you go and f***ing wreck the good car. God. f***ing. Damnit. sh**. f***. sh**. f***! SHI... read more

Welp. I'm gay and my family already dislikes me without even coming out. I haven't come out to them but I'm 18 and attending a local community college and my dad has already told me to consider moving out twice, I'm not obvious, I just never got close to my parents and I suffered from horrible depression my whole life that kept me from getting close to anyone. Once I come out to them I'm sure I won't be welcome. Even if they don't kick me out they'll never truly care about me... read more

I finally grew the guts to call the cops on my obsessively stalker sister. It's sad that she pushed me to that extent and it's also sad that I lost a sister and made her two children lose a mother. But I cannot stand it anymore. She needs help and she is ruining my life, my boyfriend's life and her family lives over her obsession. I just wish it didn't have to end this way.

i forgot how my stupid sister is and i told her a few night ago that a was making slime as a surprise to my mom and i said to NOT tell her about it like 5 times and what do i find the next day MY SISTER IN THE KITCHEN IN FRONT OF MY MOM MAKING SLIME!!!! i mean what the heck man she ALWAYS does this and some how i forget she does this cause i'm the only one she copies she knew i was making it THAT day and she flat out copied me and she copied me a week ago about something that... read more

Okay so I stayed home from school today since it was a class trip and I wasn't going on the trip. This morning my mom asked me to unload the dishwasher saying that my sister would load it. I agreed cause I wasn't doing anything else, but apparently I had read her text wrong/remembered it wrong. Apparently she told me to unload and load and my sister would unload what I had put in when she got home. To me thats a pretty honest and easily made mistake that isn't that big of a d... read more

It's not that I'm trying to change him, it's just.... he listens to really stupid f***ing music. I love all kinds of music so it's almost as if he goes out of his way to listen to dumb sh**.

I hate having divorced parents. I know it isn't the worse thing in the world and other families have it worse with the loss of a parent and such but when you had an abusive, dangerous father and both parents drill lies into your head of what actually happened it messes with my mind. My father tells me he seemed much meaner back then because I was too young to understand what was happening and everything he did was normal and wasn't cruel but my mother says he did much worse b... read more

I did my best to extinguish the fire I caused at that time though. Don't look at me like a crazy pyromaniac just because I accidentally dropped a candle to the wooden chair :(