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Tell me what you think of this plot.

Settlers come and slowly inslave the native peoples making their nomadic tribes grow crops and work as serfs. One day an entire tribe gets fed up and begins the uprising. The elders are the leaders of the tribe but just before they are slaughtered they appoint the tribe's orphan daughter as chief because she's got the gumption and bravery to get stuff done. Her husband died in the first battle and she's pregnant. So this lonely pregnant l... read more

I need to write...

There's a whole business aspect to being an author. That's what I focus most on these days. I need to do the most important part of my job and write. My publisher should be doing what I'm doing...


I have a terrible confession... I'm so sorry to whoever I sold my beat up display copy to. Really, really, sorry. That thing was born sad.

#Author #AuthorConfessions

I usually make queries in the middle of the night when I can't sleep like this... Because after midnight it feels like a time out of time. It's a lot less tedious! But I just feel like there's something I'm supposed to learn tonight.


I love the #ReadAloudChallenge My crush totally tagged me in his video! ♥ I get to see his pretty face later and then hear his voice♥ Uuuuuuugh!

#HotLibrarian #Author

I just joined twitter. Author reasons. HOLY f***ING sh**. I can't believe some of the things my friend's put on their twitters!!! (Or whatever you call them. I never wanted to join. I just want fame and fortune.) But like, seriously, isn't twitter more public than facebook?

#Author #Twitter #Whut?

I hate when you get burnt out on a project but then you start telling someone the basic plot and get really excited! I wish I were this excited writing the bloody thing... Can't tell if I'm lazy, tired, an awful writer, or what... I can't wait to read this book once it's done though.

#Author #Stuck

I was told by a fortune teller that I'd meet the one at 20 and marry him by 23.
I met #HotLibrarian two months before I turned 21... And I like that timeline. Three years.
I'm crazy and it's just all a bunch of hocus pocus and gobblidy gook but it's nice to have something to hope for again... To fall in love again. To walk on air again... Aye.

#HotLibrarian #Tristful #HesSoCute #I'llprobablyneverseehimagain #author

muttr is so much better than whisper...


Okay, this is an angry feminist talking. What I said earlier about a woman being less likely to get sadistic pleasure from torturing a nation... Women and men are wildly different. That's just the way it is. Different doesn't mean the two sexes aren't equal. They just work in two different ways! Which, ensures the survival of the human race.
Hey, do what makes you happy in this life! Be whatever gender you want! But generally speaking, men and women are different.

#Feminist ... read more

Someone told me I was sexist for making my villain a man. Well, if you don't like it go write your own novel! I wrote the one I needed at fourteen and handed it to the world at twenty!

#Author #ILoveMyJob #PrincessesandKings

Save our libraries! Don't disarm American minds!

#SaveIMLS #Author #GetItTrendingEverywhere

I think I've been telling myself the same story since I was fourteen... A young princess fights a big scary man to save her country. And every time I get involved in politics I feel like I'm living the novel I wrote when I was fourteen...


Troll always uses a mobile profile to pick on me... Every time someone posts from a mobile and they're having a rough time I just kind of assume it's Troll. Then I say "Aah, this is why you try to hurt me." I'm praying for you...

#Author #Troll

I COULD resent the author that took my book's birthday and bumped me down a month... OR... I could be grateful because a month after my book came out my Peaches were born. It makes everyone's birthday's easier to remember.

#Peaches #Author

I wonder if my book will get popular if I bash it on social media... You know, under a different name.


I can say this because I feel like it's a safe place... Today I dropped a bunch of liquid eyeliner in my eyeball on accident and then it came out my nose?! HELP! How did this happen?! I didn't know those two things were connected. At least I'm cute...

#Ow #AtLeastImCute #Makeup #Author #Warpaint #Thiswasmyfirsttime #TheDesiredAreasGotMadeUp

I keep the covers of my favorite books saved to my laptop so I can make a book recommendation at the drop of a hat.

#Author #TheseAreAllALittleIndie #IAmTheFandom

Someone buy me a drink. I just hit send.


That awkward moment when you're stalking your publisher as thoroughly as a jealous wife and your book pops up. "Well fancy meeting you here, gorgeous!" "*Gasp!* They do care!"

#Author #AnxiousSubmission