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Great, she hates me and it only took a few hours... I'm setting new lows for myself

One day. I ruined everything we had in one day. I just wish you'd think of the 6 months prior to that one day. I really need you as a friend. But you're exiting my life now. I don't know what to do. You were the sweetest person I've ever met.

I just don't understand. WHY DID YOU DO THIS

My friends don't really support me or hear me out but they act like they do which is weird. All they do is tear me down and make me feel like sh** all the time. Make me remember things I don't want to remember.

i know it's selfish of me to say this, but like... what if i needed you to care about me too?

Told my friend about the reasons why I get depressed. They played right into. Funny how I was there for you whenever you needed someone to talk to. Still would be, but I'm just confused on why you'd do that to me.

Deleted snapchat. sh** was giving me depression.

I only really speak when I'm spoken to. I didn't realize that it was a big deal to others until recently, I guess some of my friends don't take it very well. A bad habit from my childhood I suppose.

How can we go from talking almost everyday to you just deciding to ignore everything I had to say. Like damn I'm just so confused, but whatever I'll be fine I guess.

Called me your only real friend, yet your just gonna ignore me all the time? lol maybe this is why you don't have any friends

Whatever you don't care at all, f***ing b****

All my friends are heathens

I'm tired... I'm going through sh** right now and I have no one to talk to... No one to vent to... No one cares... Whenever i tried talking to my friends they ignored me... When I wrote a status about it they got mad at me and told me they were busy with their own lives and couldn't help me with I'm sitting here depressed... Kinda suicidal... Very very irritated.... I don't want to do this sh** anymore... I'm so tired...

mkay listen up. i dont need you. stop saying that i need you because youre 'better than everyone else'. no. you arent. nobody cares about how many girls you want to fck. nobody cares about your dick size. so jesus christ, please stop talking about it. you are disrespectful and rude. you never answer me or my texts but yet when something bad happens to you you just crawl back. get out of my life. thanks. #venting #friendship #awfulfriendship

Ok, my friend sometimes does some stupid unnecessary sh**, but this takes the cake.
Our town recently went through a flash flood and it was pretty bad. Some parts of the town had to be evacuated and some had to be airlifted since it happened pretty fast at some parts of town.
Since my friend lives right next to the creek the flood definitely did some damage. No water got into his house since it's raised above ground, but his garage was not so lucky.
His dad has flood insuranc... read more

Just when I was happy saying you were my best friend, I f***ing ruined it.

I don't know what I'm going to do without you. Sweetest friend I ever had.

nothing ever happens when i don't take the lead. nothing. i love my friends but i wish they would take the lead once and a while so I could relax... all they do is talk about things they WANT to do, until i organize us to actually do it. If I didn't it would never happened, I've seen; sometimes I just sit back and watch them plan, and nothing comes out of it because I didnt decide to set it up. i'm tired... and I can't tell them this or they will feel bad. I want to sit back ... read more

i really like talking to you, i do. and i really like you. but you never even try to talk to me, its always " i miss him" or " i miss my boyfriend *insert broken heart emoji" i used to be so f***ing important to you, f***ing less than a year ago! but now you act like i dont exist, like i never fell in love with you, like i dont matter. i wait so long for you to at least realize, "oh sh**, shes still there " or some bulls*** like that. and i do try. i try to start conver... read more

I know you'll never talk to me again, it just really hurts knowing that. I'm going to stop trying to get through to you. Maybe we'll talk again one day, all I can hope for