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I am friends with a spoiled immature woman-child. 10 years I have been the best friend I could. Has she tried? Back in high school, yes, we were great friends. Now? Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I got to decide or choose anything. Its always what she wants.

One of my dearest friend's water was shut off suddenly because of construction. I invited her to my home so she could shower before work. Woman-child gets mad at me because SHE wanted to go to a coffee hut tha... read more

Befriending this guy was a 5 yr mistake. I'm glad we don't talk anymore. But I have to admit I did want to hear what else he had to say. Oh Im a sucker for a good confession, and he knows that. Its just a mad manipulative rollercoaster with him.

I still stalk my former friend's social media. I've realized I do it hoping to catch a glimpse of the person I used to care about on her timeline, but not once in two years have I seen anything that makes me feel like the friend I had is still even in there somewhere. The person I've been missing is gone now, and I need to move on.

I've been writing a book to try and cope with it, and that's helped a lot. I just want that little rush of hope when I see her avatar pop up, the... read more

I want to see your face again so much and it feels like I'm screaming on the inside every day, isn't this fun

if I've been talking to someone who was suicidal through emails, and they hanged themselves, would a police officer use that persons email to contact me?

I'm so mad. So so mad. I let my ex best friend ruin everything for me. She just shows up everywhere I want to be. And then I'm having a bad time. And she doesn't even try to be civil, maybe I would hate all of this less if she tried to be civil and not play the middle school card of oops she sees me and she covers her face with her hand, grabs the two people around her and speeds off laughing. What the f*** is that actually. Are you 13? Is that what this is? Oh and it is just... read more

Ive stayed up nights crying into soap operas, and eating my lonliness in junk food. I think I just need to pursue some real friends to create real memories with instead of wasting time fantasizing an unrealistic script.

I hate people who constantly turn everything personal. Like I'm talking aboutnone thing and all of a sudden she makes that thing about her like I insulted her. Afterwards I say it's not about her and she gets all defensive and tells me to calm down when I'm already calm. I live with her and it irritates me to no end!!!

I made a drawing for a friend. He really liked it. Now he only talks to me when he wants me to draw something for him and he doesn't care if I'm tired or sad.

It's kind of sad to think I feel more comfortable talking to strangers than anyone I know personally in real life.
I was convinced that I was a certain type of person, or maybe I was a different type of person before and changed. The thing is, these friendships are all long time things (in the range of 5-10 years so far with each friend) and if I voiced how I really felt, they'd think me strange for not being "who I usually am". They wouldn't get that whoever I usua... read more

Maybe I'm too cold. I don't want to hear anymore about your problems. I'm so f***ing tired of all your problems. Why can't you learn to be happy?

How do you live your life? What do you want? Are you honestly under the impression that life is unfulfilling unless you've got a douche's penis shoved up your vagina and a stomach filled to the brim with cheap alcohol?

How the f*** can that be all there is to life? There is so much more. Is it even fun waking up next to a dirtbag ... read more

I don't know why I can't keep a friend. Every time someone tries to talk to me or be my friend I just shy away and ignore them. I run away. I'm afraid of relationships of any kind. :(

jesus f***ing christ do you ever stop talking? seriously, the world will not explode if you keep your f***ing mouth shut for more than five minutes at a time.

Silence is a thing. a good, good thing. learn to love and accept it.

I've never wished death upon some before... but my boyfriend's best girly friend is my first. I hope the worst for her. I want her to disappear. She could,leave and I could live my life happily without her in it.

I have an acquaintance who invited me to her graduation party. I'm an 18 year old working under the table and getting paid less than minimum wage. Is $25 cash and a nice card an acceptable?

I feel horrible everytime Isee my friend's blogposts because I see she's suffering horribly at home and there isn't a thing I can do to help. Everytime she suffers, I just want to die so badly because it reminds me of just how awful I am as a person and I want to die. I love her to death but she's killing me slowly.

I really would like to know why it's so hard for some people to commit to the plans they've made. My friend constantly cancels and rescheduled every time we try and hang out. I understand if a family issue or work was the cause. At least have the decency to shoot me a 1 sentence email or text letting me know what's up. I'm tired of being stood up consecutively. Then have the nerve to contact me a few days later acting like nothing's happened. So over the bill sh**.

I cannot stand this much longer. I go out with my fiance and friends and they wear out SO FAST. It's irritating because we're roommates so we get the same rest, food, everything....and I'm the fattest of us! You would think I would wear out faster, but when I'm running on 70% they're running on empty. Chores and errands go undone because they need to nap. What is this, kindergarten?

I have some insecure friends over the internet. They post some negative stuff about themselves and it stresses me out every time. I know the best way is to not be their friend anymore, but I keep wondering about what they'll and the rest of my friends will think of me for doing so. I'm just putting myself before others. Is that so bad?

I need advice!!! Lately my friend has been getting on my last nerves. She treats me like her last option : only calling me up when all her friends are busy. She makes it seem like I'm not worth her time; for example, she invites me to her house for 1 hour... when i arrive, she's in the bathroom getting ready for her long night out with other friends. She invites me places but cancels when she has better plans. I don't know how to drop her because we've been friends for 8 year... read more