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No one gives a f*ck about me, no one cares about how I feel or what I think. "Friends" went through tough times recently and I was there for them but now I'm nobody... When I have a problem they don't ask me what's is up, they act like everything is okay. Maybe I'm better at "reading" people and when they feel something isn't right... or maybe I'm just a fool.

I thought you were the one person who would be completely honest with me.

This is coming to an end, if it hasn't already. Give me some f***ing closure at least.

I'm not sure why this is happening, but good bye.

I'm feeling the friendship equivalent of desperate, lonely and needy. I can't remember the last time I didn't have a casual no-pressure conversation with someone. That isn't to say I'm isolated, I speak to heaps of people on a daily basis but I feel expectations from them all. And I feel the need to portray myself a certain way, or I'm speaking to a person deliberately for some reason. I just want a random conversation for once. Just... I don't even know how to describe it. I... read more

Not sure about our relationship. Love or just friends, I can't wait to really talk to you again.

Our first "real" conversation you thanked me for just a talking to you. Yeah I know you were just really high off that H, but I'll remember it forever.

You're really cute, but youre just some pathetic junkie if I can be honest. I'd show you a good life, but you love nothing more than some f***ing drugs.

So much I want to say, but will probably never get the opportunity to do so.

Why am I the way that I am.

Why would I want to continue to be friends with you when you don't put any effort into understanding me?
You continuously invalidate my feelings with, "oh you're just taking it too seriously" and I'm getting so tired of it!!

I'm so angry!!!!

She's gonna go ape sh**

In order to make relationships grow sometimes you just have to let them breathe for a bit. It's extremely hard for me to do this. Any cute girl who shows even the tiniest bit of interest in me, I want to talk to them 24/7. This leads to me destroying any friendships I have with girls. I usually end up feeling some type of way, which with pain. Not going to let this happen with you, no matter how much I want to talk to you, I'm just going to wait until you want to talk to me. ... read more

I have a friend and i love her a lot and she loves me but i feel like shes starting to push me out of her life and like what she says to me is all lies like she doesnt love me and she doesnt care about me and she never did. Ive known her for like 6 years and she means a lot to me and i dont want to lose her as a friend but i dont know what to do she always talks about one of her friends (who is my enemy) about how she loves her a lot and shes her only best friend and sbe does... read more

I'm getting annoyed with my friend who keeps claiming her supposed assault and harassment was as bad as the one I recently went through. I was there for hers and witnessed it, and she was not for mine. I don't doubt that she was dealing with some bulls***, but I know for a fact that her incident was nowhere near as bad. She also, was never legitimately assaulted. Sure, she may have been given "awkward hugs" that she consented to, that's it. I was groped and grabbed and had to... read more

My best friend is moving in January and I don't know what to do. I can't do this anymore. Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of me trying to kill myself. I feel like no one cares. I'm about to start high school and I don't know what to do. All of my classes are honors and AP classes, and I'm in 3 performing arts(i play viola and bass in 2 different orchestras, and i'm in choir) which means I'll have a lot of homework along with lots of after school rehearsals. My depressio... read more

I must have crappy taste in friends without knowing it. Every time I think I might have something considered as a stable friendship, I'm always excluded and talked about for whatever reason. Maybe I'm too nice or weird... Idk. I try though. I try and try and try but I can never freaking win. I'm seriously convinced that the only friends I have in my life are my parents and little brother at this point. It's nice to have them, but it hurts to know I won't be able to have anybo... read more

When texting back and forth dumb pickup lines tie your guy friend is the only way to feel better

You'll probably never hmu again to just talk, you used to at first and I loved that, but now things just feel different. I initiate almost every type of communication we have unless your f***ed up off some sh** and then my dumbass just always has to respond. Whatever, I'll just leave you the f*** alone and see what happens.

Some people are just straight up a**h*** . I hope you eat your own a** and swallow your own sh** and disappear. yet when i do the very same thing it's ok and YOU all better PUT UP with it!