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To my wonderful best friend:

You could literally say hi to me and my day would brighten by infinity


best friend

I had an anxiety attack which made me cry for no reason at all because of an interview I was too scared to do. My friend who I've known for 6 years made fun of me and told everyone about it and even told them not to tell me that she said that but then she decided to tell this guy who I had a crush on. So how I found out that she was telling people these things was because of my crush. He texted me and asked me why I didn't tell him about it and I just didn't want to because I... read more

There's a user in an online game I played that keeps helping me. I helped him back but he keeps helping me continuously. So I continue helping him back. It has been like this for a long time. Already thanked him. Should I chat with him?

I'm afraid if he ask about my identity though (i dont want to give my irl identity). Maybe I should create a social media account for my gaming identity?

my best friend who i kind of like started dating her professor and i got so angry at her i started a fight. im so tired of having such tenuous relationships. i wish i had none so i could just be alone forever. ill never get hurt if im not attached to anyone. And it wont even matter if we stop talking. Im an insignificant part of everyone's lives. no one needs me around. #tired #relationshipproblems i guess #iwishididntexist

i honestly wish i was part of a social group like how other people are. everytime i introduce a friend to another friend, they always get together and drop me like im nothing to them.

When you are about to make a really bad personal decision, and you happen to notice an unread message on your phone, and it turns everything around. So grateful for good friends.

Honestly, people think I care when they stop being friends with me, but in reality... I don't. I'll act like you never existed. I won't make eye contact with you, and I'll never talk to you or about you ever again. I will go on with my life unbothered, but they'll waste their energy on hating me 😂 When will people realize how much I just genuinely don't give a f***?

It really irritates me when people create problems or act bitchy towards others then get upset when people don't go out of their way to support them. Look, I don't know what crawled up your a** and died, but that's not how this works! Treat people how you want to be treated and most importantly don't dish anything out that you certainly can't take.

Wow! My 2 friends made a breakfast "date" for the 2 of them in front of me. No invite. As if I didn't feel like sh** about myself enough. I need new friends.

I use my neighbor's toothbrush to clean my toilet.

It's petty but I'm super fed up with this annoying bulls***. All of my friends know they're hotter than me, but it's not like I'm quasimodo or anything. If they're dimes, I'm a nickle and two pennies. If I'm going out with them, that means they will get more attention than I do, that's just something I've accepted. Usually men just use me to get to my hot friends. BUT WHEN I DO GET ATTENTION, that is FOR ME, I SAVOR THAT sh**. My friends don't support me at all, they're horri... read more

At this point, I don't know if I'll be able to go to the con and get a costume together. Money's kind of tight right now, and while I have my own money, I don't have enough to get everything together and pay for my ticket, they're kind of pricy.
Good to know so many of my friends have the money and resources for 3 costumes and three days worth of tickets, and will all be going.

I made friends in this new town but they never call me and are always too busy doing something else to hang out

When is it too late to say sorry?

I'm lonely in a friendship sense. Have acquaintances and friends but not someone i'd tell anything. Everything is compartmentalised. Wish i was more brave in real life. Also wish the internet didn't have the risk of creeps because anonymous pen-pal sorta situation sounds nice too (but what sort of idiot would i be if i actually became desperate enough to reach out to strangers on the internet. I know the danger)

Please get back to me soon. I need to tell you something, something that's very important to me. I'll stay up for hours if it means that.

I should of just let it breathe, but instead I had to send something exclusively to you. I hate myself, Honetly.

I hate when my friends ignore everything I say.
Whether it's about a mutual interest, something I'm excited about, something I'm sad about, or even just continuing a topic they brought up.
It's like I'm only there to listen to them and they don't give a sh** about anything I do or say.
I'm pretty sure if I disappeared off of the face of the Earth they wouldn't even notice until they feel like using me again.

I probably bother you, your just too nice to say it.

Keep on being a b**** honey. Keep playing the mental illness game, we'll see how long as an adult that works for you.