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  Anonymous says

We are not here to comfort the patriarchy. Discomfort means one’s privilege is being questioned. And anyway, we are long overdue for a reckoning with the #NotAllMen crowd, men who complain they’re one of the “good ones” and yet do nothing to dismantle the patriarchal system from which they benefit.

  • Feb 12
  • 30
  Anonymous says

The stupid #notallmen needs to stop, you dumbasses think women don't knew that yes we do, it's not about you not everything is about you. Stop being so selfabsorbed, all women face harassment on daily basis, men started cat calling me from the age of 9, inappropriate touches begin at the age of 13 and I was molested in the middle of the road in broad day light at the age of 15, and that's not even the sad part the saddest thing is it happened to so many girls. When I got in c... read more

  • Feb 10
  • 8
  Anonymous says

I can't believe that guys will go that far that they'll pretend they're your friend for WEEKS, and when they think you're "close enough" friends they ruin it by flirting and other sh**...ffs

And keep that #notallmen sh** to.yourself, it's obvious that it's not all of them for gods sake.

  • 20 Dec 2014
  • 1
  Anonymous says

Doing this for a rant I saw:
Not all women are stupid
Not all women dress to impress men
Not all women like chocolate (still a mystery to me)
Not all lesbian women are tomboys
Not all women are prudes
Not all women AREN'T prudes
Not all feminists hate men
Not all women are bad drivers
Not all women are crazy
Not all women are crazy during their periods
Not all women like to cook
Not all women want kidsread more

  • 18 Nov 2014
  • 3
Anonymous says

**super long rant, I'm kind of frustrated, don't pay attention to me or this, I just need to let it out to something other than the brick walls outside**

The #NotAllMen tag kind of bothers me. Not that I'm saying it's untrue--obviously NOT ALL MEN can be generalized but....
People have been generalizing women for decades and no one's done anything about it??? I mean, ALL women are hormonal or "act crazy", ALL women don't know what they want, ALL women don't... read more

  • 17 Nov 2014
  • 3