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Trying to lose some weight? Try this. Next time you're having tea or coffee, don't add anything to it. No milk, no cream, no sugar.

We have been programmed to believe that the food we eat, and the fluids we drink, must have things added to them to taste good enough for human consumption. I would like to challenge you to break that paradigm. What you might find is that the food you eat is just as delicious and fulfilling without being drenched in sugar, salt, and o... read more

I cant eat anymore, and my friends keep telling me that they think i might be developing anorexia but im afraid of speaking up.

Even thinking about a diet makes me hungry.

Don't you hate it when you decide to wear tight jeans, then when you eat, you feel like you're gonna explode!? Curse you food demons!!

f*** i hate when ppl f***ing hate sh** that is just so g#ddamn good sh** to hate

I hate it when I eat Mexican food it comes out like a chemical spill

Is there any particular reason why McDonald's made a burrito hamburger?? Who the hell would do that bulls***? I'd rather drink a potato chip milkshake.

I can't help it if I love ham sandwiches, man. I bring them to class all the time because they help me pay attention. Do you want me to starve?! Is that it!? I'm not too sure you'd want to mess with me bro....

These bastard tv chefs...... don't tell me something is delicious if i've never tried it, there's every chance I think its sh**e. Just because you like it or your flogging a recipe book or something, eskimos go mad for whale blubber, do you want some?... no..then f*** off and just say I've made this you might want to try it, end of!!! I'm going the chippy.

Exceptional catering is exceptionally bad. WHY?

Olives are such salad party crashers! Who can like to stale-water tasting, salty little things?

Honestly, I prefer burger kings fries over mcdonalds, but i like mcdonalds burgers the best...and i love the breakfast at mcdonalds. Not much of a fan for taco bell. Subway is ok depending on where u go. I love papa ginos chicken parmesan. Their cheesy garlic bread is awesome too! But i love dominos pizza the best ever since they changed the ingredients, thank god! So many places to it but hate it at the same time

I love my husband unconditionally. But, that doesn't mean I have to share this delicious tuna noodle casserole.

I hate when I take my new wart medication and my anus bleeds

Just so everyone knows, toast, peanut butter and banana does not travel well. ewww

It really bothers me that fast food works cannot understand what I am saying and I cannot understand what they are saying. It also bothers me that as these works talk with each other, while they work, they do not speak English to each other. They talk to each other in Spanish, incorrectly translating what I ordered. The fast food and restaurant companies should mandate all works must speak English not only to customers, but to each other while at work!

Know what I can't stand.. Sitting in the mcds drive through for over an hour after the club at 2am. I'm drunk I just want my motha f***in fooood

I hate how those amazing 60oz rum bowls I drank last night made me feel like a god. And now I suffer from a headache and a hangover that's going to ruin my whole day. Blahhh hangovers instant karma from the body.

I know Burger King isn't good for you, but a fish sandwich from there definitely crosses the line!