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It sucks. I want to talk to #HotLibrarian but I'm a pissed off individual who ain't changin' for no one no how and I know I won't be a ray of sunshine in his life... This #author now comes complete with a toothache. *Sigh*

Plus, if I talk to him he might be different from my dreams of him! I'm in love with an idea! Happily!

#Author #Hotlibrarian #Toothache #Crush

Me: I'm gunna give up sex for lent! :D
10 minutes later.
Me: Oh wait...

#Virgin #Aintgettingnone #Ihatethisholiday #Author #Jesus

I turned the falling out I had with an old lady in my church into a story. I just couldn't sleep otherwise. It feels good to get that all off of my chest. However, the venom she spat back at me... Rather than being JUST an age thing I also turned it into a race thing.

Rich old white lady comes to church with colds all the time and Angela's abuela suffers for it. Rich, old, white lady winds up spitting the same ageist thing my weeatch said to me, AND a racial slur. However, s... read more

Let's compare how pathetic and petty we are! What's your muttr rep? Mines up around 475-ish. Which is hilarious.

#Muttr #Author #Ihavetopoop

The suckish thing about writing fantasy is that EVERYONE somehow knows the rules of your world...

I put down one book just because in a medieval setting they had plumbing.

Some troll put me down because he didn't like my steampunk island.

#Author #Fantasy #EverythingIsImaginary #WhyAREThereRules?

So this sucks sh** through a straw. Someone dumped 24 used copies of my novel that has been out for six months into the market. ON AMAZON! Meaning, I don't get royalties.

Extra suck points because at one point I got an incomplete shipment 21/50 books, forgot I got reimbursed, months ago, so I emailed my publisher asking if the press had "withheld" the remaining books. (Diplomatic word ;) Go me.) My publisher said "here's 29 copies!" I'm like "Uuuuuh... I don't feel right acc... read more

Honestly, I'm having a good time making dink and working like a bastard for myself. I can't imagine WHY I'd like to make dink and work like a mule for someone else!


My friend lost her baby and I can't stop crying. She wasn't my baby to lose! Why am I like this?!

#Baby #Author #TwinlessTwin

I actually went to sleep last night without sleeping pills. It was crazy. I started nodding off while writing and said "Wait, nodding off?" And then I WENT TO SLEEP! It never happens. I'm so happy!

#Sleep #Author #Writing #NoPills

I spend so much time making sure random strangers on Whisper know they're loved. But so little making sure my friends are okay...
#Notmydog #Takecareoftheworld #Andnotmyown #Author

I feel so bad. This is like, the second or third time I've sent my artist person back to the "drawing board" about this map I need for the next book... But I NEED it to be right! Or else we both look like fools... No one wants that! Let's try it again, your work is amazing [artist person]!

The reason I'm like this can be explained IN SONG!

I've taken my bows
And my curtain calls.
You brought me fame and fortune, and everything that goes with it.
I thank you all.
But it's be... read more

I'm fine. But I'm writing about a lonely pregnant woman. Newly widowed. That's a dark place to go at 1am. It makes me not fine.

#Author #Pregnant #babies

Ugh. He's just so handsome. It's so weird. I love the way the light catches on his big round glasses. I finally figured it out. He only has time to talk on the weekends.

#HotLibrarian #CasuallyEatsHeartOut #Author #Damn #PlaguedByEmotion

f***. I f***ing hate my accent. Just got the worst review ever! He said (politely, as one possibly can) that I sound like a teenager! (Which, I'm on an anonymous site ranting sooo... Hmm. Lil' old to be this young...) The guy said, being so young I lack the "sophistication" that comes with age. No. I'm a f***ing hick. This is how I talk. I'm white trash! I'm lucky to have more than two brain cells and all my teeth! ("All *of my teeth" my teeth is the proper phrasing.) But I w... read more

Since there's going to be another women's march type thing--Once I figure out what the Hell I'm supposed to do--Think I'm going to get involved.

#WomensMarch #GettingExcited #Author #ForMyGirls

I am so sick of white boys telling me the wage gap doesn't exist! I'm a white woman and I really do think my ethnic sisters make even less than I do! Dumb a** white boys come at you with their right wing news articles, I come back at them with personal experience! But PLEASE! By all means! Tell me how easy it is to have a vagina!

#Idiots #Feminism #Author #f*** #Pissed

People who know I have traveled around the world, published a book, worked every job I wanted to and some I didn't, by 21 often ask "When are you going to write your auto-biography?" Um. When I'm 80?


Two old men in the post office this morning: Yep. Having your own PO box is a sure sign of adulthood.
Me: Yeah, this is my second since I have a business box elsewhere.

-I once had my own apartment.
-I own my own car!
-I run not one but two small businesses!

Just because we're neighbors doesn't mean you know everything about me! Just because I'm living with my parents doesn't mean I'm a child! I'm doing it because I'm trying to be financially sound!

#judgementaljerks #auth... read more

I literally wrote a battle hymn today. All because I promised my child self that if I ever wrote a book with music in it there would be actual music.

#Music #Author #CommentsdisabledbecauseI'mSickofyourbullshit

Sucks. Working on writing a story where the angry natives chase off their intruders but working on anything that has to do with war right now...Sucks. Sick of watching humanity hurt.

#Author #Stuck