It's petty but I'm super fed up with this annoying bulls***. All of my friends know they're hotter than me, but it's not like I'm quasimodo or anything. If they're dimes, I'm a nickle and two pennies. If I'm going out with them, that means they will get more attention than I do, that's just something I've accepted. Usually men just use me to get to my hot friends. BUT WHEN I DO GET ATTENTION, that is FOR ME, I SAVOR THAT sh**. My friends don't support me at all, they're horrible wing-women. In fact, if they see me getting attention, they try as quickly as they can to tear me down or to take credit for the things I did or said.

So this guy working at the sandwich bar was clearly hitting on me, asking me if I was from around here and such, and when we were going to leave he winked at me. My friend pipes up and goes "OMG did you see him wink at me? He was asking so many questions too," she was looking at chips the whole time this guy was talking to me but okay...I just smiled and nodded because I didn't want to start petty drama over a sandwich guy. What I wanted to say was, 'you're a delusional b****'.

I have a friend who is stunning but her strength definitely isn't her thickness, she's skinny. My advantage is that I DO have thick thighs and an a**. We were in a club and this guy walked up to our group and said "Wow, you have a nice a**!" Honestly it was disgusting and I'm kind of glad that my friend decided to claim this one. She says "Thanks I do squats" and it was f***ing hilarious because he just retracted and said "I ain't talking to you but okay," That guy was a douche over all so we just ignored him but at the same time, I wish my friends would let me get compliments sometimes.

Another girl was trying to wedge herself between me and a guy (I'll call him C for convenience) who was interested in me. When we hung out she would tell me how "C is so into her" and for a minute I thought that C was trying to play both of us but after some evidence collecting I found out that C was actually trying to scrape this b**** away because he was actually interested in me, which is a nice change of pace. Usually men just want to use me because they know I can get them close to the hotter girls, but C didn't show interest in my friends which made me feel so f***ing good about myself.

I have more stories but I'm bored of writing them, maybe I'll finish later.