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    Just be careful--food is an addictive substance. Eventually it doesn't work though, just like any other substance. The only problem is that you need to eat to survive. It is like telling a heroin addict they can only have one shoot up session a day, and that is it. It takes severe discipline that anyone struggling with any kind of addiction will tell you is very hard. And you get to have your drug of choice every day...and it is a very social activity...and very socially acceptable, etc. I speak from experience. Maybe take some cooking classes or something--invite people over to try what you learned, etc. Human contact is important and cannot be staved with food. I have a subscription to a monthly spice club that sends different things each month and is only like 6 bucks for 2 new dishes a month. It's a company called Spice Breeze, and they have a website. You can pick things you like, you don't like, etc. They send you the recipes and grocery list, etc. Might want to give it a try. :) Then invite your friends over! :)

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      Thanks for the advice. Cooking classes are a bit costly for me right now as I'm kinda broke, but I'll think about it. I live outside the US, so I can't subscribe to Spice Breeze unfortunately. :')

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      That's too bad about Spice Breeze. Raw Spice Bar does ship internationally, you have to pay the extra shipping. I believe Cratejoy does also. The Spicery ships worldwide except Australia. I think these are a bit more expensive, but you can look into it and see what your budget might allow. There are Facebook groups for the subscribers so they can share their creations, and there are facebook groups of foodies in general.

      I also know that youtube offers a Master Class with Gordon Ramsay. It is 90 bucks I think, but there are a bunch of lessons and can put you in touch with other people with similar interests.

      If none of that is in your budget, you can go to something like reciperoulette dot tv and just try something new. You can even select ingredients you already have. I hope this helps.