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We should really strive to treat each other better.

We come on here because we're all a little broken and no one will listen to us... But then we're f***ing dick bags to each other? Really?! "#InLoveWithAFurry is the new #author", being a dick to someone who confessed they had cheated? REALLY?! And don't get me started on the racism thing! You're going to be a dick because someone is weird in a different way than you? You're a f***ing mess too! Your cruelty shows who you tru... read more

#InLoveWithAFurry is the new #Author

The hardest part of being an indie author is taking really rude criticisms. It's one of the five people that have read your book. One of the five people don't like it.
One of the 100 people have heard the plot and think you did something offensive. You villianized a white male! HOW DARE YOU! ARrrrr. And then you think you're the worst because you've got such a small range of feedback...

#Author #Criticism #StillAppriciated

I need prayers that I can get the thing done please!


Read the worst self published book today... It made me feel so much better about myself... :)

#Author #MineHasType-os #ThatOneMadeNoSense

I feel so guilty looking at used books now because authors don't get the royalties... We need those to LIVE!!! But I promise, dear authors, that if I buy your books used I will leave a review!

#author #PleaseComeQuellMyGuiltyConsence

Strangest thing... I just went to submit to a press and my guts screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and seized up so bad I listened... But still. All's I have to do is hit send. That's it. That's all.

#Author #WhyThough?

Dear Muttr Trolls,

Guess what... This is a rant site! *Crowd gasps* and I can rant about whatever's bothering me! IN MULTIPLE POSTS! Because here it is not my job to entertain you. :) I'm letting my aggression out in a semi-healthy way... Hey, at least it's not drinking. *Shrug*

So I strongly suggest you get a life. Maybe test out tumblr. That place has better content. OR if you're really committed to the whole troll scene Twitter. Twitter is a big troll sausage party.

Don... read more

TFW you're so desperate for someone to love your book you kind of want to leave it on a park bench and see what happens next.
#author #PleaseLoveMyBaby

I bet the author complaining about being kicked out of their facebook group wrote War and Chess. LMAO

#warandchess #author #Pathetic

Oye, if you're going to join an author group try Author's Voice. A group of us met on Where Authors Begin and broke off into our own group. We also need more members.

#Author #Unite!

Apparently I had been warned back in March to stop promoting... Yeah... Nah. Don't remember. Doesn't mean it didn't happen. Although I'm lettin' it out on muttr, your author's group is just a sliver of the pie that is my career. It's not even it's own sliver! ...It was just my favorite molecule of that sliver...

#Author #ActingLikeAShittyHumanRN

Uh, yeah, how can I not tell you about my book? It's like, 80% of my life.


How am I going to be an author and not promote myself? Uh, you do understand this is the entertainment industry, right? If it's working for me it might work for you too. You're welcome.


To all the facebook author groups out there:

Do you not realize promotion and reading are two parts of being an author? If you can't sell you're book you're not going to be a successful author. If you can't read a book you're not going to be a good writer.

#KickedOut #Author #disgruntled

That sucks a**... I was kicked out of one of my favorite author groups on Facebook...

Dear publishing houses,

Whatever your reading fee is I can't afford it.


I just figured out you can look up library books from the internet in your home... For liberal ego stroking as needed. B-/ Wanna read my book? Yeah. You're going to have to wait until that one guy finishes it. B-/ B-/ B-/


Since I'm feeling down I started re-reading my book. AGAIN. For the millionth time... And oh my goodness. I guess I forgot how much hard work I spent in those five years. Come what may, I'm proud of what I made. It was the best I could do.
If you don't like it go build your own fantasy novel! I dare you! :)

#author #ImGoingToMakeANewOneSoon

Someone complimented my cover art today. Let's focus on that.