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My girlfriend keeps threatening suicide because her family hates her and she feels as if I don't care about her anymore. I am unemployed because of a concussion that I got during the first month of my new job and was forced to take time off until they forced me into resigning or firing me. I put in my notice and left on good terms because they said once my condition clears I could go back to work. Well now they are not hiring anymore they filled my position and I am stuck wai... read more

If I choose to spend 3 months straight doing nothing but playing video games and watching TV, is that time considered wasted when I could have been applying for jobs, doing community service, or socializing outside? There is always a better option for the future, but sometimes you need to treat yourself and make yourself enjoy the now. Why should I save for retirement? That is just a way of not having to work later in life, but it takes away most of the money I would be spend... read more

I'm just really stressed right now, and felt like I have to get this off my chest. I bought my first car recently. I don't like the way it looks, it has a small dent on the side, and the aux plug doesn't work. But it runs well and gets me where I need to go. I used to have a 3-hour commute to school on public transportation. That commute will now be somewhere around 45 minutes.

I'm beginning to regret the purchase though. My car payments are about $165/mo, which I can handle... read more

So absolutely fed up with everything at the moment, every time I think I'm on the up I get smacked down again, for example I made a bet on who the new Dr who woyld be be with a possible outcome of £1360 if I won, I needed that money so badly I have so many bills to catch up on, my partner also made a few ideas on what we could do with the money (I know you should never make plans with money you dont have but sometimes you can't help yourself), when we lost I was so gutted, I... read more

All of my problems revolve around money.

I grew up super poor, and was temporarily homeless as a small child following my parent's divorce until my grandmother stepped in.

We couldn't afford to change school districts, so I was stuck in one of the top three sh**iest schools in upstate NY where I was abused, bullied and harassed by my teachers, leading to my development of an anxiety disorder which became so severe I started suffering from auditory hallucinations (usually j... read more

Hello everyone,
I'm a college student who needs $100 for a used book by Tuesday or I'll have to drop the class. Can anyone help?
#money problems #collegeproblems

After I posted that my operator just took $5 I just filled and left me with $0 and 0 kb data package, within a minute. And I checked a minute before it was still $5... #tech #money

So I have to write an essay. A 7 page essay. It's supposed to be about my favorite place/destination, and it's supposed to be "immersive" so I would have to use a lot of imagery. The problem is that it's 7 pages. Why? Why does it have to be THAT long? It's so unnecessary. I feel like the professor just made it that long just for the sake of being long. It really hurts creativity because that would mean I would do a whole lot of rambling...there's really no place that I can ra... read more

My mother in law STOLE money from my husbands and mine date jar. Me and my partner and not very well off at all. Im in college and my hubby gets by on a mechanics salary. We look after two young boys full time from his pervious marriage.
Money is tight. We put a couple of dollars away every week in jar. His mum came up for a few weeks and it was even harder as there was 5 mouths instead of 4. She left the other day and this morning we opened the jar and there was only $12 ins... read more

My husband is always sneaking and giving his mother money . She acts like he is her boyfriend and is always calling him for money it's so annoying she has a job and a husband . And she's so rude and disrespectful she doesn't like me because I don't bring my kids to her house that she chain smokes in I went there one time for BBQ and she kept smoking in my face after asked her not to I just got up and left . she acts like her children own her for being their mother you don't g... read more

Okay, maybe, it's not that sh**, but it's still not worth living, because I have no money, I have no future, and I have nothing to do. I really can't find a way out. It's impossible for me to cope in this situation, and I want to be able to do something good, something meaningful in life. My talents have been left to rot, and I can't develop on them without money. Not in these circumstances, not in this country. Everything is too little too late right now. What age am I? Soon... read more

I feel really sad and angry about my life situation. I should have been living a much more comfortable life. When I need to interact with other people, first thing that catches my attention is, they own everything that I wished I had. What a life I could be living if I had so much! I know these thoughs all come from a place of lack, but I cannot help it. My abnormally bad conditions have been obstructing my socialization for a longtime (since birth to be honest). I really don... read more

This isn't how you should be getting into you Saturn Return. Nothing is certain in my life, I haven't gotten anywhere yet. Bad family, bad education, bad surroundings, bad country and no money. And, my natal Saturn is very close to the nadir of the chart, conjuncting Neptune and opposing Chiron. I was hoping for a spiritual advance at this time, but in these conditions, I simply cannot afford living that period of my life. I will have to depend on others, and I don't think th... read more

I really regret choosing this life. I haven't get done anything and it's been so painful. I cannot help looking at other people's lives, and such a big difference. We've been living in entirely different worlds. I keep questioning why I had such a bad life. I know I must have chosen this at some point before incarnation, but I feel such a big remorse about this. I absolutely cannot manage this life, and I've already gotten through my hell on earth (or so I thought). But, it s... read more

I hate my boyfriend's brother and his girlfriend so much. They always come around asking for money, and of course, because my boyfriend is a good brother, he gives some to them. Money that comes from a job that he got because he worked his a** off to go to college. I swear he cuts them check for $200 every week. He is their primary income. His brother works as a server, and the girlfriend is studying to become a hairdresser. (Literally, she stopped working to go to school for... read more

I find it f***ed up that I work 35+ hours a week while doing school full time, so that I can save money and help my parents and my mom has the audacity to suggest that I pick up a few shifts at her job, instead of seeing my girlfriend, because I suggested that I don't pay rent this month because I overpaid the past 9 months. Then tells me to grow up- she's the one that didn't work for 5 years. #parents #money

I un mask the troll

This is not the life I want to live and I am currently stuck.

I hurt so bad inside. I just need to say it but I don't know where. I am struggling with depression and extrem anxiety. My parents and family and friends have reached their wits end with it. I have come to a point where I won't kill myself but I just don't want to do anything. I don't want to be anybody. My parents have been mad at me 100% of the time for weeks now. I have gone to endless th... read more

Purchased a game, played it, did not like it, asked for a refund. Got declined because I played it to long even though it just came out two days ago and I have slow possessing so I was trying to decide if I wanted to keep it or not. Nothing rude please just venting I don't have money to waste :/ #money #videogame # annoyed

I'm annoyed. My friends think I'm this spoilt rich girl and it drives me nuts. I only asked them whether I should get a motorbike for my next birthday, or a car. They all looked at me like I was crazy and didn't even answer me! They asked me what I got for my birthday and I said, "festival tickets, candles, jewelry, money etc" and they asked me how much I got. When I told them how much my mum and dad gave me they kept going on about how I get sooo much money and they wouldn't... read more

I posted this under people, because it's a combination of many things.
First off, I'm 22 years old and I've had a live in boyfriend for 2 years. He had a job, but is and has been unemployed for about a year. We were on the verge of losing our place, so I started working as a dancer in a strip club. Which does not blow over for me too well, as I have social f***ing anxiety. So I drink while I am at work to help get past my social awkwardness.
Anyways, I make very good money an... read more