Long convoluted drama ahead :
Okay when I was a kid, I looked up to this person, they were so great at what they were doing.
Me being the desperate hoe that I am, I befriended then and we became friends.
I improved and got well known with my own thing and I wasn't really looking up to them anymore.

Maybe it's the fact that I don't look up to them anymore that made me realize that they were a spoiled brat.
An elitist who thinks theyre the greatest and their opinion is FACT just because a lot of people look up to them.
It's annoying, when they're called out for their bulls*** they pull the " im anxious and paranoid and depressed "card instead of facing their own flaws and owning up to their mistakes.

Though I love them so much as a friend, the egotistical aura they emit online just pisses me off to no end , I unfollowed them in all my social media accounts but sometimes i would just get news from my friends about the bulls*** they're spewing and it just upsets me even more.