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I honestly was so peeved of a youtube comment section, I spent the last 2 hours informing commenters that the video being displayed is 100% Fact. And that if you're going to buy from Franchised kfc places then yes expect your sides to be a a day old, and pot pie meat to be weeks old. And other gross things(I work at franchise). CORPORATE fast food places are very strict in their policies. If you want to know which local fast food place is which then simply ask the store's man... read more

this is tmi but i should not have eaten that jail food cause it made me so gassy and it smells terrible lmfao. idk what that was tbh

"Human intelligence increased dramatically once we started

extracting more energy from food via cooking."

Maybe we should go back to eating raw foods.

This intelligence thing didn't work out to well.

I heard white people love cheese and crackers

this is about the most bland breakfast I have ever eaten. Chia seeds and almond milk mixed with pancake mix to make a
and unsweetened almond milk

2 years was long enough for me for veganism

I want some donuts. Krispy Kreme is open until midnight :)

I'm going to have pizza today!

Ughhh wtf is wrong with me
I ate way too much yesterday and ate rice pudding and a McDonald's meal with organge juice this morning

Nope, no lunch for me today.


Make your grand mac bigger. I'm tired of starving after a large grand mac meal

Question: do I eat nachos or do I eat pasta or do I eat a quesadilla or do I eat grilled chicken or do I eat a salad or do I eat my fingernails


:( my dad ate all my rice pudding
that was helping soothe my sore throat...

and it is delicious :(

time to cook goop :)

Help: So, I worked out A LOT today. I did a lot of cardio and weights in the morning and then after, I ate a nice healthy salad for lunch. By the time dinner came around, I was so hungry that I ate 3 oatmeals, fiber cereal, and 3 toasts (2 with organic peanut butter and the other with avocado). Then I ate some tortilla chips and then couldn't help but click my spoon off with the remaining peanut butter. HOW DO I GET MYSELF TO STOP EATING SO MUCH AT NIGHT? I eat healthy but I ... read more


my friend gave me this gigantic cabbage-I almost cut my fingers off trying to slice some off-sautéed cabbage-it is huge-I cannot eat cabbage every day for a month-

ive eaten two veggie burgers today I've only thrown up one

I've been eating regular meals but things are getting worse and my tummy is more upset than ever.

Can't c** till the McRib is back

If preparing a meal with cilantro, check with your guests first.

Cilantro tastes like soap to 4 - 14% of people due to genetics.

People with certain genetics are predisposed to smell and taste a soapier

component to cilantro than the rest of us.

The result is a ruined dish for them.