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my mom just got a new job 3 hours away, and she's moving there. she's leaving me and my brother with my step dad. i'm 16 years old. i've never really loved my mother, she's very verbally abusive and has insane mood swings, but it just feels like she's abandoning us.

Honestly, I don't want my mom to come visit me this weekend.

I hate that when I try to confide in a family member about how my friend or my coworker or my boss is being unreasonably rude to me and they tell me its a good thing because its a learning experience. The first time it happens, its a learning experience, but if it happens with almost everyone I have to work with, its not good for me, its just unnecessary stress.

This is some bulls***. My sister in law is just ... I don't even know ... She's incredibly superficial and does very questionable things. Like driving by her exes house and places (homes) he also may be. She takes her teen daughter and calls them "missions". Her daughter has begun this too ... My niece ... And she even does this to the boy she's dating- she calls it "going stalking". At least she's a little closer to what it actually is. We are so very different.

But this is... read more

when you realize your family could really careless about you

Your i'm right and your wrong and nobody is allowed to tell me otherwise attitude is so annoying!

I'm just so emotionally exhausted with my mother. She is very defensive by nature and it seems like most anything will set her off, raising her voice and trying to deflect something I've said or justify an action she's done. Sometimes there are misunderstandings and when I try to communicate that, she uses it as her moment to "win" the "argument" - not everything is an argument or is a competition. It is simply a misunderstanding that is supposed to be resolved, there are no ... read more

How do I tell my parents I want to go to a therapeutic boarding school to help me with my OCD, anxiety, and depression?

I want my future child to be the smartest kid in the world.

I don't know what to do
You're a horrible mother she said.
Tears roll down my face wow.
Y'all get ready because noahs gonna b in our custody soon.
Where's my support.
Ive been in the mental hospital once
I never called my family.
This is why.
I popped 28 pills on my sons 1st bday
I live everyday hurting
My fiance doesn't see
I'm hurting again
I smoke a pack of cigarettes in a day
I have no support
I try to do all I can for my son
I live for my son
No one sees it
What do I do.

If you're gonna cheat you're pretty much asking to get caught so you can make an excuse for it

Getting real freaking tired of you doing the exact things you get on to me for doing.

What exactly is a family? if not just people who share the same DNA anyone can cause harm even if there family

Sucks that my parents are still pretty much poor, and I have to help the figure out things electronically ever so often. I hope to be accepted for a training program soon, so I will have to deal with them less and I could maybe send them money once in a while.

I'm 20 with a 1 yr old. My mom and dad make me feel like I'm not a good parent. My sister's tell me I'm the worst mother. I feel like I have no support.

My dad is basically rich and doesn't do sh** for any of his kids. Yea we see him a few times a year,but that's it. We suggest going out to eat or bowling or something else fun,and he just weasels his way out of it. It's really not even about the money. It's just that if you don't actually give a f*** to keep some consistency,spend some time and bond,please stop wasting everybody's time trying to make yourself feel better. No matter what you do you're still going to always be ... read more

Selfish any other word ... have you heard of a dictionary.

At 28 Years old my grandma tells me i am taking the trash out wrong........ There's a wrong way?

My parents can sometimes be very bad decision makers. I have grown into it and adapted to it and now its part of my personality. I now plan ahead and think of probable outcomes for most situations. I analyze things but I do it subconsciously. Usually, it gets me into problems with them, for example, today. We have two 7-month-old puppies outside who are pretty big and we have them tied up for parts of the day with shelter from the rain. We decided that even though we love the... read more

I tried not responding to messages and calls from my family for the last three days since I felt like they were suffocating me. Now I'm left with more perturbed people and I still can't shake the feeling as if they are keeping a track of every move I make or trying to micro manage everything I do. I understand they are trying to contact me since they love me and stuff but some personal space would be much appreciated!