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As a child i could never fully comprehend my perdicaments with my family. Now that I have grown and learned more about "common sense" and "right from wrong" I can see what had truely went on in that house. I am happy i can understand my childhood past but still sad that there is no solution to my depression and stress from it. I resent my entire family for the sh** they have done. Annoyingly though, they keep trying to get in contact. This frustrat... read more

The cards kept reminding me that I have the best family ever, last night.


They always say that they're going to be there for you and blah blah blah. We all know this is horseshit. I'm tired of being a miserable a**h*** . Ugh eff it all.

Can you not call every Asian you meet the Taliban? Please? First off, it's racist. Second, the Taliban isn't the relevant one anymore. Third, that last guy was a f***ing Sikh. You can't even get it right! You fecking idiot.

3 months after starting university, i went back home for a visit. I was told that my face was getting rounder and various other backhanded remarks from my extended family, you know the typical asian relative criticism. I wasn't even fat, hovering around 54kg. Afterwards, i ended up losing a few pounds from a combination of stress from school, poor eating habits, and stomach problems. When i visited again in february, my mother saw me and worried about whether i was eating eno... read more

It really is just like having an older sister.

No privacy, I can't get away with jack sh**, someone always watching me.


Dear Mom and Dad,
Did you really f***ing think for any time at all that I couldn't hear you? That I couldn't hear you "trying" to reaffirm to yourselves that my chosen field of work wouldn't leave me penniless and dying in a ditch? That I wasn't hopeless and a waste of time? That you still misgender me and my sib?
You never even noticed that for all your effort you both have been severely emotionally abusive. You belittled me, dismissed me and outright ignored what I desperat... read more

I wonder if we will end up having kids...

My mom said, " You would be so skin, if you stopped eating." I only eat twice a day.

My drug addict sister in law, told my mother in law that I made my 5 year old son go and tell her "my mom doesn't want me to talk to you" to hurt her. She said she heard me say that all the way from her room! (Between 3 feet of concrete) my mother in law believe her and decided to confront me. I've never had a problem with my mother in law, I love her and treat her just how I treat my mother, I've never disrespected her or have said a bad word about her, I've never caused dra... read more

What's the point of asking me what I want to eat if you're gonna force me to eat whatever you want to? Shouldn't we order something that we all like?
That's just inconsiderate and I can't help but feel upset.

f*** my older sister, who doesn't know which underwear is her's, so she often ends up using mine. I hate this kind of people.

I can't believe you did that to us, mom. Now that I'm gone I just know your f***ing idiocy is going to get one of my siblings hurt or killed. f*** you, you hateful b****. I hate your manipulative, selfish a** so much.

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> can't entertain what I want to do because it conflicts with your plans BUT you want me to take you disrespectful daughter shopping. f*** no. NOT MY PROBLEM. OH and thanks for dropping everything for her and not your wife a**h*** .

Always calling somebody a hater is it because we don't agree on something We don't like or when somebody speaks the truth about that person they don't like others gotta get defensive about it I mean if there's something about that person you don't regarding information you have on them it's makes me look at you a different way

so my partners just rang someone,heard who it was by the voice her vile sister. who has a voice like the sound fingernails down a blackboard make.
can hear her from other side of my room bragging about this and that. i'll explain how far up her own a** she is. ok so heres a 40 year old woman who never had a job,then gets a job as a school lunch person,now this is for about a hour a day. but after her fist day puts on her social media page "just finished my first shift" lmao l... read more

My sister has become nothing but skin and bones during the three years she's been at college in America. She became an alcoholic, and a drug addict. She was removed from her college after having been caught drinking in her dorm room. She then met her first boss, and worked as a recruiter. At first, she thought her new boss was some sort of gift from god. He let her stay at his house with his family, took care or her, things like that. Turns out he's been providing her with dr... read more

I don't want this baby. Only because it's HIS Its too late to abort it he makes me wish I never met him he's nothing but a fxckin' liar. ((Other me)) I'm so in love with this baby if only I had the guts to convince the father we were never meant to be make him realize we're both lost n he can still be apart of his life n he cant force me to be with him.. ((also me)) we can make this work. I'm not depressed at all he's never cheated Im confident we're going to overcome our pro... read more

My boyfriend and I had a baby about 5 weeks ago and he is driving me crazy. He will sit in our room and watch TV all day and let me do 90% of the work. I hate that he will hear the baby crying and screaming and not come to help. If I ask him for help he gives me an attitude and gets mad that I'm asking him tells me to bring him the baby. Why can't he just get up and help me? I don't want to have to ask him to help I want him to want to help.