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#family problems #anxiety
so I've been feeling terribly stressed as of late. Money is tight, I hate my condescending boss and I feel lost and stuck. My oldest brother and I are providing for a family of 5 on a damn minimum wage jobs. Him at a flea market and me at a kiosk. I'm feeling so hopeless and frustrated. I wanted to go to university and continue my studies but that's not possibility right now. I'm angry at the choices my father made, it's because of his stupidity that... read more

I hate my sister in law. She is mentally ill and refuses to get help. She treats me terribly, manipulates and lies to me, shows up at my home randomly with no warning expecting me to make her food and listen to her lies. She threatens suicide constantly but I am beginning to believe this is manipulation too. She's only 20 and has nearly no education so I feel like I can't just leave her even though she has full benefits and her own flat. I am slowly going crazy from the lack ... read more

I’m honestly really upset and I have no words to use to really express how upset about it, but I’m going to try my best. I need to write this down because I have no idea what else to do and really need a shoulder and a ear from anyone going through the same thing.

I am a bisexual female, I turned 18 in February and I’ve just recently got a girlfriend who I adore more than anything in the world. We had been interested in one another for a long while and had met in schoo... read more

I am fustrated with my family. I have terrible memory and also hearing problems. After my 3 yr old sister was citing the American Pledge of Allegiance, I was forced to admit that I could not remember the Pledge.They were disappointed in me, again. One detail and I'm back to being a failure, despite that I took the ACT when I was a 12 yr old and almost passed all the benchmarks. They don't acknowledge my acheivments nor do they seem to accept my faults.
#venting #family #pledg... read more

I am fustrated with my family. I have terrible memory and also hearing problems. After my 3 yr old sister was citing the American Pledge of Allegiance, I was forced to admit that I could not remember the Pledge.They were disappointed in me, again. One detail and I'm back to being a failure, despite that I took the ACT when I was a 12 yr old and almost passed all the benchmarks. They don't acknowledge my acheivments nor do they seem to accept my faults.
#venting #family #pledg... read more

My granma and my aunt live in the same house since my aunt has MS(as well as a hearing problem) and can't do a lot of things on her own so my grandma, who has physical problems of her own, takes care of my aunt. I try to help around the house as much as i can but that sh** is taking a toll on me. My aunt is always calling on my 2 sisters and i to do things for her. and i mean always I mean like.... Ok so you know how some people set alarms like 6:30 6:31 6:32 6:33... Yea that... read more

My brother 5 years ago was dating this girl, and got her pregnant. He then moved her in to my mothers home (where he lives) and she has been here ever since. My brother has nothing to do with his child, and his mother, which she relies on my mother to take care of her and her child. My mother pays all the bills and takes care of all the food cost. My brother and her do not contribute anything to help out. Well my bother last night decided that he is going to be with a girl th... read more

My house burnt down in February. I was home alone... i found the fire and had to watch the only home I've ever known for all my 21 years burn. Along with both my jobs (i was a makeup artist and a seamstress) Soon after i was diagnosed with depression and mild ptsd. Made worse by a pre-existing anxiety disorder...
Its been a few months now and im in therapy and while i know I've made huge steps in recoving my mental health. My mother is always making it out like im not trying ... read more

I'm 25 and my older cousin who is 28 fell out. She kept squeezing me face hard when she came to my house and I didn't like it. She asked me if it annoyed me and I told her yeah but she didn't apologise and just left. I felt disrespected and phoned her to tell it was bothering me and asked her to stop doing it. She talked to me with an attitude and said "Fine! I won't show you any affection." I was expecting a simple apology but didn't get it. We never talked since then. Now m... read more

My family members are f***ing dick heads, and I am about ready to pack up and leave this sh** show of a household. Here are a few stories, my room is right next to my brothers room, because of an air vent above his door and the position of his lamp, when his lamp is on it shines directly on my face. So when my brother left to go to my grandparents, he left his lamp on, so when I went to bed, I opened his door, turned his lamp off, and shut his door. 3 hours later, after I'm d... read more

I have to walk on eggshells around my parents (especially my dad) and I hate it. One wrong word or action can make them start screaming at and sometimes even threaten/beat me and my brothers. My dad relentlessly teases my brothers and blames them for everything. Both my parents are hypercritical of everything about me from the way I eat to the expressions I make. I've been professionally diagnosed with anxiety & I've shown clear signs of depression, yet they still call me "dr... read more

I dont understand the indian culture (i am also indian lol, chill). Like the level of double standards is so f***ing high. The assumptions people make if you live your life freely, oh my f***ing god. So I have a friend who is very social, her parents trust her, they dont have a problem with her lifestyle (maybe a little cos of 'what will people say?'), like she knows whats expected of her, no bfs, no sex, nothing which goes against the religion. So recently, she has put on a ... read more

I hate having divorced parents. I know it isn't the worse thing in the world and other families have it worse with the loss of a parent and such but when you had an abusive, dangerous father and both parents drill lies into your head of what actually happened it messes with my mind. My father tells me he seemed much meaner back then because I was too young to understand what was happening and everything he did was normal and wasn't cruel but my mother says he did much worse b... read more

Nobody cares about me. I know it sounds stupid. But, I have my reasons. I live with my grandparents, who always tell me not to cry, act like they don't notice the cut marks on my arm, doesn't listen to me whenever I try to talk with them, they just don't freaking understand anything. My "Dad" has a new family. He lives an hour a way, yet he doesn't bother to visit whenever he comes into the the town I live in (he comes every weekend, sometimes more). He didn't even call on my... read more

I swear sometimes it gets under the skin when your 17 years old and your mother treats you like a 2 year old that she hates she just bitchs and bitchs for no reason all i do is mind my business and stay quiet and somehow I'm a smartass hell even my own father said he was tired of me just cause I have depression and my home life is a mess and health hazardous my mother has so many animals my home is just a disgusting animal kennel I try to clean I get bitched at I grow so tire... read more

My dad has a porn addiction. When we found all the awful things he had been looking at on his phone and confronted him he got violent. He says awful things to my mother in his sleep. Recently he's been trying really hard to be a better husband and father but there's been blips, as with any addiction. We just can't tell whether these blips are due to addiction (I know it doesn't go away in an instant) or whether he really doesn't want us around any more and is struggling to ke... read more

All of my problems revolve around money.

I grew up super poor, and was temporarily homeless as a small child following my parent's divorce until my grandmother stepped in.

We couldn't afford to change school districts, so I was stuck in one of the top three sh**iest schools in upstate NY where I was abused, bullied and harassed by my teachers, leading to my development of an anxiety disorder which became so severe I started suffering from auditory hallucinations (usually j... read more

i'm in middle school. i get all a's, i've been on the dean's list for 3 quarters straight, i'm in the challenge language arts and math class, i'm part of the school's advanced choir, i'm in the musical (which i was told i had the best expression), i was given an award for my outstanding projects, i was chosen as a student to represent my school, and in the parcc test i got in the top two percentile for my grade and state. yet i have not once been rewarded by my family. i got ... read more

...Why is amazon trying to sell me books about getting over your tramatic childhood. My family's all that really matters to me...

#Odd #Family

Hi i'm a 14 year old girl, i'm turning 15 in June. I haven't been feeling well lately. I'm really sad and I've decided it's because i'm bored with my look and I don't feel like I have anyone to talk to. I decided to talk with my dad this morning and ask if I can dye my hair if it's okay with the people I work for. I'm guessing it will be ok since there are already people who have crazy hair that work there. He has said it was fine a long time ago, but now when I ask he blows ... read more