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Oh my God I ate so well today. I ate healthy AND delicious food. Amazing, really.

Dont have a Costco Card but want that cheap alcohol?

Alcohol sales cannot be prohibited through a membership.

Simply tell the front store attendant you are buying non member goods!


*Chef puts ice in Gordon Ramsays water*
Gordon: "Is the ice fresh?"
Chef: "No, it's frozen"
Gordon: "Oh for f*** sake!"

It's best to butter your Spatula before you stuff a turkey.

I love tomatoes.

Had 5 meals today :') I'm ready for the atomic diarrhea

I wish garlic would ward off emotional vampires but instead they seek me out like like vegetarian b**** in twilight.

Добрый день.
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Берусь за сложные случаи.

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Chocolate chip cookie dough covered in hot fudge is the most delicious thing in the world. I wish I could eat delicious stuff like that all day every day. And I'd work out so I wouldn't get fat.

I have no clue why but I'm in the mood to cook anything and everything.

What should I eat for dinner? Already had pizza, steak and fried chicken this week...

I don't understand why people post photos of their food that looks like vomit or garbage or diarrhea. Or people who post photos of, like, Velvetta Mac-n-Cheese with the hashtag #cleaneating - unironically. WHY WHY WHY

its not my choice! Sorry if you think it's annoying if I ask you if there's nuts in it! but you tell me it's rude not to eat when you're offered food! I mean sorry but would you rather have me die!?

anyone else hate pineapples on pizza?

Thin people don't have to deal with emotional crap. Everyone who is thin is that way because they haven't dealt with a lot of emotional turmoil. If people dealt with emotional turmoil, then they would be overweight. Period.

Sweet Jesus help my burning butthole, I had some bad hummus. 👎🏾

I am going to force myself to eat shellfish (allergic) even if it kills me! I'm tired of being limited by the body Ive been given.

I hate going out shopping with other people, except for my mom. They wander away and I have to spend the next 20 or so minutes looking for them, they take their sweet time answering my texts and have a laugh about it later. I dont want to spend an frackin hour at the store just wandering around. I wouldnt have this problem if I were alone. In and out. I dont mind walking.

Pho cook off day. Yes.