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Anonymous says

Need some advice please! Sorry this is long but would really appreciate some reassuring advice.

I don't know what to think or do. My parents got divorced when I was a child around 15 years ago and me and my brother have always seen our dad fairly often until he moved abroad about 5 years ago. We see him about twice a year now although I speak to him quite often.

We get on more when we don't see him, like when we're together we fight or he irritates m... read more

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mystickspiral says

I never forget. I want you to know that. I remember every little detail. I remember how you treat me. How you cry and cry but the moment I show that I'm sad, the moment I cry you tell me to stop. I remember what you said to me after I got my wisdom teeth taken out, when I couldn't move off the damn couch because I was so doped up and so f***ing tired. " you could of at least done the dishes" I couldn't f***ing move. You wonder why I'm angry all the f***ing time. Like right no... read more

  • Mar 3
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Anonymous says

So i have been with my boyfriend for about 4 years now and we are a very serious relationship. We sleep at his house or mine but always together i do not know if that counts as living together. any way my mom recently got sick and she is better now but ever since she has made my life a living hell. Everything bothers her she has a n issue with everything i do and worst of all is beginning to get jealous of my relationship with my mother in-law. my mother in-law and i get alon... read more

  • Dec 11
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Anonymous says

Mansion by NF

This song is real. I garauntee most will relate. NF is real and a therapy session. He knows what most of us goes through and I think he's real.

#realtalk #Real #family #depression #emotions

  • Oct 27
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lielsie says

I'm so damn tired of having a parent in their mid 50's that acts like an irresponsible child. I've been taking care of you since I was nine; I'm 29 & I'm stuck here bc you can't even get your sh** together enough to clean your room, pay bills on time, or even take your meds correctly or do what you need to do in order to not run out. I'm going to be taking care of you for the rest of my life. I want to have an actual family w ppl that have each other's back, I want to have ch... read more

  • Oct 5
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  OfficialTeenTalksAdv says

Tell us everyone you love...
(Just in general, not specific for your personal saftey. Ex. Family, friends, peers, etc, etc.)
Now, how long will it take for you to name yourself?

#love #family #thoughts #spam

  • Oct 2
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ImReallySorry says

Why the f*** do my parents have to choose f***ing favorites? I don't take out the trash like one day, and they lose their sh**. The trash wasn't full and they still made me take it out, there was so much room in that f***ing bag that whatever the f*** they were trying to put in there would have still fit. Now mind you, when my sister wasn't taking out the trash and the b**** was SUPER FULL, like to the point where you had to grab gloves and push down the sh** just to tie it, ... read more

  • Sep 30
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  hSquared says

I am what you make me.

I was born strong, but your words weakened me.

I was born a fighter, but you disarmed me before I was able to stand on my feet.

I was born to stand out, but your criticism made me dull.

I was born a winner, but you gave me obstacles that are impossible to overcome.

I was born to love you, but your hatred changed that.

#family #parents #wordshurt #havestrength #foll... read more

  • Sep 5
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  hSquared says

Growing up I was close to my family. My parents divorced when I was 12, and you know how that goes, the child usually has to end up picking a side.
I chose my father because he was never there for me growing up so I figured if I go lived with him he would have to love me.
Well, he got remarried and I had to choose my dads side.

Now I'm trying to reconnect with my mother but she says the damage is done. I've never stopped loving her, it's just toug... read more

  • Sep 5
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  Anonymous says

I just stayed up until 4almost5 in the morning doing a rough draft that's do tomorrow. I'm in college now and all my teachers don't do extensions. And my Mom is just radiating anger at plus when I tried to say goodnight(she wakes up at this hour usually) she started raising her asking me why did I do that? How could I? And how I can't keep doing this,despite this being my FIRST time. I just walked away and am lying in bed. I just don't understand I understand she cares about ... read more

  • Aug 31
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Anonymous says

this is my first phone that i myself owned without sharing it with anybody i felt proud to have an iphone6+ and i planed to keep it till i graduate since for me its a just right phone... but my dad wanted to be an smart a** saying that its waterproof like the 7 legit took my phone underwater and therefore broke it and im legit crying cause i value that phone so much cause its my very first phone that wasnt a hand me down and its filled with memories and most importantly my sc... read more

  • Aug 28
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averyconfusedbird says

Anyone have advice about convincing a family to go to counselling?
Things have been BAD for a while now, but i wasnt aware how badly.

my mums been hiding things from all of us, and its starting to get more and more serious until today i found out today that apparently we have to go to court for something, and my dad started packing to threaten to walk out on us. its the middle of the night and i'm currently sat awake, stressed out, with every key for the ho... read more

  • Aug 26
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  MiaoMiao9991 says

#family #trustissues #betrayaloftrust #MiaoMiao9991 #RelationshipProblems #venting I can't trust my own family anymore. I live in a world where I have consequences but my brother doesn't. whenever I do something wrong, my phone gets taken away, but when my brother does something wrong, my parents very rarely, if at all, punish him. As a result, I feel like I just can't trust my parents anymore, and sometimes I feel like I have to take matters into my own hands, even though I ... read more

  • Aug 26
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Anonymous says

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  • Aug 20
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  Anonymous says

I recently moved out of my parents house, I moved in with a coworker and I'm actually happy for a change, the thing that hurts though is that when I was living with my parents, they continually did things without me with my siblings when I was working, but when I was off work they lazed around home and kind of just left me alone. Lately, my grandma posts stuff all over Facebook like "all the family is here❤️" but I'm not there, fun knowing that nothing has changed, would'... read more

  • Aug 19
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  Anonymous says

Nobody f***ing appreciates me. I do so much and I'm not given any recognition for even being a human being
I know u think I'm being dramatic but I've been fired just because I'm a girl, even though I did the job better than my male competitor, and my parents continually belittle me for not doing household chores (which I do. A lot) and use my brothers as examples even though they need to be dragged to the kitchen to perform a simple f***ing task
And my dog! My f**... read more

  • Aug 17
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  Anonymous says

Okay so I'm an indonesian living in singapore with my mom , stepdad and 3 stepsiblings . 3 years ago , i found out i had 2 more sisters , seperated at birth . And it turned out one of them is living in singapore with her adoptive family . I really wanna get to know her and let her know that I'm her sister . But my main concern is if her adoptive parents still haven't told her that she's adopted ... what should i do ???

#Adoption #Family #Sisters #Re... read more

  • Aug 17
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Anonymous says

UGH, I'm so tired of people telling me what to do and what not to do with MY life!!!





BUT INSTEAD T... read more

  • Aug 17
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  Anonymous says

I put two cereal boxes in the refrigerator.

I told my mom I wanted to mess with her.

The real reason?

I wanted to mess with her...

... and I was too lazy to put the cereal in the kitchen closet so I figured she would put it away if I put it in the fridge with the milk.

But hey, I've put forks in the fridge before just to mess with her, this is nothing.

#family #funny

  • Aug 15
  • 3
Anonymous says

My girlfriend keeps threatening suicide because her family hates her and she feels as if I don't care about her anymore. I am unemployed because of a concussion that I got during the first month of my new job and was forced to take time off until they forced me into resigning or firing me. I put in my notice and left on good terms because they said once my condition clears I could go back to work. Well now they are not hiring anymore they filled my position and I am stuck wai... read more

  • Aug 13
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