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I feel like I've reached my limit with Boyfriend's attitude. One second he is sweet and then we fight and he wants to break up. Or he walks out to cool down. Hes constantly bitching about how he is selfish and no one respects him.. Hes insecure. I relly can't help him and he is bringing my mood down. When Im down, he tells me that life is meaningless and horrid and that is the way it is going to be. Im just so sick of it all. Ive been crying so much lately and crying on the p... read more

So here goes. If the backlash is bad I’ll delete my account and start all over with a different account…
Last night I dropped my wig. And it gave me an idea. The mermaids in the fantasy world I write about have a lot more melanin in their skin than I do… In other words they’re black. I’m white. And they all have really colorful hair because I think it’s beautiful. Really colorful hair like the green wig I dropped…
So, I had an idea come to me. The Queen of the c... read more

Will I get in trouble if I write about a black heroine? Amy Tan said I could!!!

#Author #TheOppisiteOfFate #Pg308

Dear Publisher,

I'm holding off advertising myself to other publishers too much because I'm waiting on you. Check your damn email!

#Author #SubmissionBlues

Dear Future Husband,

Same goes for you. :P Ain't flaunting it but if I did it's because you're not here. Sucks to suck


My publisher on facebook: Look! Other Author who works with us is working on something new!!!

Me internally: I'VE BEEN TELLING YOU I'VE BEEN WORKING ON SOMETHING NEW!!! I sent you queries! Plural!!! Check your damn email!

#Author #SubmissionBlues #Jealous

All of VC Andrew's novels have the same basic plot.


I said it.

#Author #reader

Okay, if you're going to b**** about how there isn't enough ethnic diversity in fantasy write your own damn book! GOSH! I'm sure you own a pen. If it's that important to you you'll make it happen. :)


One day, I will accidentally die playing with candles and start a house fire.

#Author #FIRE

Would you buy my book if I told you who I was? Haha! I'm poor! :D


I'm waiting for good news in my Yahoo! that makes me go YAHOO!!!

#Author #SubmissionBlues #NeedAJob

If I told you who I was would you buy my book? LOL! Kind of short on funds. :P


So. My day of authoring. Or whatever.
I got accepted by a publisher within 30 minutes of submitting. Something about this place feels WAY friggin' off. Like it's run out of a meth lab or something. Trying to figure out how to politely decline.
Also, looking for something bigger than my last publisher. This one isn't as great and I'll have to pay more money for copies of my work... I mean, my pet publisher hasn't gotten back to me. So I'm shopping around because this is the bu... read more

Submitting new sh** is just depressing. I've been at it for three hours and I only made one submission. Not even the thing I have my heart set on publishing.

#Author #SubmissionBlues

I actually cut bangs into my hair so I could stare at strangers in cafes without their knowledge and steal their souls.

#Author #JustAuthorThings #ThatEscalatedQuickly

Waiting for the publisher to answer your query is worse than waiting for your crush to text you back.

Btw, it's his birthday.

#Author #Hotlibrarian

That "She's someone's daughter" bulls*** is starting to grate on me. She's also a human being! Worthy of being treated like a human being because she is A HUMAN BEING!!!

#AngryFeminist #RiseOfTheAngryFeminist #Author #JustForYou

PLOT: So, some witch lays a curse on a guy's daughters because their father tries to cheat on their mother with the witch.
The witch learns she put a curse on her friend's little sisters. She didn't know because she'd never met her friend's family. Step father and half sisters included. Whoops.
Whatcha think?


I wish there was like, an editor glory hole on the internet. Kind of want someone to read my book, tell me it's sh**, then tell me how to fix it.


Jk, I know of like 50 but I haven't gotten a copyright yet.

You know, I'd probably stop having the sh**s if I stopped eating cookie dough.


I really hate when people are all like "So I have this idea for a novel..." *Spends half an hour explaining a half-way decent plot* "Will you write it for me?"
No. Because only you can write YOUR book.
I usually answer "You know, you can hire ghost writers for that."

#Author #NottaGhostWriter