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my friend gave me this gigantic cabbage-I almost cut my fingers off trying to slice some off-sautéed cabbage-it is huge-I cannot eat cabbage every day for a month-

ive eaten two veggie burgers today I've only thrown up one

I've been eating regular meals but things are getting worse and my tummy is more upset than ever.

Can't c** till the McRib is back

If preparing a meal with cilantro, check with your guests first.

Cilantro tastes like soap to 4 - 14% of people due to genetics.

People with certain genetics are predisposed to smell and taste a soapier

component to cilantro than the rest of us.

The result is a ruined dish for them.

I want to eat ramen noodles so bad but I'm going to eat oatmeal. I'm afraid I will still want the ramen after.

anorexia is for douchebags.. ha! too f***ing stupid to eat right and lose all that weight then die.

good riddance.

Everytime you go to the store you bring home all this junk!


Pepsi is so much better than Coca Cola

This week alone I've eaten 3 tall canisters of Pringles chips. Idk why tbh but I'm actually on the third canister now, I've had one every other day this week including today and now that I've gotten a taste for them I'm fine. I don't eat much junk food or sweets but had a random craving for pringles now that my craving is satisfied, has anyone else had a random food craving recently that you just desperately had to satisfy?


I've had a breakfast sandwich and soup today and I feel horrible about it.

I wish my mother would get off her lazy a** and actually get us food instead of making me wait over two f***ing hours to get food.

I'm going to make some wine.

A city type moves to the country and decides he wants to be a farmer.

So he goes to the local farm shop and tells the man: "Give me 100 baby chickens."

A week later the man returns and says: "Give me 200 baby chickens."

Again, a week later the man returns. This time he says: "Give me 500 baby chickens."

"Wow," the farm shop worker replies. "You must really be doing well."

"Nah," says the man with a sigh.

"I'm either planting them too deep or too far apart."

Just got a snack crate in the mail... I think I fell in love with this box of food!

Peanuts are great

My stomach is rumbling so hard I want food so bad wowie

I need someone to tall me if frozen yogurt is healthy because am going on a diet and I bought frozen yogurt and I need to know if is healthy or not so when I eat it I will know if I eat healthy or something that will make me fat