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If you don't want to talk to me anymore,then say so. Don't just leave me wanting to communicate with you. You ignorant fatf***!

8 years of friend ship and u still never put in the f***ing effort everyday I asked you how you were even when u were ignoring me for no f***ing reason, I always apologise to you always so u know what u can f***ing apologise this time but wait u won't because u never put in any f***ing effort at all sorry for f***ing caring how bout u f***ing stop pushing me away then be upset because your alone I'm done with your f***ing sh** why can't you just be happy for once u always hav... read more

Some day, when my life has passed me by, i lay around and wonder why you were always there for me.

Honestly, the video to this song is weird but the lyrics speak to me so much. Makes me think of my best friend every time.

Thanks for making me feel super uncomfortable when I made eye contact with you on the bus b****. I could still tell you were staring at me from the corner of my eye. I don't need a friendship with you, you tried to get me to hang out with your friends I had never met, you acted like a whore with the millions of people you said you would want to f*** and then made out with, and everytime I didn't want to do something with you, YOU got mad at ME for not wanting to go. And you a... read more

Now everyone thinks I'm the bad guy. I can't join dinners or hangouts because everyone thinks I'm avoiding them when in fact I was only avoiding you. I was just avoiding them because you were always with them. and I don't want to rub it in my face that you don't want to hang out with me by hanging out with the people that you do want to hang out with. I hate this. You could have just told me from the start why you were pushing me away. I would have understood.

"I'm trying to understand you." How would you understand if you don't even listen? You keep insisting what you believe is true about my actions. You thought so low of me. You of all people. You were completely fine with us not being friends anymore. I guess I was never important to you. Thank you very much. Another friend who proved that no one can be trusted. I thought you were different.

My life is way too SNAFU and people who hear the story about it gonna hate me.

me strife is gay two snack items & pea poles who, are you, who, who, who, who... ear my toy story part 2 a bought t*** gone ate mice.

Why are so many people online creepy as f***. I have a partner. We've been together for 8 years. I meet someone online and if we get along and talk about things we both like and a lot of the time they're also in a relationship, so i think "Yay a new friend" Then the dick pics, t*** pics get sent and the flirting and sh**.

Doesn't anyone online just want to find friendship =( Seriously. Also, the amount of married people who have sent me nudes out of no where, you should be fu... read more

My friend b****es about me not wanting to go visit and see her, yet she refuses to learn how to drive! I offered to teach her, but she still refuses. She's almost 30 years old. #LazyAss #TiredOfBeingHerDriver

Sorry, I probably come off really bitchy when I tell people to stop partying so much. But whatever it's your life.

I lost all respect for someone I looked up to and thought highly of in the past. It's not because of who they are as a person. It's how they are choosing to treat me as of now.

My friend is psychotic and the worst part is, she fully believes she is nothing but normal and the epitome of mental health. That is a dangerous mix. She always tries to make it very clear that she doesn't have bipolar like I do. She's right. She doesn't. She has much, much worst. She is a pathological liar and that is just for starters. She is delusional. Very delusional. She lives in “one life” and “another world” dragging me into their exaggerated lifestyles. She h... read more

I feel lost right now.
Now I usually use this website as a place to anonymously post my poetry since I don't think it's good enough to have a name partnered to it so people can know who the sappy kid who writes dumb sh** is. But this time I'm posting there won't be any of that, I really need to just vent about something that I've been dealing with for a while, I also want to know if I'm being over-dramatic or I'm really in the wrong.
I've had a very close friend since we were... read more

We're in touch almost everyday, but our conversations are getting more mundane. I think I should give this time to breathe, but it's really hard for me to not be apart of your life. I show too much interest and it sucks cause that's just the way I am 😪.

If I have to settle for a piece of you then I gotta say peace to you.

Why can't I find friends at school? I'm really cool with a few people and I thought we were cool enough to do things together. They never invite me places or tell me about things going on at school. I really want to get involved but most things are by word of mouth, so how can i know about things! and meet new people. I've even tried meeting people from my class. They are pretty nice but when the semester is over, those "friendships" end too

No one's gonna like me now.

If we agree to go out for food then u invite someone else I don't know very well without telling me then im going to be irritated.

The idea of being vulnerable with my closest friends disgusts me and I'm not sure what to do about it

"You haven't changed since high school" Actually f*** you, I'm entirely different than I was and I know that for a fact. I know myself better than I know anyone. You're the one treating me like we're still in high school. You're the one who has this caricature of me that you formed in high school and you're still projecting it onto me. You're the one whose mental image of me hasn't grown, because you barely ever f***ing talk to me about anything meaningful.