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my mom's cooking is nice i love her

So, if you drink a lot of alcohol, you're an alcoholic... Does this mean drinking Fanta makes you Fantastic?
Why stop there? I bet drinking cola will make people cola-ssal! The possibilities are endless!!!

I need a brekky! Alright! I need brekky!

i just took a major sh** and i'm hungry

The dumb c.u.n.t brought me cherry pie! she knows I hate cherries and am allergic to them! Idiot!!!!!!!

how do y'all like your pizza

recently i've started paying close attention to the things i eat,, when i do eat, that is. instead of eating a meal, i'll drink a lot of water, and i always google the amount of calories something has before i consume it. I haven't really eaten a lot of solid foods (or drinks other than water), and i've been carefully diminishing my calorie intake day by day, each day setting a new goal for myself. I typically limit myself to one meal a day, but even then, i feel so ashamed, ... read more

Toxic Tear is a total b**** irl. A pig too. All she does is go on about how small her meal is, then turn around and have a second. #toxictears

Just made a Jamaican curried shrimp? Who wants some?

I wanna make some brownies

Please sir I just want some f***ing pizza (â•Ĩīšâ•Ĩ)

I'm soooooooo hungry!

When you watch crabs hold on to dear life on a tong before dropping them in a pot of boiling water, you lose your appetite for seafood forever.

I had a short bout of bulimia, which lasted like one month. I dont know if that would truly be considered but bulimia but i am starting to think about doing it again, i feel like its some kind of flare-up.

I want boneless hot wings with ranch or chicken tenders with ranch or a chicken quesadilla. I am so hungry all the time since my parents are working 24/7 and we barely gets grocery, at least not ones that last long. My other family gets me food when i stay w/her but then i come home and being the fatty i am, have nothing to snack around on.

Maybe I wouldn't be hungry if you didn't feed a child human flesh


You know what? Some donuts have filling in them.


Forgot about the pot of water I had boiling on the stove...turned the bottom black. Whoops...

I hate cherry pie