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Tumblr: I want a book with no romance arc. Preferably with an a-sexual character!


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wow. writing a book is harder than I thought.


Dear Muttr Trolls,

Guess what... This is a rant site! *Crowd gasps* and I can rant about whatever's bothering me! IN MULTIPLE POSTS! Because here it is not my job to entertain you. :) I'm letting my aggression out in a semi-healthy way... Hey, at least it's not drinking. *Shrug*

So I strongly suggest you get a life. Maybe test out tumblr. That place has better content. OR if you're really committed to the whole troll scene Twitter. Twitter is a big troll sausage party.

Don... read more

K. New tumblr blog is up. And you should also suck my left nut.
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Suck my left nut. I'm not self published.

The Whining Writer

OH! Maybe I should write sh**y POTC fan fiction. It's fun because there's no pressure and no one actually expects quality...

Sometime... I want to try writing without an audience again. Like I did when I was a kid.

Every morning I wake up looking at my book I think "It wasn't a dream..."
I am so lucky and blessed... I worked so hard to get that, but still. I almost always have nightmares... It's such a blessing...
But now it's time to make a new one. That will be exciting.

I was seriously considering makin a tumblr blog just for my author rants instead of, you know, getting yelled at for ranting on a rant site... Buuuuut... Well, this is a rant site! Why should I spam up my happy place, tumblr!


Just so we're crystal clear,
Constructive criticism sounds like: "You have really great character development but your collection of short stories seem really disjointed from each other. You need to think of a way to blend or organize them so that they are more connected. The stories within themselves were entertaining, however! They just didn't relate to each other well."

Not: "You are a horrible person and I hate you."

One I relish, the other... Well, you already know. :)... read more

Last night half of you wanted to hate f*** me. And it was hilarious.


Heh. I broke flowersindecember.

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It's just kind of fun watching you all get pissed off. Let's be honest.


Heh. I broke muttr.

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Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because he was stapled to the punk rocker.


When someone who's country you can't find on a map reviews your book. ♥

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Me mum just realized that we only have 4 copies of my book on the shelf out of last shipment's 70. Total, that means there are over 200 copies of my book floating around out there. Not bad for a debut author!

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Don't follow your favorite author on twitter. They're just like me. :)

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No, really. You think you can do it better than I can go out and do it! I'm rooting for you 100%

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