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Can a lesbian love a person that's bigender? #questioning #lesbian

found out my crush is only 1yr older than me instead of 2yrs. thank god. her city's only a 1hr trip from mine. i already know she likes girls too. i'm just. happy this finally looks like it's working out. #lgbt #lesbian

So, I'm starting a friends with benefits relationship with my ex (we are both girls). I low key think it will end up being like dating, but without going. That's not a very good way of describing it but I will try; It will most likely be sex, hangout afterwards, maybe cuddling. If I could call it something it would be a warm body arrangement. I know we both wouldn't mind getting back together, but she just got out of a long term relationship. She said she's healing, so I'm as... read more

I am a woman in love with another woman. I haven't felt love like this in ages. Pure and deep. It baffles me because she is unable to tell her family about me because of their homophobic ways. I love her. I am so sad that people can hate two people loving one another. #gay #queer #lesbian #homophobia

So my best friend of many years is a lesbian and we've been friends for a long time. A few weekends ago she arrived in town and was going to stay at my place for the weekend. We've always had an extremely close friendship to the point that even while we're dating other people we've made each other's significant others uncomfortable. This particular weekend I was single and she was just broken up with her girlfriend so we were just drinking and having a good time. That is unti... read more

I'm a 13 yr old lesbian, and sometimes I really hate my life. I wish I was straight. Not because it's the "norm" but just so I wouldn't have to hide it from my parents. I've always know my parents weren't the types of people who would be like "oh your gay, well good for you" to a stranger but I never really knew how they felt. I've tried coming out to my mom by starting with "there's this girl in my class that just said she was gay" to see what she's says and then be like aha... read more

Long story short.
Married (newly)
My ex gf: I fell madly in love with her. Its been almost 2years now since we were together. But through out those two years we had broken up, but I tried desperately for 8 months to get her back while she had a gf. I realized I was pathetic and gave up. But I gave in, we started talkimg more and more, it was so hard bc I wanted her to leave her gf but all the while she was telling me she loved me so much and she knew we weren't over.... read more

Sucks falling for someone straight that leads you on any chance they get but yet i cant help but keep falling for her since shes holding my heart????i hate loving you day but i hate even more that you dont see me like that only cuz you like dick f*******ck
#lesbian #vent

I hate my homosexual feelings.

I'm happily married to the man of my dreams. I don't want to come home to anyone else. I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

Yet here I am, thinking about another married woman. She's bisexual, like me, but I know I'll never get an opportunity to be with her. However if I see her at all throughout the day I get aroused in ways that only another woman can. It bothers me for numerous reasons, one of which being that I will never, ever be... read more

God i can't believe I got myself into this.
I don't even know if this is real or if she feels the same way all i know is i'm so happy to have known her
I tell myself i don't mind if she doesn't end up as mine and i honestly feel that way because it's disgusting to be possessive
But when i think of not having her be mine i wonder just how many people out there are hers
She tells me she feels the same way, even if we aren't together she is happy to have met me
But does she real... read more

nothing is right
im a lesbian in a homophobic country
im bipolar and already on meds and i always feel like need more and more and more
i cant trust anyone
not my parents not my friends not my therapist
im seriously f***ed up. im in therapy because i cut and binge drink. but apparently my therapist is trying conversion therapy and thinks i have no idea.
i wish i never came out to my parents, i wish i wasn't such a p****
i wish i was a better liar
im just a waste of space and ... read more

Why are my crush's friends acting weird. Okay so, I'm a freshman girl and i have a crush on my sorority president lets call her Naomi and it seems like she likes me too. She usually gives me intense stares, checks me out, and accidentally(not accidentally at all) bumped into my arm and kept her arm touching mine until she left. Bearing in mind that we were outside in the open and it was just like a dozen girls there. She also gives me this look where its like, her mouth is op... read more

I hate living like this . I'm gay but my parents are homophobic and they will kick me if they found out. I haven't been to bed in a year with out crying myself to sleep.

#gay #lesbian #toxic house

It was first when I was 11, when I was in a play. A girl- let's call her Leela- was cast in a male role. Leela was tall, curvy, and had these beautiful lips. I stared at her sometimes, in the halls. Anyway, this wouldn't be a problem, but Leela was supposed to kiss the female lead. I remember wanting them to kiss so bad. Of course, they didn't. But that didn't stop me from thinking about it. It didn't stop me from thinking about those two hot girls, kissing and doing somethin... read more

It sucks when you want to be in a relationship and have your parents know because my parents have to meet her first before she is my girlfriend but I'm not out to my family or friends and it sucks so bad, I almost exposed my self to my sister but I could not tell her the truth I was so scared, I know they will support me but a while back me and my sister were talking and I said I'm having a hard time too but on figuring out who I am and stuff then she asked me if i was going ... read more

I wish there was someone out there that cared about me and someone who would listen to me and love me, that person is out there I just don't know where, I hope we cross paths soon
#love #hope #lesbian

Wow the most heart racing thing just happened, well I am a closeted lesbian just so you know ... my sister came up to me and was like someone hacked your kik profile and I'm like really and she says yeah its the name you should take my phone and change it ... I don't have my phone ... and I'm like not its ok I don't care what people do to it ... she never told me what it said but I knew, It said next to my name I'm a lesbian and I freaked the f*** out on the inside trying to ... read more

I wish I was in a relationship but I want my family to know but I can't because I'm not out to my family or friends, no one knows but me and that kinda sucks, plus I've never been in a relationship before because I'm not out and my parents want to meet/approve of them before she is my girlfriend whitch it weird but it still kinda sucks
#lesbian #relationship #family #friends

It sucks when you go to the fair and see a hot girl that works at one of the games there and she says that this game puts a smile on your face see I'm smiling and I smile at her and she smiles back, when ever I walked past her I smiled when she looked at me and she laughed and smiled back ... felt like flirting but with out talking, ah but I wish I had the courage to say something to her because I will probably never see her again unless she comes back next year like most of ... read more

Ah, to be helplessly in love...
God, she's beautiful. Her hair is like an angelic aura around her perfect face. Which always sports her smile. Her contagious a** laughing and smiling is going yo be the death of me.
She thinks she's so awkward in conversations. Really, all she has to do is smile, and the other person she's talking to will smile as well. She's more of a listener than a talker, which is just fine.
And she gives so much. Books and videos I might find interesting ... read more