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Reposting this because it's still important:
How could I have loved him so unconditionally and he loved me conditionally? So one unhealthy... How could a connection so deep be ruined with all the toxic bulls*** that surrounded it? And he admitted to being in many short lived relationships 'cause he often self-sabotages. I wanna warn the next girl that she may face the same fate, but does she have to learn that the hard way to see my point? He needs to clean up his ... read more

I shouldn't feel hurt, but I am.
You weren't ever mine to begin with, just two people wanting to feel each other and not view each other.
I can only blame myself for letting you in again.
Yet, I told you how much it hurt and here we are.
Back on our bulls*** of not wanting to let go but it seems there is no hope for us at all.
I told you I liked you and it took you a week to reply, I mean I should be grateful I even got a response. But it hurt me more than anything.
I can't s... read more

My parents got divorced recently and it was alright until she came along. My father got a girlfriend right away and I actually did not mind. She was nice and treated my sisters and I fairly well. Unfortunately my father broke up with her and got a new girlfriend. She was really pretty and seemed nice on the outside, however looks are deceiving. She seemed to hate spending time with our father when my sisters and I were around. She would not contact him too much on a normal ba... read more

I am so done with everyone giving NOTHING TO ME but needing sh** from me when it is convenient. f*** YOU ALL. When you need me most I WILL BE SURE to f***ing DESERT YOU LIKE YOU DESERTED ME. #abandoned

  • This is the end.