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The food you cook is fabulously terrible.

Even slightly drunk I am a culinary mastermind. Mushroom, beef slices and onions fried in butter and put in a tortilla wrap. Awwwwwwh yeah. 8D

My dog really, really likes peanut butter. Its her favorite.

Hey all you ppl that love to b**** and complain :0)... what is a GOOD POTLUCK dish???

when the packaging says only 2 cups of water it never really is just two cups of water. T^T

I'm sitting at a Rec center just came from a Dairy Queen and I've just noticed something.. No matter what you order you always get the sweets first. So then you gotta eat it befor it melts! By the time they hand you your actual meal, You're always too full to eat! Curses dairy queen.. curses.

Double Stuff Oreos! YUM! I like to lick out the center.

Cant get enough of my sugar trips

How does someone with so much cooking experience not know there's a difference between evaporated milk and condensed milk?

Still, I think there might be a market for sweet beef stroganoff.

I want french fries not a damn protein shake!!!!!! i want to eat what i want when i want!!! ugh i f***ing hate this!!!! Stupid parents!!!!!


seriously though, i. am. hungry.

I argued with two east indian girls at mcdcks yesterday evening lol I got served a pathetic mc chicken wrap cauze I was being "racist" and half the workers there were East indians. f*** YOU MCDONALDS!! And f*** you dirty a** hindus/punjabis/sikh monkeys. Everyone els though Im cool with you =)

Damn! went to McDonalds late last night ( yea not the best choice but whatever, ) but i woke up to see i left a MCchicken in the bag overnight! forgot to toss it in the fridge! f*** now i'm out a mc-chicken. That is all..

why does my ciminon buns taste like vodka :( i cant cook a thing! ew im eating my bun and thinking, I FAIL. i cant play sports i cant cook i cant sing WHAT AM I GOOD FOR!!?

Turns out, "Gordita" means little fat one in Mexican

I really wish I wasn't fat.. from now on, ima stop eating. Idc if I die.. id prob deserve it if I die

What the hell kind of person puts mayonnaise on a French dip sandwich?

Starving myself is easy except for the hunger headaches, lol

you pig. you chew with your mouth open, you slurp your soup, you make chugging sounds when you drink, and you make chewing noises. YOU told me off for doing the same thing when i was younger, now you do it yourself. YOU f***ING HYPOCRITE.