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Anonymous says

#MAGA! Invoke the 25th!

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Anonymous says

I am pretty sure most evangelicals, rednecks, republicans and nationalists (see #MAGA ) love penis, but can't seem to admit it... I am a very attractive and open transwoman. I love being trans, but not as much as being constantly propositioned for "discrete" sex by the people who speak out the loudest about trans women (See #fauxgender & #fauxgirl )

I don't want to have to keep outing you, but you are so vile, that I really have no choice.

The altern... read more

  • Dec 26
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Anonymous says

Remember when queers and transgenders were in the closet #MAGA

  • Dec 22
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Anonymous says


  • Dec 10
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Anonymous says

#maga Make america greedy again is where trump is taking us
soon the corporate will take over and we will be slaves again

  • Aug 7
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  Anonymous says

#MAGA. I love the President and fully support the office and policies.

  • Jul 4
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  Anonymous says

men won't protect you from other rapists unless you're their personal victim and domestic slave. #maga

  • Jun 14
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  FuturePotus says

That's it I want to run for president! I know I can do a better job than this greedy bastard. Unlike 45 I can do research, admit I do not know everything, take the advice of other more experienced people, take criticism, act rationally, and logically. I see the problems and I have no conflicts of interest. I have no foreign dealings and I've never been convicted of a crime. I have 2 degrees and I'm a veteran that once held a top secret/Sci clearance. I've experienced a lot of... read more

  • Mar 20
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  Anonymous says

You Christian rappers are the same as Christian drug dealers. Send them back to mexico. #MAGA

  • 1 Jan 2017
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