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So me and my husband moved in with a friend that got my hubby a good job so we move 1/2 a state away i told the roommate that i was gonna take a break from working cause i hurt my health bad with my last job but it was only to get this trashed place set up so that it was easy to keep clean with 2 cats(his) and one small dog (mine and my husband's) well not going well he wants me to be his maid told me i have to wash fold and put his colthes up cause he has no time plus wash t... read more

Is it alright to feel that your girlfriend's being unfair? I mean I go to her house and makes her a sandwich if she wants one, go there whenever wherever but everytime I'm the one that needs something, seems like I will be the one who always have to adjust. Doesn't matter if im tired, if she wants me there, im there but if i want her to be here or bring me something, she demands that I should be the one to go to her house. IT'S f***ING TIRING AND ANNOYING. I DON'T KNOW IF YOU... read more

I am in highschool, and I know it may seem like I shouldnt be compaibing, but I hate my life.
For months my grandma has been in the hospital and is about to die. Schoolwork just keeps piling up, just like all the blackmail as well. Who I thought was a good friend now tortures me and has convinced all my friends that im the bad guy. Yet she knows my family is already dwaling with an ill relative and still wants to play like that. I dont want to bur... read more

My depression has been getting worse. I don't want to be alive anymore.. I don't want to kill myself either, I just don't want to be alive. I have such a great life. I have a job, I'm engaged, have a family who loves me, I have friends... but nobody knows and I'm so scared to reach out and tell anyone. It is so easy for me to pretend to be okay, and my family would never guess that I feel this way. I just absolutely hate myself and feel so alone. I have to do something becaus... read more

I have OCPD thing for video game accounts and pretty much anything technology. I have created thousands of email, steam, league of legends, warframe etc accounts. It makes feel depressed if I don't do this. It is like a itch. I need to stop before it gets worse. I have also bought games multiple times or the same thing multiples in video games. I need help fixing this before I end using all my money in this.

#HELP #advice

I don't know what to believe anymore. I used to think that this guy cared about me as much as i did for him- but i really truly don't know anymore. It seems like he is talking to me less and less; and is slowly pushing me away; or maybe he is busy? Idk anymore i just need help; because ive really (sincerely) truly fallen for him and i dont even know if he feels the same way anymore (or ever did). I just wish i knew; especially since we're going to prom together (i asked him).... read more

I just took a huge a** dump which blocked the toilet. My a** hurts so fricken much. Is this normal?
#poo #life #toilet #help 💩💩💩

I have to let this out. It's driving me crazy. So here it goes:

I was virgin until few months back. I started having sex with my boyfriend. I think I don;t enjoy it as much as he does. The first time we did it , it was difficult for me to let the penis in. Then again after few tries, I could finally let it inside my vagina. My problem is I dont enjoy sex as much as he does. I like starting slow, talking about feelings, then gentle kissing and then slowly when he inserts I fi... read more

Hi i'm a 14 year old girl, i'm turning 15 in June. I haven't been feeling well lately. I'm really sad and I've decided it's because i'm bored with my look and I don't feel like I have anyone to talk to. I decided to talk with my dad this morning and ask if I can dye my hair if it's okay with the people I work for. I'm guessing it will be ok since there are already people who have crazy hair that work there. He has said it was fine a long time ago, but now when I ask he blows ... read more

How can I stop it? I feel empty, I feel broken, But I feel likeI don't deserve to feel this way. Nothing extremely bad has happened to me. Yet I want to destroy my life and I don't see the point of anything. Now here's my question what could cause this? I'm not looking for something overly dramatic I want one simple cause I'll even give you an example, "watching sad T.V. shows can make you feel this way", but I've felt this way before for a long time and that was real, that..... read more

Im not quite sure what to do, my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years now and I feel like all he cares about is himself. He'll do something that makes me upset know that it makes me upset and not care or say anything. Over the last year he's lied to me about 4 girls. The first girl he lied to me and said he was at home when he was actually hanging out with her, the second girl he deleted messages with her (didn't tell her he had a girlfriend) and once I saw the conv... read more

I'm scared... I really like this guy right but see the thing is last year I was badly raped... so even hugs trigger me now and I don't trust counselors because it feels like if I even try to talk about the sexual assault they shut me down and report it because they're scared I'm going to kill myself or whatever. I need help or advice at the very least. I'm scared of commitment and facing the triggers if I go on a date with him. #help

I only feel normal when im drunk. I dont want this. I haven't always been this. I want to feel happy when im sober. My life is f***ing awesome. Why do i even have to drink? I want to stop, but its all i think about. This f***ing sucks.
#drunk #alcohol #alcoholic #aa #help

this week was spring break for me and i go to online school so i didnt have to complete any lessons this week. my mother doesnt understand the meaning of break apparently and shes mad at me for not working... but theres nothing to work on so how was i supposed to? she decided to print out an email from my school telling me my grade was low and show me and get all in my face about it,screaming, yelling hitting me. keep in mind yesterday she promised me she would take me to see... read more

Best friend drama part 2: As I was talking about my best friend and how much she is a toxic friend to me but i can't pull myself to let her go. Lately its not been fun amore no more jokes no more fun. I just feel like why are still friends but the prob is I have been friends with her for 3 almost 4 years now and I feel like it too late to not become friends anymore. I have realized that I just love the idea of a best friend and how I met her family and i'm like really close w... read more

How can I get my boyfriend to be more helpful during my pregnancy? He says I need to eat and says he will cook, but leaves. He wants to smoke pot at night. He smokes around me and says I will be okay because I'm only 5 weeks pregnant. #advice #mothertobe #pregnancy #help #boyfriend #hungry #pregnant


I CAN'T TALK ABOUT IT IN RL AS IT TRIGGERS PEOPLE EASILY. I can't get his face out of my mind, it's like possessive and evil or something, I'm not even joking I'm literally sweating and in HEAT after looking :( :( :( #Help #Seriously #NotJoking #SchoolShooting

I am early into my pregnancy. My family just had a huge physical fight. I am now experiencing pain behind my belly button and I am throwing up a lot. Could I be having a miscarriage? #family #stress #pregnancy #pregnant #advice #help

I honestly dont know what to do about my family. I guess you can say its f***ed up. I caught my dad cheating on my mom with some other woman. My parents and grandparents arent talking. I have to do all of it. all of the talking. It worries me, that when I leave for college ( or might as well stay in my house and not do the dorm) I dont know how my family will turn out if i leave and come back. Its probably gonna get worse. I cant really tell my mom about my dad because her co... read more

Im pregnant. I need help!! #pregnant #knockedup #help