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Stop taling about how that movie was bad. Now I dont even wanna see it and it pisses me off [because a part of me does but I feel like oyu'll judge me for liking it!!!].

If ANYONE mentions it to you or that fact you like it you go on a f***ing tangent- and this time a f***ing essay. And Say " I dunno that's just my opinion".
You treat it like you're chill and all about peoples opinions when you say "also because if I mention I don't like to to anyone else they usually go fuc... read more

Sometimes I just wish he would spend time and do things with me but he never wants to

Stop spammining your essay on why you hate that film, you'rem aking me not even wanna see if it' actually decent

People don't stay friends after high school no way so I don't care about losing you I don't care about losing anybody
All I need is myself and that's all I ever had or will have. Everybody who call their selves "friends" can f*** off

I kind of have the occasional realization moment where I realize that I don't have friends. I just have people that know I exist and are just friends with my boyfriend so they just have to put up with my existence.

I used to be so crazy, outgoing. But now I'm a boring person. Ocassionally I try to avoid my friends too and I always have this feeling of running away. Like travel to other countries. Just MIA.

I think there's something very wrong with an old friend of mine and his girlfriend.
I only started seeing him around this year, and before this year,I hadn't seen him since we graduated from high school 2 years ago.
He's changed so much since then.
His personality did a 180 and now he's timid, meek, and extremely quiet. He doesn't make any eye contact and just always looks at the ground.
I've met his girlfriend once and while she seemed kind of snobby and aloof, she was overa... read more

Didn't realize there are ppl out in the world who will view you as enemy #1 if you try to help them & fail because they wanted you to not just hold their hand but carry them to success! SERIOUSLY forgot there are ppl like that. And it sucks....BIG time...I'll be just is just surreal and seems crazy to run into ppl like that...

So my school hosted a design competition for a tote bag and my best friend and I decided to join.
Admittedly, I joined because I wanted finally beat this friend of mine in art.
She's always been better than me in everything and I really wanted to have people stop putting all their love and attention on her and actually notice me for once.
I know, I sound like an annoying, whiny piece of a** that just wants attention. But guess what? Maybe I am.

Hi I'm f***ing scum and I have... read more

I want friends. I'm a sad loner with no life.

My best friend is so awful to me but I still refer to her as my best friend. I've known her longer than anyone else and she knows everything about me, and I know a lot about her too but somehow less. And she doesn't trust me, and when people start to dislike her and talk bad about her because she's a sh**y person, it's somehow always my fault. She's always been paranoid I'm spreading rumors about her even though we'll go without talking or seeing each other for months or her... read more

I think I should stop putting in any hopes in this person

Me telling the guy whom i considered my bestfriend and liked to claim he was that i'm feeling horrible, probably should die and am only thinking about that anyway and really need him because i'm looking for the slightest excuse to not do it.
"Yeah, i'm at work now but we're going to talk as soon as i get home okay ? don't do anything stupid while i'm gone."
me: "okay."
The evening comes: nothing, the night passes: nothing, a whole day goes by: nothing.
Just now i text him "th... read more

ive had one best friend, and she was my soul mate. i mean she really was my everything. and then things happened and she ditched me after years and i sunk LOW but the thing is im okay now. we talk now, sometimes. we're going out for dinner this week. but. its not like it used to be. and it never will be. she missed so much. i did so many things by myself that i should not have had to be alone for. i was just a kid. i was a kid and she left and called me selfish and hurt me an... read more

This might be wierd, but at these hours I've been thinking about you crying all night. I want to take your pain away, like a flip of a switch. That's not really possible. Like for real I can't wait for the day you tell me how happy you are, cause that's all that matters honesty.

I want you to want to talk to me. You do sometime but I wish it was everyday. I have a problem, a problem called love.

I wish I could just sit with you, stare straight into your eyes and take on all the pain you feel. Such a sweet girl, you don't deserve these demons.

I always expect the worse and disappointment outta people. I get anxiety and tell myself not to get my hopes up and convince myself that my friends don't care for me, my coworkers are annoyed by me, my mom just wants me out of her house. In my head I'm just another person. No one will ever put their effort into me, so before they disappointment me, I just don't give them the chance.

My group of friends want to make a youtube channel and we're planning a skit but we need the 'leader' 's approval on the skit.

Thing is though the leader is going through a heavy breakup, even if the two sides hated each other- the whole thing is still pretty 'bad feeling'. I'm not fully aware of the idea of love so maybe i'm wrong on this though.

two of my friends are in a relationship [and they're stereotypical couple- they cuddle 24/4 , have tickle fights or playful figh... read more

What do I do about a friend that wants to kill himself, but isn't aware that I know this?