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Angel you make me want to pull my hair out.

I recently became friends with a transgender (in progress). I really don't want to offend, and not use the correct pronouns by accident. I really hope I don't.

I don't know what to say. I'm a very lonely person who craves interaction, so when I get it, I'm into it 100%. I know what it's like to feel so sh**y that I'd rather jump in front of a semi than go on, so when someone tells me they're sad, I want to say, tell me how you feel! Tell me all about it because I know how much better you'll feel when you tell someone what is really on your mind. I want to know, because I'm interested in you and your experience of the world, and wha... read more

This is really frustrating! Idk what else to do but to sit here on muttr and complain about it. I'm sure you people are sick of seeing my posts at this point but I want closure of some kind for this issue and I'm unable to get it right now. I shouldn't be spending my energies like this but I am anyway. I want him to acknowledge me and let me be that person for him. But he wont and probably will never. C'mon dude don't you see me trying?

Anna... A.R.F.
I know you use this site...
Hi, from your favorite person on the world :)
I love you!

Haha nevermind I'm just drunk I wasn't going to reveal this information until wayyyyy later in the game but you know. Bye Simon.

Thanks though I didn't think you were ever actually paying attention to me. It's whatever. Gross.

I know you've always considered yourself a rebel. I get it, I really do. But how the F*CK could you POSSIBLY think that dating a twenty year old man would be a good idea. We're 14! He's almost the legal drinking age! WHAT THE F*CK?! And I understand that you loved him and I accepted that. However what I cannot accept is that you and him HAD F*CKING SEX! I get that it was "just contact" but does that make it okay? F*CK NO! You were at his house getting freaky and YOU DIDNT EVE... read more

You're not going through something it's just you found something better and soon as that's over you'll be back in my face
f*** youuu



Hey. Canoe boy. Byeeeee.

"I'm gonna get logged out here in a sec."
One minute later I come back and they're gone. okay.
guess I should've said I'm coming back.

Man you've got me so f***ed up right now. I genuinely care about this person. I want to help but I can't without seeming pushy at this point. Why would he say that and then just leave me with that? Does he want me to feel like this? Idk he never seemed to care about me as much as I did about him, but I thought it might have been just a part of his personality. He said he enjoys my company but maybe that was a lie. He wont let me help him so he must not think of me as a person... read more

So I saw my friend's boyfriend at Wal-mart right? So I told her because why not? She asked me if talked to him and I said no, does he know me? She then said no and he doesn't want to don't talk to him and I'm like wtf. And then she says I don't want anyone who knows me talking to him. End of story.
Last time I checked, it was a free country. Like wtf is her problem?

A canoe has two spaces to put your body, like canoe f***ing? I don't think that's possible even in the first place. Please think about this. This really influenced me.

Also, that give me another chance to f*** with you in the canoe really didn't help you in your endeavor.

I don't know. I just can't emotionally be with someone when I don't feel it. I can have sex, yeah, sex But my emotions are invested in someone else be that as it may.

You were really nice and fun to hang out with and I enjoyed that you listened to me but I decided I wasn't romantically invested and now you keep asking me to do things one on one with you and idk... it feels cringey??? Even though it's really very nice.

My best friend is depressed asf and we make jokes about it but it still worries me. She's already tried killing herself a couple times. This was all before her and i were friends but she has cut during our friendship, which kills me inside. I feel like i couldve helped her, but also im terrible at helping people. especially people dealing with depression, like i just never know what to say. Which also sucks because i know soo many people who suffer from it. I just wish there ... read more