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I'm not scared of death, I just don't seek it, honestly. I'm not suicidal, tho sometimes i feel like killing myself just because i can. I used to be suicidal and that sucked because i felt obligated to kill myself, now i'm just chill with it. I support suicide. I cut, but just because i like to. I'm not even that depressed anymore, i'm more of a masochist.

#cutting #masochist #suicide

I've just cut myself again because of watching "13 reasons why"'s suicide scene. Well, not exactly, but it was part of the reason. Yay.

#cutting #depression

My mom saw my sister's cuts on her arms. She's going to be sent back to that mental hospital. I missed her so much, and I was so happy.

I can't help but blame myself for not telling her earlier. But it isn't really my fault. (As I've been told.)

#sister #help #cutting

i started cutting on saturday... it was light and i just wanted to see what it was like..
im addicted, i cant stop, i dont know what to do.

#help #whydididothis #icantstop #vent #depression #cutting

I have never had a girl flirt with me I don't now what its like to even be loved by a girl or anything what does it feel like does it feel great...does it feel better then sitting in youre room at night bawling ure eyes out because you have nightmares and cant sleep and go to school and get bullyed and have no one to vent or say im glad I have you by my side babe...honestly whats it like my life is one to tell im glad ure by my side even thought im being bullyed and... read more

i cant take all this bullying at school with the bullying and hatred and me getting threatend and eveerything and told to commit suicide and every guy and girl hateing me and everythingand guys hateing me and and my depression when i try to stand up for my self i get terrifyed and scared and depressed and i think that they bully me because im autistic and have adhd and bipolar and depression and axiety and more gosh i cnat take this its just to hard even at home its drama and... read more

Okay so i reallyu need help with this
me and my gf both have severe depression and anxiety
we both cut
we're both suicidal at times and we cant f***ing help each other
I really need someone totell me what to do that isnt just going to say
"omg yall need to be institutionalized" or "omg ur crazy get help and leave her"
i need actual advice

Why can't I just give up already? ._.
Cutting isn't a sin, it's a way to feel pain physically not emotionally anymore.
It's so I don't have to focus on anything else.
It's a way to block out everything I'm feeling and focus on that instead.
A way of anchoring myself.
To remind myself I'm still alive.
To remind myself I'm human.
To remind myself of everything I've been through.
Because I know I'm not indestructible.
to make me feel stronger.
To know that I have the power, with... read more

When I was younger, I used to get angry and punch the walls till my hands got so red I'd have to stop. I was always so careful I didn't hurt them too much for anyone to notice. I remember the first memory I have at the youngest age. I was 3, because my great grandfather had just passed away and my mother and father were still together. They were arguing about drugs or something, since he was an addict, well that and he was cheating. It wasn't too long after a few years of cou... read more

I started cutting again. I think about suicide daily if not hourly but have no real motivation to try it. I'm sitting in my sadness again and am stumbling through my day-to-day routine without really thinking about things. I thought I took care of this. I thought I fixed the problem. What happened?

#depression #cutting #life #tired

I've been clean for 5 months now. I want to cut. The urge is eating me alive. #cutting

I lost my brother and a very close friend a few months ago. I started dating someone, with whom it seemed to go very well, then they turned out to be "busy". I seeked help in online communities and I've just been rejected with rude jokes from people who clearly go there to have fun rater than help.
I thought about killing myself, but I don't want my cat to starve.
I found out self-mutilation gets my mind off emotions. You should try it. Sharpened bobby pins edges on the top a... read more

I've tried #therapy, #counseling, etc. to get my mind off of #death and bad things and to stop #cutting (clean 4 days) but nothing is working. It really plagues me and is preventing me from socializing and talking to people. I've lost over 20 pounds. Also, my taste in music, humor, clothes, books, writing, doodling, etc. has gotten #dark and sometimes it scares even me. I'll catch myself laughing hysterically at nothing or staring into space or not eating for days without not... read more

My dad freaked out when he saw my self-harmed arms and wrists. When he exactly saw my injured arms and wrists, he immediately got a meat cleaver and tried to kill me or some sort of that. Of course, I ran away but he went to my room and destroyed all my stuffs and my guitar. He threw things, cursed like a sailor, and screamed like a devil. He almost tried to hit me and killed me. He yelled at me like he was going to jail if the police saw my wrists. He first thought of going ... read more

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