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I've searched for it.
I've longed for it.
I've been weak for it.
I've violated your trust for it.
I've fantasized for it.
I've lied for it.
I've hurt you for it.
I've regret for it.
I've forgotten for it.
I've never wanted to look back for it.
I've tried to make sense for it.
I've gone out of my way for it.
I've wanted to change for it.
I've accepted myself for it.
Will you ever consider me... for it?
Because I've saved room in my heart for it.

I just talked to my b for 8 hours. Hah

I just talked to my d for 6 hours

Saddens me how much people change in a year or in the blink of an eye. I don't know what's best for others but I can see what their happiness used to be

Little boys gross me out a little bit. I'm guessing that it was just the fact that he wasn't my son,brother,nephew,etc. and he was doing the sh** he was doing. I'm going to continue to help my neighbors out because they've done so much for me. It's the least I could do.

so bored and have nothing to do but the only place i can hangout is a dumb place where there's only people who dont share my humor and the one person im friends with there is boring, and i feel like nobody really likes me there but i'll probably just go anyway (or maybe i shouldnt. advice?)

I thought you said you cared about me
Maybe I'm too weird for u I do everything you ask me and I'm always there when you need me yet you don't appreciate me you treat me like I'm just anybody

One day soon I will let you know the truth but for now I just want this all to play out as it will.

I want to know your story tell me everything why are you the way you are

I'm a good catch so why can't you see it

I'll save you your embarrassment.


You said you would never switch up on me but yet you just did how can you lie and play with me and break my hheart and not care

My best friend just got a new boyfriend 2 weeks ago. In order for them to meet, my friend gave him $160 for a taxi because he lives far away. First time they ever met he ended up staying at her house for six days, having showers and eating her food. He had no money because he doesn't have a job. My friend took him out for meals and clothes shopping and spent so much money on him. This has now happened three times already and my friend is literally running out of all her savin... read more

Sometimes I get really afraid that, even though I know my friends are very loyal, that eventually they'll just meet better people to be with and we'll drift away. I know that happens to everyone at some point, but I'm really shy and find it hard to talk to new people. If that's what it turns out to be, I'm afraid I won't be able to meet anyone new and I'll just be stuck alone.

Please someone let me know if this is frustrating! Okay so my bestfriend is with her bf, but her bf talked to his ex and wanted to break up (but he changed his mind). Of course I cared for my friend and was there for her when she cried and was freaking out, so I gave her advice that she should break up with him, because she shouldn't be treated like that. And what do you know? She stays with him. I was there for her. It just hurts as a bestfriend to know what your friend went... read more

I was nothing but a good friend to you for the four years I've known you. We had a rocky friendship but I didn't care because I would've done anything for you. Year one, you stopped being my friend because I was raped and you thought I was just trying to get attention. Year two, someone spreaded a rumor saying I was holding hands and making out with your first baby daddy on the bus, when he was talking to me about you. He thought I could tell him why you treated him like sh**... read more

I don't click with my boyfriends friends. I come from a different region and most of all, my life / background is completely different from theirs so I feel there's not much common ground.

We're all about 28-32 years old.
They're all rich with money from their parents, live with or next to their parents, work with/for their parents or as employees, have never really gone out of this little town by the seaside and have the same circle of friends since they were little. Their ... read more

It has to be too rude if I need to end it quickly, it has to not be taken seriously if I make it too neutral and nice, it has to be pure rage if I write down what I feel. You can wait your a** down if you want a reply from me since you can't handle 100% of the emotions I can somehow write in.

God dammit it's all Obama's fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plenty of jobs for everyone! (4% unemployment)
Great f'in economy! The housing market back on track!
Healthcare for all! 8 years no scandals to preoccupy us!