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Gosh I'm so impatient.... Im making bread and i have to let it rise, it needs to sit another hour or so but i keep checking it to see how big its gotten... I gotta workout, stay busy and out of the kitchen.

I don't understand why everyone says Taco Bell gives them the runs. I eat it often and it never really affects me.

Has anyone ever had cheeseburgers with pieces of bread instead of buns?

I don't have a weight problem (most people accuse me of being skinny, but I think I'm about average,) but I really want to eat healthier. I just feel better knowing I'm not putting junk in my body. But I still live at home and my family buys like 90% unhealthy food. I've tried several times to change my diet, but when I don't provide the food it's hard to make a change like that. I guess I'll have to wait until I'm able to move out to eat better.

I told you to get my f***ing subway. You leave and I find out you had just been sitting on the porch "chilling" even though I kept telling you i was starved and to hurry. Then you actually leave and take an hour and a half to come back, and my sandwich is cold even though it has burns on the bread and YOU DIDN'T EVEN GET WHAT I f***ING ASKED FOR.

I am fat. I don't mean obese. I am just fat. I f***ing hate it. Anyone else fat and hate it?

Homemade curry last night... OMG I'm gonna f***ing die.

I hate ordering stuff. I always screw it up. This time it isnt really my fault since I didnt know burritos came with.sour cream. But I still feel like I made an utter fool of myself. And I have since I screwed up the.first order. And she probably thinks Im a fat a** for ordering so many.burriotos. Despite my patheticness, I still think practice makes perfect. So I'll.keep trying :(

Why is it that when I refuse to lie to boost someones ego that makes me a b****? I am not rude or mean. If I do not like it, I have the right to have that opinion, right?

I f***ing hate bread crumbs on the counter top. Use a f***ing paper towel or plate b****.

Im such a fat a**... Here i am eating cake when i should be on the treadmill. Guess ill be running extra. I just crave sweets and odd foods.

So, I had a cheeseburger in the fridge that I was saving for later, and this morning when I wanted to eat it, I find out somebody else f***ing ate it.

You know what's even crappier? I had a big can of tea that I was saving and somebody drank it.

Can't I have anything of my own?!

What would you choose as a last meal?

Quick, name some foods that I should ask to be brought to me from the store. I'm starving.

Do you think $10 is too much of a tip for a waiter? I mean, he was nice and even packaged up our to-go boxes, but my dad only tipped him $5.

There were three of us and all had big meals, I had a dessert too.

What do you think?

Maybe I AM a lesbian. I'm laying in my room & I'm noticing that I have a bunch of posters of girls on my wall. Mostly rock musicians. There's this one in particular hanging over my bed about a girl in a bikini at the beach lying in the sand with a guitar & a surfboard. Hmmm gay thoughts

Its crazy how food prices keep going up but the the packaging becomes less. Or you see cereal boxes that claim to be family size, its a big box, but you look at the weight and it contains less than the regular box. Its a trick!!! Im constantly looking at my labels to make sure im getting what i think im getting. Another shopper commented on how food prices keep going up but beet prices are low. She laughed that shell just have to drink beer instead of eating food. I dont drin... read more

i wish i could quit binging

I just made meat loaf, mashpotatoes and gravy, collard greens, corn bread and macaroni. (I have a large family, not fat large but theres many of us)... I am wore out

There are people starving in this world and the food waste in the UK alone. 7 Million tonnes of it is thrown away. Disgusting when you think about it!