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when I get hungry I get grouchy and my mind goes off food does not grow on trees around here

I used an electric heater and was boiling noodles. I was gonna use a spatula to stir it but it was made of metal and am not suppose to use metals cause I would get electrocuted. I laughed at how stupid I was for attempting to use it. I took a fork and used that instead but it wasn't after I got electrocuted that I remembered it was also metal. My friend was watching me the whole time and laughed at me. He said I was stupid then he grabbed the knife and used it to stir the noo... read more

grabe sad uie..usahay na lang gni ta mag post ug mga series kwentahun pa jud...dli na lang ta mag post ani..hays...

Chillies are spicy

f***ing old man dropped an entire box of f***ing cinnonim rolls. We never buy that sh**. Guests and sh** always take the good stuff. I just wanted to have at least one. God I'm starting to hate him more and more. Cant have anything good in this life. And I may be spoiled but I aint no American and wasting good sh** to eat.

It's just... I wouldn't be so upset if this weren't literally the 8th time he's done it in two weeks.

I like baking. I love it, to be honest. The only downside is that I worked seven days a week and could only do it once conditions were perfect, meaning a clean countertop. I am the one who has to clean it off after myself, my boyfriend, or our roomate makes a mess of it. Lately, it's been my unemployed boyfriend more so than anyone.

The cleaning isn't my biggest issue. Sinc... read more

I smoked like half a bowl and I'm fried as hell.

Now that you've read my post you should probably take a shot

I don't remember these?
Dairy Queen is bringing back two ‘90s favorites: Treatzza Pizza and Misty Slush.

[muttr person: if you ask me to "site my source", I'm going to tell you to suck my *&$#!]

I'M f***ING CUCKOO FOR JAPANESE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so much that not only can I eat it every day, but it probably won't be long before I start dreaming about it (in my sleep). It WOULD be nice if any restaurant that serves breakfast would offer "tamagoyaki" as an option for how one would like their eggs cooked. Tamago is one of the best things I've ever tasted in my life...especially on sushi. Come to think of it, it would be f***ing sweet to wake up to some RICE GR... read more


I'm glad I live five blocks away from Popeyes

you have to be tough living on a few scraps can cause an electrolyte imbalance or worse how did you fall into this hole

lmao, it's not safe for my consumption and yet they still feed it to me

I don't want to pick a fight either it's all misunderstandingggmgs and it's hardt to explain it I was weird around that time I didn't do that consciously and I don't evrn want to draw attention to myself yet why did I have to be "drunk" and made such a big blunder that time!!!!

My roommate acts like my girlfriend sometimes.

Roommate: Hey man, let's go grab dinner!
Me: Sure, where at?
Roommate: Umm, I don't know. Do you have any ideas? Anythings works.
Me: How about
Me: Okay okay, then where should we go?
Roommate: Umm, I don't know.

Hungry 24/7
Someone give me fooooood

I want cake! None for my gf though, lol.

After a thousand years left open
cheese balls are still edible! Amazing

I forgot to eat today I just don't care