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i truely hate it when my friends bail on me. fair enough if i hadnt said all the details before, prices included. but then to hear you 'didn't listen' so you had no money. not even less than a fiver was needed?! then to rub salt in you ignore me. wow thanks

i cant breathe with or without you. you drive me crazy, and there are times i could just kill you. So why does the thought of leaving you sound like the worst thing ever?

You f***ing, wanking, tosser! i would punch you if we werent at a private school! why cant you just be a normal person and not cry about everything? im glad im gonna just stay at home by myself on halloween. f*** you M.L.

Dear R____,
I'm sorry for all the trouble that I have caused you. I'm sorry that we could never be friends any longer. I'm sorry that I accused you of things. I'm sorry that I didn't get the chance to get to know you better. I'm sorry that I didn't try and make things work when I found out you like me. I'm sorry that I've been so stupid lately, I'm sorry that I didn't see the clues. I'm sorry that you couldn't accept who I am. I'm sorry that if you think I'm crazy. I'm s... read more

LIFE. I am annoyed with LIFE in general right now.

my best friend always comes over my house, i always drive, i always waste my gas on running around like a chicken with my head cut off for her. i don't get any gas money, she changes my ipod all the time, and it's a pain in my a**. the ONE day that I want to actually get out of my house and do something and keep saying excuse after excuse as to why I don't want to hang out at my house...she keeps insisting in other... read more

I can pull both my weight and his and put up with whatever he throws at me, but if I so much as sneeze, he gets all up in my face about it. Way to go for "friends".

I have OCD. I've been working meticulously on my Halloween costume for the past several weeks. Someone else first crushed my costume, then "finished it for me". I had such a panic attack when they told me, the people I was with shrank back in fear.

Is it just me or is anyone else going through a stage of 'what the fuk?' at the moment...

people are absolute idiots, and the majority of the time you'll find that these people are your friends. Friends are what get you through life, without them you'd be missing a big part of your life. Some people need to realise this before they lose it...

You think you're so much more mature than me. You think you're so much smarter. JUST because you're almost two years older. Whatever. I've done ssoo much for you and you don't appreciate it. I thought you were an awesome friend. But an awesome friend doesn't spend all their time trying to make you small. I may act like I'm 11.... but you act like you're 6. :rolls eyes: I need a hug, and a real friend.

i think something is wrong with my best buddy, but i dont know how to ask them whats wrong, and when i try to something comes up and i cant talk to him:(

you're so pretty, and so skinny. you can eat whatever the f*** you want and not get fat. you weigh like, 98 pounds, and NOT counting. i'm so jealous of you. i wish i was you...

=p welllllll. that sucks. a lot. =\

I f***ing hate everyone in my block. They're all such f***ing a**h*** !!!! why don't they just see what it feels like to be with them everyday? I'll bet they'll NEVER survive one day in my shoes..f*** THEM ALL

So we just had the best argument in accounting class. We argued from across the room about how I'm divorcing you and how I'm taking your assets and liabilities. And how I'm bearing our AIDSy, herpes children into the world and you could never buy me a drink at the bar but you can go there twice and have a $20,000 tab buying drinks for strangers. Lol, I think the only reason we didn't get yelled at by the teacher to STFU was because we used the vocabulary words we've been lear... read more

i know you're my one of my best friend's girlfriend but wtf why can't we have a mutual hug. i'm fine with it, don't know why you're so awkward. anyways have a safe trip..

T-S[hirts] beats AA batteries :P

"You are the best thing that's ever been mine." :) To that special someone. (You don't know who you are :P)

My friend and I always thought that you are type of people are always backstabbing people and are very selfish. I created a theory that has already applied to many of your people. I don't want to be racist, nor do I want to be mean, but I hope that one day you will not turn out to be just another guy that proves my theory correct. I know it might be too much,... read more

My friends apartment caught on fire early this morning, roof collapsed. Luckily no one got injured badly. The beginning of our senior year has been a crazy and pretty terrible ride. :/

That's it. I know I will probably still care but I'm not gonna try anymore. If you people don't give a f*** then I sure as hell won't. All I really wanna do is just scream at you f*** YOU.

So, there's this kid I really like and he likes me, too. I was going this chick's FaceBook and read picture comments from him saying "cute" and they were going to hang out with weekend when I was supposed to hang out with him. I asked him about and he said that she was just a friend and told me I was stalking him. I apologized to him and everything, but he's ignoring me and I don't know what to do.