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i have a lot so if you are going to read this, be prepared to sit here for a while. i feel like i have anxiety but my friend, who says they are there for me, won't believe me. i literally can't deal with it and idk what to do. im scared to tell anyone else because i don't wanna be treated like that by anyone else. i haven't even told my mom because im too scared. i might also be moving soon which isn't helping my mental state any. school is out, which means i sit at home sad ... read more

Today I got home from school and figured out my parents were selling my pet....they always just spend money on beer and other sh** they kept on telling me to sell my pet and they even offered me a laptop if I agreed I said no that I loved my pet. Now my parents are saying I'm not getting anything out of it. I found out by accident and they went on how I don't take care of it and it effects their health before you say anything about how your little and it's hard to take care o... read more

Um, I've been angry ever since my friend dying a few weeks ago. Now, I don't feel anything, it's like I'm detached from myself. Its been like this for a while. When he died, I wanted to cry but nothing came out and my heart and mind was just hollow. I still do not feel anything. What's going on with me? And everyday I've been waking up exhausted for no reason so the whole day I'm just TIRED like I haven't slept for days when I sleep every single day. Where are my feelings and... read more

i was diagnosed with autism almost a month ago now but my therapist was talking with me about it for longer than that. i'm glad for the diagnosis; it's helping me understand why i do the things i do and it kind of makes things easier to explain. but, i'm having a really hard time accepting... myself. i guess. it's really terrible. i feel like i'm wrong; like i'm not supposed to be this way. i feel like i'm inherently annoying when i talk about my interests. i feel like i'm di... read more

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#Help #Screwed

I have to walk on eggshells around my parents (especially my dad) and I hate it. One wrong word or action can make them start screaming at and sometimes even threaten/beat me and my brothers. My dad relentlessly teases my brothers and blames them for everything. Both my parents are hypercritical of everything about me from the way I eat to the expressions I make. I've been professionally diagnosed with anxiety & I've shown clear signs of depression, yet they still call me "dr... read more

Theirs a boy in class he is super nice but he's really shy. I used to go to elementary school with him but we never talked. (Were in high school) I like him a lot now and recently we have been getting close quite fast last month I asked for his number and he gave it to me we text a couple times a week but we talk way more in real life. I find on text it's way easier for me to talk to him but I'm always the one who starts the conversation I've tried waiting a couple days but h... read more

I love her, but she doesn't know it. She knows I like her because she's told me, but I have never actually told her how much I care about her. It's eating me up inside. It's hard to talk to her because we live an hour away from each other, and she is always super busy. I will finally muster the courage to text her, but it will take hours, even days to respond, if she even responds at all. I want to text her and see if she will go grab a bite to eat or something so we can talk... read more

i was using a razer and i almost chopped off my clit
how do i stop the bleeding because i have to go to a funeral in like 10 minutes

#clit #razer #funeral #help

I'm gay. I'm 19. And I'm in the closet. A few months back, I came out to a best friend of mine. He is straight. He is male. And he was incredibly supportive, and I appreciate that completely. I've gotten the chance to feel free and myself around him, and it is such an incredible feeling. I'm finally able to talk about personal matters without having to change the story out of fear of being judged.

So a couple days ago. We both got drunk at a party. And afterwards he slept ov... read more

So I'm here to explain my life for the past three weeks. So I am in a small group of friends that I live to death, but with the end of the school year approaching quickly, I feel like some of them are acting like absolute b****es. When we want to go somewhere or do an activity they always rely on me to drive, for me to pay, for me to everything to fill their f***ing bitchy a** needs. For example, yesterday we wanted to go see a movie and this indecisive b**** named Emma decid... read more

I hate having divorced parents. I know it isn't the worse thing in the world and other families have it worse with the loss of a parent and such but when you had an abusive, dangerous father and both parents drill lies into your head of what actually happened it messes with my mind. My father tells me he seemed much meaner back then because I was too young to understand what was happening and everything he did was normal and wasn't cruel but my mother says he did much worse b... read more

I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now and have been 100% faithful. I usually get STD tested every 3 months or so just to be completely safe, I've done it for years. So about 2 weeks ago my boyfriend developed a "crater-like" sore on his penis and I made him get tested. Well he found out he has type 1 herpes, which apparently means it was passed on to him through oral sex.. I was last tested for herpes in January of this year and came up negative for both ty... read more

HELP, I AM IN TROUBLE: A few days ago during school, grade 7 to be exact, our gym class ended and we were playing this sort of baseball with 'orange plastic/silicone bases.' When the class ended, we were ordered by the teacher to pick up the bases. While I was walking near someone I considered to be a friend I was assaulted, sexually. Little did I know while walking, he was being dared by his friend to... slap my butt with the base. He did. He whipped the orange plastic base ... read more

Am I a horrible person? I feel as such. I'm sixteen years old and today I was forced to put down my best friend Copper. Copper was my basset hound. He's been in my life since I was four years old and I can tell you stories of me and him as if I were downtown with my girls and laugh until I cried. Right now however I cry for a different reason. Copper had been battling cancer for four months and the doctor said the fluids from the cancerous spot had reached his ear, leading to... read more

I am so sad right now this might sound cheesy but I have never dated a guy before I usually reject them all I don't really know why anyway I like this guy from school the other day I asked him for his gaming account name so we could play games and chat....I messaged him at 7:00 when he was told me he went away then he was online again and it was on and off it's now 9:53 and I messaged him again just casual conversation but he still hasn't responded, I guess he doe... read more

I'm so confused about my relationship, I had a massive argument with my boyfriend and wanted to break up but I didn't have the heart to do it. Now he is trying so hard, it feels slightly fake though. Now there is this guy at my work who I really like and I don't know what to do. He is the sweetest guy and we get on so well but I feel like I'm stuck! #help

What is this feeling? Is it an obsession? Or an addiction? Maybe its love? The moment I laid eyes on her, time stopped for an instant. It has been a whole year since I have seen her. She has moved on in life but I haven't, I bite my tongue to stop any unnecessary words from coming out. She seems so mature now, The sweet innocent girl I have known before has blossomed into a woman. Her hair, her clothes and makeup were all new to me, but they still had a sense of familiarity. ... read more

Want to take a break all the bulls*** of uni life. Having this constant fear of failing and craving for approval from my parents as being good enough to be acknowledged. Not even from them but from everybody else. The fear that if i fail that means ill be stuck here where i am for the rest of my life not going anywhere when everyone is and everyone have always expected me to be successful ever since i was so young. Now only to dissapoint . I sarcarfise everything and yet im n... read more

i don't know how to feel. well actually i feel like sh**. it's mother's day today - may 14th - where i live at least and the day has been going really badly. firstly, my dad wakes me up at 6am asking to make a card for my mum which i regretfully declined which of course made my mum super angry to see that she got some internet card printed out the same day of mother's day. so, i decided to make up for it by making a card myself apologising about it and just saying how great o... read more