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I hate summer because it's always so lonely. I only dream of my ex (my ex boyfriend and best friend). We started dating around this time two years ago. I see his name everywhere, I'm reminded of him all the time, and I literally have dreams of him (most of the time we're still in love in the dreams). But that's all it is, right? A stupid dream. Stupid because it's been two years and I still love him, but I'll never say that to him again. Stupid because that relationship was d... read more

Before I start, I would like to say that I ship Sebaciel and I don't care if other people don't like this ship or not, it's everyone's own choice what pairings they like.
Anyways, I've seen so many people pissed off over Ciel having a twin, I on the other hand, despite seeing the subtle hints in earlier chapters, am simply shocked by it.
But I don't get why everyone is so mad about it, the only thing I see as irri... read more

So the barista dude I'm currently 'seeing' opened his wallet and randomly handed me a note. It said "My heart is broken". I looked at him like WTF but then he said that was from his mother and it's the last thing she ever said/wrote to him, and that was in October. Damn...I thought. Apparently they want him to be a Jehovah's Witness dude, talking to people about Jesus or something like that--they planned out his whole life, but he rebelled. He stopped going to university, he ... read more

I'm just really having problems coming out to my parents/family as a gay guy. I am 17 years old, I have a lot of sh** going on in my life, and coming out is one of the last things I wanna do rn, but I have been trying to write a coming out letter to my parents. I have tried to communicate with my mum/drop hints to her, but my dad is a different story - we never really talked to each other as kids - and we still don't. I don't know how my family would react - especially my dad... read more

The barista texted me at night saying he was walking towards my house, so I was trying to get ready as fast as humanly possible. I got out the door right as he got there, and he acted like it was no big deal that he just f***ing showed up to my house last minute. Anyway, he wanted to find a dark, secluded place so we went over to the metro station and he stood on the f***ing train tracks trying to play chicken. I was pleading so bad for him to get off the tracks, and he final... read more

What is wrong with me? I just let a guy strangle me into submission, pin me down and have his way with me. I felt like such a little b****, but I felt like it was entire purpose in life. I felt normal for once. Why am I so submissive? A week before that, I let another guy get me super drunk and rape me. I knew it was going to happen to because he was very aggressive. Then I had like Stockholm syndrome or something and started caressing his chest and face and he said he didn't... read more

He's perfectly imperfect. I can't even grasp it. Can't even grasp how he just came into my life like this and shook my entire world. I f***ing love it.
Phase 1: (February to May) I would go to StarBucks every day before lecture and we would say hi and have small talk.
Phase 2: (May-June) We bumped in a gas station and he asked for my number, and said he wanted it for a long time. Always wanting to meet up, but I kept having to turn him down since I was already seeing someone.... read more

Just had another crazy night with the barista. First he kept me waiting until 1:40 am because he went to the bar with his colleague without even mentioning that to I sat there waiting patiently, PATIENTLY with my phone on my chest. I was anxious. I was so anxious that I got diarrhea. That's a f***ing problem. I took 3 showers because I wanted my hair to be a certain level of moisture when I would see him. I spent so much time readying myself to look like a 10/10, I sh... read more

He was a barista at the Starbucks off-campus--had two-and-a-half years on me, had some Victorian steampunk look to him, looks like an old school wrestler from the 1900s, chest hair popping out, with an auburn Heart of Darkness-esque moustache, dark brown gelled and undercut hair with subtle wavy curls and a matching goatee with droplets of coffee and cream caught in it. He's one of those guys that looks like a chubby geek at first, but is actually not.
When I first moved here... read more

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa #gay

Shaye Cueto, Sidney Kennedy, Harry whatever your complicated a** last name is; I love you. It seems the universe adores playing cruel tricks on me. It wants me to just sit there as my heart thumps out my chest in pure excitement that they even acknowledge me. I am used to admiring art from afar. "Don't Touch THE DISPLAY!" really meant "DONT EVEN DARE THINK ABOUT TALKING TO THEM!" When they talk I cant even look them in the eye, afraid if I stare too long my smile would give a... read more

I'm gay. I'm 19. And I'm in the closet. A few months back, I came out to a best friend of mine. He is straight. He is male. And he was incredibly supportive, and I appreciate that completely. I've gotten the chance to feel free and myself around him, and it is such an incredible feeling. I'm finally able to talk about personal matters without having to change the story out of fear of being judged.

So a couple days ago. We both got drunk at a party. And afterwards he slept ov... read more

I am a woman in love with another woman. I haven't felt love like this in ages. Pure and deep. It baffles me because she is unable to tell her family about me because of their homophobic ways. I love her. I am so sad that people can hate two people loving one another. #gay #queer #lesbian #homophobia

Worst of all, in War and Chess Helen M. Pugsley tries to further the gay agenda. Princess Amethyst and that blue fairy... SO GAY. And she doesn't even have the courage to outright say it.

#warandchess #Gay #ItsOKayToBeGay #JustNotInFrontOfMyKids

So, I'm a girl.
I'm 17.
Hi ??
Since I'm in the category of love, I might as well share my love issue, right? Here goes..
In December, I realized I had a crush on this girl in my history class. BUT, this was my first *real* crush on another girl. There were instances before where I found myself crushing on a girl, but those went away fairly quickly. This crush, however, has been going on since (aforementioned) December. It is now late April.
I know, 4 months isn't... read more

This is about LGBTQ+

So I am trans-nonbinary. It means I do not identify as the sex I was born with (female) but i also don't identify as male. Let me explain.
I have spent so much energy, I cry myself to sleep at night sometimes, I get so much anxiety, over the fact that I have gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia. This is what it feels like. It's like when you close your eyes, you can imagine your friends because you recognize them. When I close my eyes and imagine MYSELF,... read more

I've been friends with this girl for a few years now, and during the first year - due to her a**h*** behavior and actions towards me and my friends - I had several arguments which ended the friendship for a while. Anyway, stupidly I kept trying to see the good in her and we made friends again this time last year. However since then, its just been more of the same nonsense, and its gotten worse. I had feelings for her the year before we started taking again and she knew this, ... read more

I've been with my partner for 13 years this weekend: essentially since before we were both adults. I will always love her, she will always be a part of me, but something has broken and I don't know how to fix it.
Last year, I turned thirty. We did less than nothing for my thirtieth birthday. She had planned nothing despite booking the day off, and whenever I started planning something she told me she wasn't in the mood, felt sick, felt bad, so we did nothing. She wasn't sick.... read more

In another life, with more understanding family, different friends, and a society that didn't train me from childhood to think a certain way. I could have a relationship with another man. #In another life #Love #Life #AlternativeLife #Earth2 #Curiosity #WhatCouldHaveBeen #Gay #Straight #Bisexual #NoMoreLabels #Fantasies

In another life, with more understanding family, different friends, and a society that didn't train me from childhood to think a certain way. I could have a relationship with another man. #In another life #Love #Life #AlternativeLife #Earth2 #Curiosity #WhatCouldHaveBeen #Gay #Straight #Bisexual #NoMoreLabels #Fantasies