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What's with all the talk about cherries? are they in season or some thing?

God those rotten cherries smell foul foul foul

I mashed some cherries for wine today, I got to get in a big tub and step on them for about an hour

I got some chicken nuggets today and I swear I saw rat hairs in the batter no way I'm eating that sh** DISGUSTING

Yesterday I ate 5 honey walnut shrimp, 4 French fries, and I drank 6 drinks. I'm still not very hungry.;

I need some broccoli or somethin

How do I fix this horrible relationship I have with food eating makes me happy then I get depressed when I look at myself

why tf are artichokes so expensive? I just need like 2 why are they like 32.00 for a pack of 5

im close to overweight on a BMI scale and i want to go on a diet but i use eating as a coping mechanism and like. sometimes its most of what i even look forward to during the day :)))))))))))
and im trying to be less reliant and eat different healthier things than what my mom and restauraunts serve
everyone says i look fine but all the weight for some reason misproportionally goes to my torso and nothing else and baggy clothing gives off that illusion of me being fine

Had to take a dump but I was so constipated that I pushed and pushed and finally one little sorry turd came out and you know what I swear there was a perfect CHERRY floating in the bowl LOL then I flushed and drowned my CHERRY! Sad but true

Fresh off the grill and delicious.

What goes well with sauerkraut besides meat?

What goes well with sauerkraut besides meat

Now where is my dog soup I am so f'in hungry

You sure you cook that chicken I hope you ain't put in the microwave

I could really go for some shaved ice right now. Or a sno cone.

I want a box of Twinkies, and I mean it, the whole box, and some wine to wash it down.

Just made a fresh batch of shine, who wants some

So, my mom went "vegan" about two and a half years ago. But that isn't the problem, the problem is I thought it was cool so I stopped eating meat too. Big mistake. So to this day, I HATE bok choy and lettuce and tomatoes and I'm sick of all these bean-based dishes! After the first day, I've regretted my decision to give up hamburgers and bacon. She won't cook those foods for me anymore because "they cause cancer". I literally don't care about cancer anymore, just give me my b... read more