I remember a time where self-respect was so important to you, so much that you shunned me for several months because I slept with a guy I liked a lot. You told me I was a disgusting s*** with no self-respect.
You treated me like I was a whore, even though I only gave myself to one man exclusively. Even though I felt you were over-reacting, I still felt dirty and ashamed.
Fast forward a few years, you're single again. Within weeks of being single you have sent naked pics to every guy you know, you've exchanged sexual favours for money, and you've f***ed every guy you've met.
I do not want to hear about the filthy sex that you have with strangers, I do not want to hear about the money you made whoring yourself, and I am honestly starting to not want you in my life, after 20 f***ing years.
I will NEVER care about if you like what I am doing or not again, since you are clearly a hypocrite with poor judgement. YOU are the one who has ZERO self-respect, YOU are the disgusting one, and YOU are LITERALLY a whore.