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So f***ing hungry right now. Just two more hours till I can have my precious watermelon...melon, oh melon, why dost thou taunteth mine senses?

I literally have no idea what normal eating is anymore. I either eat 500 cals a day or 4,000. there is no in between. I can't control myself. It's horrible. i want this to end. I TRY to eat normally and not binge and not feel guilty, trust me. It's been like this since march. Today was one of the days where I overate. Idk what to do anymore....

I eat cause I'm sad; then I'm sad cause I'm fat :( it's a vicious cycle I can't seem to stop. I hate emotional eating! Any suggestions on how to stop being an emotional eater?


I don't know my limits :'(

Gah!! I can smell the food cooking. I'm soooo hungry. I need to eat this time. I haven't eaten in 4 days. I WILL eat this time! I will MAKE myself eat! I will NOT throw it up.

Im not hungry, just depressed.

I was trying to make banana pancakes and failed :( I was looking really forward to them, especially cause the recipe was supposed to be easy. But one side burned before I was able to turn it around, even after I tried on low & medium I have to find something new to cook and eat.

Im hungry and the only quick thing to eat is a bologna. I hate bologna :(

I eat a ton of fruit and now I'm hearing that fruit isn't the best for you b/c all of the sugar in it...should I only eat fruit every other day? and eat more veggies instead?

I am really struggling right now. I hate myself, I feel out of control around food. I cancel plans and turn into a horrible person. I have been on the verge of tears all day. I can't do this. I wish so badly I could talk to someone close with me about this but every time I do it just scares them off. It scares me too..I hate feeling like this but I don't know how to feel better. I'm whining. But better anonymously through the internet than in real life, right?

I can't figure out what I want to eat. I don't know how to cook because my parents never taught me. I don't want to eat another microwaveable or ramen because I'm tired of all that sodium. We have a few things left for a sandwich... A very dull sandwich. There's a lot of fruit too. Other than that, the other choice is sugar sugar sugar. There are some yeast rolls, which taste good, but I've already had 2 today. I just wanna eat healthy, but this is the conflict...

I've eaten so many grapes today. Idk the exact number, but it's probably around 80. 1 grape = 3 calories. 3 x 80 = 240. I've had 240 f***ing calories today just from GRAPES are you kidding me -_-

I've eaten more than 5,000 calories/day for the last 5 days hahahaahhaha kill me now i hate myself

i cooked a batch of waffles, but thers no syrup

So whats weird food combos you guys like to eat? I love vanilla ice cream and original lays chips.

lol Sometimes I scare myself when I shop for fruit. I end up sniffing my pineapples to make my decision on which one to pick. It has gotten scary because my friend says I get this excited and flushed look on my face when I do it. She says, and I quote "it just looks sooo wrong" lol...thats just crazy, right?! Lol

I have 2 pet peeves about.... Cereal.
1) I hate how people eat cereal. Everything about it. The spoon hitting the bowl, the slurpping sound off the spoon, the crunching everything and I dont know why.
2) I hate how people buy like 5 boxes of different cereal but only open 1 at a time until its done. Like, what was the point of buying different types if you cant have them. What if I want. Cheerios today & apple jacks tomorrow? When I get my own place im going to op... read more

HELP WANTED: tips on how to remove Milo from the carpet . . . I'm alone at home and like the klutz I am, I managed to spill half my cereal onto the floor. Please help!!!

my butt hurts from pooping.