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I ATE A LOT BUT I DIDN'T BINGE TODAY!!! :D #littlevictories #babysteps

Orange juice FTW!

Made loaded potato soup and cheddar herb rolls last night and it was actually delicious. I don't know what happened. :)

Burping after eating thin mints. Does it smell minty or still just smell burpy?

I hate my diet, how do I lower cholesterol fast. I miss pizza and fundip. I don't want to eat 7000 grain egg whites

When food products have the "No Preservatives" label, does that really mean that no preservatives were added, or do companies just say that so people will buy their products? I was looking at my Naked juice and it said it has no preservatives, so then I looked at the ingredients and it looked like a list of natural ingredients. There were no acids or starches, but what if they don't list all the ingredients on their labels?

fun fact: this weekend i had 20,000 calories of food. fml. I didn't contact any hotlines. I've gained 4 lbs and i feel like complete sh**. i can feel my thighs getting bigger. I don't know what to do today. my goal is less than 2,000 cals.

I'm the binge person...yeah I sorta ate way too much today. I'm gonna email an eating disorder hotline for BED. I need help

I binge eat, and this is what I've decided to do: I will post on here each night whether I binged or not. My goal is to not binge all of march. Wish me luck!!!

Yesterday, I binged 13,000 calories. Not even kidding. I feel like I'll get comments saying "you're fat" and that's how I feel right now, but the truth is I'm not fat when you look at my height/weight -- bmi 16ish. i know that's not what matters but still. i feel like a sphere right now. I hate this. I binge so often it's horrible. I hate this. i hate people who can eat normally

mmmmmm food is so good

oh... macdonalds is the only restaurant doing that these days... it's very unique and cutting edge.

well, la de da, fancy pants.

To the horrible disgusting ugly b**** who sat with her head down and didn't move her car up in the line at McDonalds til we started to pass,then decided to look up and pull forward before us while I mouthed the word sorry-because I truly was sorry...the one who just gave us a sh**y nasty look(that looks like you wear it most of the time) it's goes. I hope you f***ing choke on your greasy a** fast food,and on your way home to your dirty shack, I hope you drive over a na... read more

to the idiot who couldnt even take my order right. your job isnt that easy, how dumb can you be?

What do you think about chocolate covered chocolate?

Eating twice my weight in junk food cause no life.

Rob...this is friend Rob stole my name and calls himself Rob..its so annoying. The worst part is that he is so fat.

I just discovered peeps candy on the internet! It looks yummy. Sadly they don't sell it in my country...or continent. :(

f***ing hungover, I just a moon's over my hammy Sandwich from Denny's!! Do they deliver yet!?

Hola! Imma eat some nachos.