I'm wondering if my belief that everyone secretly wants everyone around them to be happy is a naive and false view of the world. Cause it seems to me everyone is only in it for themselves and wants to sh** on everyone else to get to the top instead of just being polite. I try to help people out as much as I can and it always turns into me being a f***ing doormat. I try to be everyones rock but nobody gives a sh** about rocks unless theres diamonds inside. And you have to destroy the rock to get to the diamonds. Whoever breaks the rock gets rich and the rock turns into pebbles and then sand and then just washes away with rest of the sediment, forgotten and useless. It floats down to the bottom of the ocean where it drifts until it gets sucked back into the center of the earth and turned into lava then goes shooting out of one of the worlds giant pimple volcanoes and melts a small town, reducing everything to rubble and ash. I don't wana be a g**d*** rock. I just wana be happy and be surrounded by other happy people. Is that really too much to ask? A circle of real, genuine, happy friends who support each other and spread their happiness to all the melted ashy towns. Okay. If you actually stuck around and read all that, thanks. I hope I made you laugh, or smile, or blow a little air whimsically out of your nose. At the very least, I hope you're entertained. #venting #uselessmetaphor #rambling #nonsense #thanksforlistening