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Okay, this is an angry feminist talking. What I said earlier about a woman being less likely to get sadistic pleasure from torturing a nation... Women and men are wildly different. That's just the way it is. Different doesn't mean the two sexes aren't equal. They just work in two different ways! Which, ensures the survival of the human race.
Hey, do what makes you happy in this life! Be whatever gender you want! But generally speaking, men and women are different.

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Someone told me I was sexist for making my villain a man. Well, if you don't like it go write your own novel! I wrote the one I needed at fourteen and handed it to the world at twenty!

#Author #ILoveMyJob #PrincessesandKings

Save our libraries! Don't disarm American minds!

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I think I've been telling myself the same story since I was fourteen... A young princess fights a big scary man to save her country. And every time I get involved in politics I feel like I'm living the novel I wrote when I was fourteen...


Troll always uses a mobile profile to pick on me... Every time someone posts from a mobile and they're having a rough time I just kind of assume it's Troll. Then I say "Aah, this is why you try to hurt me." I'm praying for you...

#Author #Troll

I COULD resent the author that took my book's birthday and bumped me down a month... OR... I could be grateful because a month after my book came out my Peaches were born. It makes everyone's birthday's easier to remember.

#Peaches #Author

I wonder if my book will get popular if I bash it on social media... You know, under a different name.


I can say this because I feel like it's a safe place... Today I dropped a bunch of liquid eyeliner in my eyeball on accident and then it came out my nose?! HELP! How did this happen?! I didn't know those two things were connected. At least I'm cute...

#Ow #AtLeastImCute #Makeup #Author #Warpaint #Thiswasmyfirsttime #TheDesiredAreasGotMadeUp

I keep the covers of my favorite books saved to my laptop so I can make a book recommendation at the drop of a hat.

#Author #TheseAreAllALittleIndie #IAmTheFandom

Someone buy me a drink. I just hit send.


That awkward moment when you're stalking your publisher as thoroughly as a jealous wife and your book pops up. "Well fancy meeting you here, gorgeous!" "*Gasp!* They do care!"

#Author #AnxiousSubmission

Hey troll,

You're right. I should spend more time writing and less time on here. You may've given me the courage to hit "Send" on the query sitting in my draft box. Thanks.


I'm a Narcissistic c***who spams the site with bulls*** nobody cares about because I don't know how to keep a journal


Troll: You're the worst #Author I've ever heard of.
Me: But you have heard of me. ;)

#HeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereTroll #TrollyTrolly! #CalledMeAColomist #ThinksHisMentorIsAsCoolAsMine

Look, I only #author my stuff so I can find it again. Some of ya'll have better advice than my cat. Sometimes not! Either way all's he says is "Brown".

Dear Muttr Community,

Thank you for not attacking me because I'm openly Christian and asking for prayers.

Most of all, thank you for the prayers! ♥ Even the ones that aren't to the God of David...Or whatever that guy's name is.

#Love #author #Thankyou #Prayers

My mentor is cooler than your mentor.


When your left eye tries to float away while you are trying to have a conversation with your crush. Thanks fever dreams! :D

#Literallyjusthappened #Iknowitsnotreal #IWasActuallyTextinghimthough #Author #DontworryMyGlassescaughtmyeye #Bedtime

I think I have nightmares nightly because fear is your body's favorite wake-up mechanism. So the nightmares usually happen just before I wake up...
Some of them are hilarious. "Better wake up before your ex boyfriend gives you a hug! Ooga-booga booga!"
"No! I'll never let him touch me again! Not even for a hug!"
*Wakes up*
"Damn... That was terrifying."

#Author #Nightmares #Funny

Think I have a troll who likes to comment rude things on my #Author posts. Show yourself, troll! Come out with your username! :)