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I cry myself to sleep every night and no one ever notices amything. Im just unhappy with life and im stuck in a horrible repetitive routine. I hardly leave the house or go on holoday or do anything. In an attempt to change my life amd break away from this boring life i applied for a job to work abroad and surprise surprise my dad saod i cant go. I love and respect my dad so much but swear down, would it be so hard to allow me to go away and work for 3 month. Im actually sick ... read more

i really feel so f***ign disgusting i ate what feels like my whole body weight these past two days i jsut wish tnis woulf go away i dont want to hate myself again iwant to be confiednt and okay and i just need someone

#help #helpme #fml #fukcinfendmelol

god, you know, its like i only want the people who are bad for me and then it bugs me for ages. i hate that i always need closure and i hate knowing i may not exist and i just want to make everything count in the long run and i just...ugh. i hate wanting the bad



I'm completely lost and hurt I don't know what to do. I've been talking to this guy for over three months and we have no official label to our relationship other than we're dating. I'm 21 he's 22 and father to a 5 year old son. His baby momma is married and always fighting with her wife she always tells him she's getting divorced and tried to guilt him into getting back together with her. He told ger that he's seeing someone he loves and won't tip his s life for her. We talk ... read more

What do I do? They are threatening suicide, I have no idea what to do.... I gave them the Suicide prevention number... I hope they'll be okay. They have a lover too. Heck, I never met them or know who they are. But I'm so scared right now...
#Suicide #Suicidepervention #Help #helpplease

Im afraid I don't let my kids be kids enough. Im so afraid of them turning into badass little kids (like we have an abundance of in our family) that I treat them (especially my three year old) like a little adult. She is a smart-mouthed little girl who, if you give her an inch she will take a mile... but I want her to experience and enjoy being a kid. I don't know what to do. I just want to unplug from the family for a while and take the kids away to be kids somewhere. #lost ... read more

My anxiety is so bad right now that I keep blacking out. My heart is pounding, my stomach is twisting, I feel like I'm going to throw up. I don't know what's making it so horrible! I feel absolutely dreadful. I'm doing all I should- deep breathing, trying to relax, etc etc etc. but I feel like this is going to be the death of me! #anxiety #depressed #anxious #help

I don't know whats happening to me, my health is fine, my friends are fine, everything good, but i feel an urge, an urge inside to do something. idon't know why, but i just hate myself, and everything around me. Please someone, explain to me whats going on!

#Hate #help #everythingisgood #butifeelhoribble #noreason

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4 years. ( this august is our 4 year.) throughout our relationship, i've always went thru these "moods" where I feel like I want to be with someone else. not like a relationship, but just... I guess flirting and sexual things too?? hes sooooo good to me and we have never really had any issues about our relationship before. sometimes I just feel bored I guess?? i've talked to him about it before, how I feel like I'm loosing out ... read more

I'm having a lot of internal conflict right now-- I could really use some good advice!

I seem like a really nice girl on the outside, the type of girl that everyone doesn't dare have romantic feelings for because "she's too pure". At least, people think that until they really get to know me. All my friends know that I think about sex all the time. I love thinking about it, I love fantasizing, and I love porn. Which is why the following thing I'm about to say makes no sense: ... read more

My best friend talked to me for the sole purpose of sex. Now we're strangers. No hello no more how have you been. No more making fun memories at the beach or parks. Just strangers. Why am I so hung up over this one person, replacements are everywhere but it's just not the same. I made new friends but I want him. I miss his presence and golden glow when he is around. I miss him as a friend. I've never seen him as anything more but everything changed when I found out his motive... read more

today, I went my car dealership to get my car serviced. One of the guys that worked there was low-key flirting and I was flirting back. We exchanged numbers and he mentioned meeting up tomorrow but it has been almost 6 hours since I last saw him and he hasn't texted me about our "plans" for tomorrow. I feel like I probably won't hear from him, but I get easily attached. Even though I literally only met him today and don't know him, I keep waiting to hear from him. How can I g... read more

So theres this game called second life, its a virtual world, a blank canvas for users to create and make things in, and of course like any other thing, It will have a "mature" side, its a nice escape from reality, I didnt think too much about lying about my age, but a few days of joining i found myself cybering, which is not allowed since im underage, and this guy i just met, i just lied to about being only a few years younger than him, he's in his 20's, im much younger then ... read more

I have this anxiety that people are always talking about me behind my back or secretly don't like me but pretend to and I think it's making me withdraw from social situations because of this fear, any advice?
#anxiety #help

What do you do if you have been trying to stop all contact with a unhealthy friendship but the person your in a relationship with is good friends with this friend and you just want to never see them again but your partner docent want to stop seeing that person. It's been really hard for me cause my partner knows it hurts me and they still mention their name often and I don't want to take them away from this person if they enjoy their company but I just honestly can't hear tha... read more

Let me start of with I love my husband more than anything and can't imagine my life without him. But for the last 6 months I've been thinking of a future without him in it. For some reason I keep making accuses for the way he acts and treats me. It's like I'm just a convenience for him. He acts like I'm the world then all of sudden I'm nothing and just a crazy person. I literally do everything for him and I'm the only one that works. While he is out running the streets and ha... read more

Hello guys, i'm lately feels like im being stuck in a rut at my job. I think (and some of my other colleague said so as well) that i'm over-qualify for my current job. However at the same time, i do not know my own strength and which part of my qualification is "over" as i never pass any screening when i apply for other jobs. This really stressing me out as i think most of my friends hve started to have more stable job, but i just dont know what to do #help #please #hkynscsmc

My grandfather had bad breathing problems, leg problems, and had to constantly had to go to the doctors. I didn't know he had cancer until to 28th of June. On that day my father was called to help him out of the car. When we got there he was on the ground, he hit his head in the grass. My grandmother was crying as well. We got him a chair and helped him up... After about 5 minutes or so we had to call the ambulance. He was barely talking and moving. After that, the ambulance ... read more

Okay so the plans fell through again for us getting to meet because my cousin didn't want to drive me down there after he said he would. But now you're like "I'm totally a different person now. I just don't care anymore". He said he's changing himself for his depression so it doesn't get worse but I just want my Daniel back. The one who would video chat with me for hours, the one who would call me for countless hours, the one who made me feel loved by him, the one who didn't ... read more

ok so, me (f20) and my boyfriend (m20) have been dating 2 years, and long story short he's done nothing with his life. We graduated high school the same time and i went straight into college, and he took a year off (before I met him). While in college he kept telling me "oh i want to do this" but never acted on it. Then in my second year he changed his mind of what he wanted to do. I suggested him the specific program at my college but for some stupid reason he took a differe... read more