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I am the link that connects my cousins and friends in my inner circle. My cousin has developed a bromance with my best friend that makes me uncomfortable. I find that I cannot even be in the same room with the two of them so I have avoided those scenarios. Lately when I am with one or the other though they snapchat each other videos and I just can't do this anymore. I feel helpless and lonely.


there is this waiter who keeps staring at me. If I ignore him long enough he comes up to talk. Today he just straight up walked to my table in the cafe he works and sat next to me although
1)it was his shift
2)i was with a girl friend of mine
3)he wasn't our waiter
He invaded my personal space and started chatting with me although his boss was calling him. WHAT THE HELL?
He keeps staring when i'm talking to guy friends and was pissed off when another waiter(a friend of mine) ... read more

I've had a pretty sh**y summer. I feel so depressed and on the inside. I don't show it in my everyday life because I'm used to playing okay. I don't feel that important to my friends I had since I was like in middle school and high school. It's like we drifted inevitably. They went off to visit another friend this summer, but no one came down here to see me. I guess I can't expect them to do everything...but it would've been super freaking nice if they did. While they're up ... read more

So my boyfriend and I of 4 years broke up and were separated for a few months and finally are back together.. however he doesn't want to make it public or as he would say "at least not yet" it's been exactly a month since I asked him out and still he hasn't told anyone except for his apartment roommate. Is it me or does he just not want to put me on social media again because he likes his "single" status cause he still wants attention from other girls . Or do you really think... read more

So my mom told me that her friend's son wants to be friends with me so I messaged this guy and we've known each other for almost a year now. My family likes him a whole lot and they kept pushing me to date this guy but honestly since my breakup 2 years ago, I'm not really sure how to date anymore. I don't hate him but I don't particularly like him either. I'm still sorting it out. He's way out of my league but I appreciate the little things he does or says. He encourages me t... read more

My boyfriend has the weirdest taste in lingerie. I buy super cute lace bralettes with matching panties and a bunch of other cute sets yet he tells me today that he wants me to wear the underwear that has one string around the hips and one string front to back. Like huh ? Why am I buying expensive stuff when he's way too easy to impress.


So I just drove 1hr 40mins last night to hookup with a guy I met off tinder like a year ago and had to get a hotel room and condoms. Mind you he said he was going to give me some money and yet he never did. Of course. The thing is like I really shouldn't have gone to him cause he has a girlfriend now but I really like(d) him so I feel like I just really wanted to take that opportunity to finally be with him even if it wasn't in the best circumstances? Idk. Throughout the time... read more

I'm lost. I have an ex boyfriend who chanced my life...for the worst. He was amazing and everything a girl could ask for. Then we started bickering back and fourth a lot. Then it turned into an everyday thing to argue. One day i was supposed to go over to his house, so we could talk everything out, because after all we were in love and we wanted things to go back to happily ever after. But the night I was supposed to head over, I got all ready, grabbed my carefully constructe... read more

So I've struggled with this one special person on and off for years, right? There are circumstances that stop me from dating them. When we both had a mutual attraction, I said over and over exactly why it would never work, because our core beliefs were in direct conflict. But we kept on being friends. They were my best friend, and I talked to them on skype every night, ignoring my school work and early mornings to just get those hours in to keep them company while they worked... read more

Sometimes I know I need to leave him, but I think about all the other things and I can't. I'm so stressed out from taking care of our medically fragile 15 month old twins by myself. He chooses to not understand things from my point of view and when I voice my dissatisfaction he gets butt hurt and becomes an a**h*** . When he becomes an a**h*** he says things that aren't necessary and ALWAYS crosses the line. His family sees how he he's not doing his part as a father and helpin... read more

My boyfriend a few months before we started dating had sex with one of his female friends. To me sex means a lot more so it makes me uncomfortable he would do it just to see what it feels like. I've never been fully happy with my appearance and find myself comparing my looks to other girls. The girl he had sex with, I at least think, is a lot prettier than me and it doesn't help with how insecure I am. People tell me I'm attractive but I can't help but think if only makeup lo... read more

So my wife cheated on me with her brother...should i cheat on her with her sister who's been crushing on me for the past year? Or should I just forgive her? Because I know love is unconditional...but apart of me really wants to get back at her. But I know if I do that, it will just ruin our marriage...but a part of me feels like the marriage is already ruined. #Confused

I'm homesick for arms that wanted to hold me. But, we both knew better. I want him so bad but I can't. Because being "just friends" has a higher survival rate and I don't know what I would do without him. So that was me showing my love. Now I'm torn between him and another and I hate myself. Always putting myself in situations that only end up hurting everyone. But is it even love? I really don't think either of us really know what love is. Maybe that's why we're drawn to eac... read more

I am very frustrated and disappointed with my generation. I go to college, so immature students should be obvious, but I never expected them to be more immature than HS students. I never expected anyone to be an incredible bully to both the faculty and the students. I never expected anyone to follow so blindly, and to so angrily shirk responsibilities and consequences.
I spoke with a girl who refused to acknowledge a peer as a bully because, "she's [her] friend". So regardles... read more

Okay so me and my ex were together 4 years. Pretty good right? But we broke up cause he moved and had a drunken kiss with a girl so he broke up telling me that he doesn't wanna hurt me by doing something stupid like that again. I was heartbroken by losing him but after a month I asked him how did it happen and he told me a day after that he had sex with her meaning losing his virginity. I was distraught. Here's the sad part we are not dating or together but we both know we ne... read more

For starters, I am 18 going on 19 in March, and I bit more mature for my age. My recently ex boyfriend (Tyler) of a little over a year is also the same age, just turning 19 a couple weeks ago. We were very, very happy, but we argued a lot over the simplest things; food, actors, him choosing to see friends and vise versa. I wasn't trying to control him or keep him away from friends, I just wanted to be involved and actually get to know them. In December of 2016, he left me. He... read more

I was seeing a guy who was studying abroad. & knew he was leaving so I pushed him away. I know that he wanted long distance girlfriend type things and I didn't think I'd be able to do that.

I miss him and can't seem to get him out of my head... but I know it's wrong for me to talk to him because it's harder for him to move on.

It's breaking my heart that I may never see him again... but I don't want to stir up feelings and not be able to give what he wants.


#love #l... read more

I apologize ahead of time since I am not usually the type of person to air dirty laundry - about myself or my persona life, at least. But this has been something that has plagued me for a few years now, and honestly, I have no idea who to turn to for this because I feel like talking privately to people about it has done nothing but harm me and give me even more self-doubt. So.

I have no - zero - none - idea what I want in life. I don't know what I want to do career-wise, I d... read more

I am a 21 year old girl who's been in love with a girl for 8 years now. I've never told this story, but I can't keep it in anymore.
I went to a all girls' high school, and in my second year I met someone who changed my life forever. There's no other way to put it other than she was my first love. A year later, she started dating a guy - which completely broke me. It was so sudden and so unexpected, it was the worst pain I've ever felt. We stopped speaking after that, and she ... read more

I feel I will go no where in life. Just getting a simple first job is hard for me. I have social anxiety. I have a learning disability that makes me not want to enroll for college. To add to that it effects me not to have a drivers license . I do have a permit ... ! I just have a lot of doubt in myself I guess. I'm stuck I need something to help me out. #lost#confused#depressed#worthless