Not really sure to go about this one so I'll start at the beginning.

I started really getting to know this one guy (as a friend) and I felt like we were really getting into a great friendship. He let me talk about whatever was on my mind and he never judged. We could talk crap about anyone and neither of us would say a word. He even had me promise that we would be friends through thick and thin (and to this day i have that saved). But one day he started to take giant steps backwards from me and stopped communicating. He unfriended me on a few social medias, and once in the middle of a conversation. I called and asked if anything was wrong or if he was mad, and he denied anything being abnormal or wrong. Now, what really offended me was when we were talking through me trying super hard to keep him as a friend and I mentioned that sometimes i feel like he wants nothing to do with me, he said "I'm still here." Which set me to tears, those words really stuck with me. But he still went on hardcore ignoring me. I asked our other friends and we finally concluded that he thought I was annoying and followed him around all the time. Sobbing whilst receiving this information, i felt as if my heart shattered into 1000 pieces, and that I had lost my best friend.

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