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I miss my brother. I had to leave him in an abusive home where my parents force him to do hard labor in the Southern US heat because my mom manipulated him into staying. We were best friends. We only had each other in our isolated world.
He probably thinks I abandoned him. I'd been sexually abused and suicidal then, so leaving him this way was my only other option.
I miss who he was before my parents' cult warped his mind.
He cut off contact with me.

You're telling me I can't go to work but I gotta stay home with the kids knowing that they got nanna to watch them I'm entitle to work honey

Why am I so embarrassed to tell family we are trying to have baby number 3 ? I'm 35. Want one more baby! Also I have irregular periods so every month I get my hopes up that I'm pregnant, and I'm not. We just tried one day after period. Then today, can u get pregnant right after?

What's wrong with your brother, dating your b**** ex? Is getting his dick wet more important than loyalty?

you stupid frustrating little thing I can't even insult you because that would be an isult to the insult!!!! How can you take myyy charger and never give it back and then eventually loose it and not apologise!? WTF is that! Then I get over it. Fine people make mistakes and shi*t. But noooooo you come back like what? a few months later and take my new charger which I GOT for working my arse off and demand you have because there are other chargers in this house? (which don't wo... read more

you want everyone's sympathies for being suicidal, i'm sick of it, i call your bluff, f***ing do it
i'm tired of having my life revolve around you, you've had enough of people's energies
you've drained so much of people's energies you deserve to die several times over
if you won't even lift a pinky to help yourself, why do you care if others help you?
you don't value your life at all, so no one else is going to value it

I am so tired of my boyfriend's uncle. He stays with us. The guy is on meth and eats my food knowing that I'm pregnant. I wish I could just kick him out, but it's up to my boyfriend's father to kick him out. I hate the uncle so much I could watch him die and feel nothing.

My Grandmother is so conniving and a real hypocrite! I just want to shout at her! >:(

You call me out my name,scream,curse,and say sh** you really shouldn't. I take it like a champ. As soon as I say one little thing thats not so nice,it's hell,tears,and more bitching...are you serious right now???

you say "the world doesnt revolve around you!",ok,cool,true...but all you talk about is me.

My aunt gets mad because I don't take her out drinking with me, maybe it's because all you do is try to start fights with people and cry all the time and don't know how to stop yourself from drinking too much

"The truth is, you don't like people."

OH MA GAWWD! You own the truth about my life, I'm so shocked! I thought I was depressed and struggling to keep out of my suicidal thoughts so I didn't feel in the mood to talk to random people who you think I'm supposed to love, even though they are bitter and mean or simply don't have any relationship with me at all. But now I finally see! AMEN TO YOUR TRUTH

Short version: I got mad about being ignored. Sister got mad at me for being mad. I apologize and stay away since I don't know how to fix my mistakes that cause her claims. Now she's sad that I'm not around anymore.

Long version: So... my sister ignored my attempts to get a her attention--basically ignoring me. I got upset and vented on FB about on a page I forgot we both followed. My sister found out and snapped and said I was draining her and how she walks on eggshells aro... read more

who needs parents when it's my own parents who would put me out on the streets with nowhere to go?

I have the coolest older brother, hands down. So grateful for him and how he leads as an example for me.

I got a 4 month old puppy (nellie) and she loves to play. I also have an old dog who is 9 years old(bella). I live with my parents siblings cousins aunt and grandparents. Every time nellie trys to play with bella my grandma will pull her by the collar and hit her and push her down so she sits then tells her not to play with bella. I tell her nellie is only a puppy and doesnt understand what you are saying and what she does is too harsh. I told her i would put nellie on the co... read more

Gah, school's ending and of course I'll be losing connection with the few people who understand me for who I am. Instead, I'll be stuck with abusive parents until school starts up again. Nothing to do but stay in my room with the door locked and hope for the best, I suppose. I guess I should be thankful. After all, they may beat me, but they're the ones who brought me the technology to let me express myself here. Eh.

I wish I could say that I'm sorry for my contribution in a family situation, but I'm not. Those horrible people were so awful for so many years, and I just quietly went along (for the most part) with only the occasional objection (which of course always labeled me as a "trouble maker" for my efforts). It occurred to me that these egomaniacs were not going to stop their emotionally abusive ways on their own, so I had to do something. I helped to draw them out to expose their b... read more

I dont get why they care so much. Im a burden to them.

*sees my aunt on tinder*
*swipes right cause I'm stupid*
*immediately matches*
Me: ..........