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Authors: Are sensitivity readers worth it?

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Wanna draw me out of hiding with my vanity? Call me self published.

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How much trouble do you think I'd get in if I called around to book stores around the country and asked if they had a copy of my book... I'm sure if I ask them to get one someone will buy it eventually... It'd boost my sales like I need. They'd make money by having product.

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I get really excited when I hop on Abe books and a copy or two of my book has wound up across the Atlantic! Think Germany and Britain. My babies have gone places I have yet to go! After the nightmares and straight up weird dreams "Author" is a good job to wake up to.

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Why do people call fantasy so far fetched? It's really just talking your problems down to size!
Prince battles a dragon to save the beautiful princess?
Man battle his addiction to save his relationship with a beautiful woman.
You see what I mean?


Someone asked me if my author name was my real name. Yes. Yes it is. Google it because I know you're trying to troll. But still, I'm flattered they think that my name is pretty enough to be fake. :) Because honestly, I would have chosen something like Desiree Winters, or Elizabeth Jane Rowl, or Loala Blanchard. SOMETHING COOL!


Dear random muttr commenter,

You were right. You were so right. Twitter is for libtards. I can't f***ing take it anymore. I hate the term libtard but you're right. They truly are. They have no opinions of their own and will fight with you when you ask them why they think that way. I have a massive headache from using twitter. f*** this sh**. I'm the trollingest troll that has ever trolled and I have reached my troll limit. Twitter is a cesspool of human stupidity summed up t... read more

Bleh! A million-dollar-an-hour type-a editor gave me a sample of what she'd like to do to my work... It's like, she took my redneck character, gave him a thesaurus, and made the both of us lose our voices! Good books are readable ones! Decidedly not the ones where the authors enjoy showing off their intelligence.

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Aside from the blatant racism she seems nice. :)


Twitter makes me dead inside! Everyone is so f***ing hostile! I got the biggest troll war! The troll war to end all troll wars! And because the numb skull original tweeter person blocks everyone that disagrees with her, right on the spot, I look like a super villain! OH MY FREAKING GAWD! Everyone is so angry! And I get it. We all got problems. But really?! Really? Can't say anything positive ever? And I'm extremely politically involved. Just not on my author twitter... But th... read more

Finally figured out I need to hire an editor.


One of my major pet peeves is when authors post the full wrap of their book. Like why? Why would you do that! NO! Post your cover or your back cover not you're freakin' full wrap!


Sometimes I don't want to write about white christian women.
Sometimes I don't want to write about being christian.
Sometimes I don't want to write about an MC that is a woman! (The dreams of being a boy get weird though!)
What's with this "write what you know" bulls***? And how is handing my story about a white christian woman to another white christian woman going to help anyone feel differently about the world?

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Am I allowed to write about LGBT+ characters if I'm not LGBT+?

#Author #DiversityInBooks

Am I allowed to write characters with melanin if I have none?

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This seems like a novel idea to some but anything you put out their is public domain now. Every work of art, every tweet, every post, every status. EVERYTHING. Anyone can put anything you put out there, out there someplace else. Muttr even has share buttons. You want this sh** on facebook and twitter? Careful children!

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Trying to meet someone new. This is hard because I know what I'm looking for but I don't know how to present myself without giving away too much. :/ Like, I don't want to tell guys I am a full time author. Because sometimes when people figure out you're an author it's like "all hail the creatrix! Let us kowtow before her in all her wisdom and creative might!" and if I were looking for someone to kiss my feet I'd get a dog. They lick toes. (BLEH!)

Also, guys are intimidated b... read more

UGH! As an artist I am grateful my work is out there. And I'm grateful it's easily accessed! I don't want my books to be $1mil locked behind a glass case!
But as a business woman I'm so disappointed... Someone dumped a bunch of used-like new books into the market and now I'm not getting any royalties. Lord knows if my publisher is! And keeping them happy is Pret-tY important. Maybe that's why they're taking forever to answer. I'm sh** but I'm also ruthless and they're kind of... read more

I had my name in lights once. Today... I feel like a nothing. Chrome's doing something funny so I can't even submit new work to publishers. UGH.

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Why must so many presses charge a reading fee?

Oh wait, they're trying to keep the lights on just like me. *Sigh*

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