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I started talking to this very funny, dorky and kind man at my work. He happens to be very good looking and the women at work swooned over him, but he always deflected it. I wanted to know if he might be gay (and if so ask him out to a hike and then lunch). On his birthday I started making conversation with him and pretty quickly that week, I confirmed he is straight. Let down. We ended up becoming friends and started hanging out after work. 3 years deep into the friendship, ... read more

You ungrateful garbage. I didn't even have to be there but I sacrificed my time (11 hours), my energy, and my money just for your drunk, pot belly, b**** a**. You're f***ing welcome. f*** you.

I was there for you when you needed me. All the times you needed to vent,b****,get advice,and cry about all your boyfriends. I answered all your calls and texts. Hell,wrote most of your texts when you or your guys f***ed up. I stayed down and around for you...even when you weren't for me. I always knew what to say to help you,but when I need words? You go dead f***ing silent. I helped you with everything. Relationships,health,pregnancy,you name it. What the f*** have you done... read more

So I have a friend who I thought was like the greatest friend ever and we've only known each other for three years...well here's where things got crazy. My Friend, let's call her J. J was a cool, outgoing and funny person. So many people loved her and she's very well known. Well not everyone knows how crazy she is. Me, my two other friends always spent time with J and we knew of her darkest secrets. She couldn't stay faithful at all to her husband. She would even use us as he... read more

I really should stop reaching out to people I knew from Little Elm because they have all turned out to be a**h*** and people I can't trust with jack sh**.

I'm going to be a sophomore in college next fall. I'll be transferring to a new university with a great opportunity to make new friends and have great experiences. But I have friends here at home that I love dearly and I'm really going to miss them. I don't even want to think about saying goodbye.

So I met this girl about a year ago through a chruch program (called Young Womens for any LDS people who know what I am talking about). Anyways every year our young womens has a thing called girls camp which is basically like a religious camp with all the girls from your church that are 12-16. Last year the girl I met and I were at camp together and she told me about how another girl tried to have sex with her. Her mom called the bad gurls mom but she re... read more

I have a good friend and she's always been this way i guess it just didnt really start bothering me until this year. Whenever something happens between her and another person and they fight, she cuts them out of her life. She cuts off all contact with them and never speaks to them and olny talks about them to say how much she hates them. We have a lot of the same friends, and she has cut several of them off in the past year. Most recently one of the sweetest people i know. I ... read more

YAAAAY I get to hang out with my favorite person after work wowie

It's not that I don't trust you, I just don't want to talk about certain things. To anyone. Like... what's wrong with that? lol

it really sucks to lose a long time friend and not know why

I just try so hard to be nice to everyone and have everybody try to respect me but still I'm put in lots of rumors...Once I was accused of talking behind my best friend's back because someone told her that and she called me out and everything. Now I lost one of the greatest friend I possible had and it can never been the same way ever again. People actually believe these people's rumors..Then my boyfriend decided to believe that I never loved him and called me out when I didn... read more

I had fun today. Thats a change :)

I miss you. Would it be weird to say I still dream about you? I've dreamed again and again about apologizing to you and being friends again. I know that people tend to drift apart after graduation but this wasn't us. This happened in the middle of senior year. I want to apologize so bad but I'm afraid you'll hate me for trying to speak to you. I know that's irrational but I'm still afraid. You still mean a lot to me. And I know that I didn't do anything /terrible/. We didn't ... read more

Flatmate is singing and I don't think she realised how God awful she sounds and how much I'm going to stab her

Thought I finally found a decent person to connect with in life. Realized I stumbled upon yet another a**h*** .

Who does that b**ch think she is, telling me i'm a wh**e because i only have guy friends. She slept with all of them and she has the reputation of the "group hoe". None of us actually likes her or her b**chy friends, all of them and their blend personnalities and retarded accent. "Like, oh mai gooowwwd" please, shut up you sound like a parody.

Why am i only friends with guys ? Because that's how all of you other girls are in this damn town. Every time i tried making friends ... read more

I'm really starting to hate some of my friends with kids.
I'm 26 and most of my friends are my age. This is the age when everyone decides they have to hurry up and have kids real fast because 30 is too close for comfort.
I have to preface this with the fact that I have no kids, nor do I have any desire whatsoever to ever have kids. The whole thing sounds horrible to me. And having watched several friends go through it now, it further cements in my mind that it just isn't for ... read more

It's sad when I want friends who are willing to defend me, be there for me, fight with me, cry with me and have fun but I don't have none of those but snakes even though I did all those things for them.

Do you still think I'm an innocent baby?