I wrote this story, right? I want to be a writer when I grow up because I've been writing since I was about five. So, this girl who read my story decided to ALSO write the SAME story. Basically, using the same characters, the same plot, the same plot bunnies, the EXACT SAME QUOTES, the same story format, the same title sequence(s), basically copied at least 75% of it and more. I got really fed up because that story took a lot of time and energy, and I use my emotions to fuel my writing. And yeah, it's kinda f***ing rude when you take someone else's hard work?? basically I told her to stop doing this, and told her that I wasn't okay with her stealing my sh**. She responds with: "So? I can do whatever I want. You don't control me." yeah b****, but that's f***ing plagiarism and technically you could be arrested for that. anyways, I told her that it was MY story so technically I DID control what she does with my story elements because it's mine. She then decided to play victim and created this thing on a google dos about her "suicide note" and how she was going ti "kill herself" because I was "harassing" her. Then, my whole friend group went on her side because she "Wanted to kill herself" but like??? what the f***??? I've continuously told you guys that I'm also suicidal and definitely more suicidal than her???????? okay, whatever you f***ing c***s :/ anyways, I kept telling her that she needed to stop and I wasn't okay with it. she once again played victim and is like "I already want to kill myself stop making me want to more' so I got f***ing mad and literally cussed her out. then everyone attacked me FOR NO REASON like, "wow that's just mean she wants to kill herself!" and "dude just stop, why are you even mad?" LIKE b**** YOU KNOW WHY I AM f***ING MAD BECAUSE I HAVE TOLD YOU COUNTLESS TIMES,,,, SHE COPIED BASICALLY THE WHOLE STORY I MADE WITH MY OWN BLOOD AND SWEAT AND WILL NOT CHANGE IT! I ended up missing two days of school because of how mad I was. My mom told me that she wasn't gonna let me go to school until I was calm, because I was literally gonna stab her in the god-damn neck once I saw her. Anyways, during the two days I was gone, they were talking sh** about me and acting like I was the bad guy here. When I got back, I called her a 'f***ing whore' because she was looking at me and giving me dirty looks, along with her muttering "You're a b****" under her breath to me. The this other girl was like, "JUST SHUT UP! YOU HAVE TO STOP BULLYING HER (my name), BECAUSE SHE'S REALLY SUICIDAL!" SO I JUST WALK UP TO THAT b**** AND i'm like "Guess what? Me too. I guess, though, you don't really understand because you don't put effort and emotion into things, and if you did, they've never been stolen from you before." She then gets mad and tries to hit me with her METAL water bottle. I got out in time and I have not talked to them since. I feel like I need to move on but uGH they're just so annoying and I cannot believe that the b**** who had stolen from me and copied from me played the victim card and got away with it. It's unfair!