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This will probably offend some, but just hear me out. It's about racism and how white people are portrayed by society. Now, I'm not just saying this because I'm white, I'm saying this because it genuinely offends me. And I get that people of other races and ethnicities get offended about certain things as well. I think that society has forgotten that whites are people too and that they have feelings. And I'm sorry in advance if this offends or iterates you, I am. But here's t... read more

I've taken on a project where I ask people "Can you explain, in your own words, what white privilege is?" one of the responses was already so racists towards people who already have a hard life I don't feel comfortable putting it in my collage.

#Privilege #Racism

So, aside from a socially acceptable way to be racist... Can someone explain what white privilege is?


Okay, if you're going to b**** about how there isn't enough ethnic diversity in fantasy write your own damn book! GOSH! I'm sure you own a pen. If it's that important to you you'll make it happen. :)


i'm sorry but i just checked the most commented/popular posts on this website and like, why do you guys think reverse racism exist?
the funny part is that the racist a**h*** are using actual racist slurs against the people venting about the amount of racism they go through and it's like so disgusting that y'all think that white people will ever go through what nonwhite people will go through.
like take a lesson on history and the amount of oppressive power white people have ... read more

Do people actually not understand that Donald Trump doesn't even want to be a president? That disgusting, pro-rape arsehole is doing it to get the crowds attention. Once that attention and "admiration" is over and he has to actually do the stressful job as the president of the United States, he will regret ever becoming one. And he will fail to create those jobs he promised for your lazy white a**es.
And did everyone forget that he actually raped his first wife? His supporter... read more


My friends are all white (not a bad thing, it just correlates with this story) and we live in Georgia. Ok, so the day after the Charlotte shooting, on Facebook I see a dumb post from a guy that said " These n*****s are getting out of control smh, unfriend me if you want but you dumb n****s wouldn't get shot if you didn't act so stupid." I thought it was atrocious, screenshotted, and shared it with my group chat with all my friends in it cuz I tho... read more

First time I encounter racism at college. #sdsu #firstyeardormexperience #racism

I'm a Mexican-American woman majoring in business. I can talk all day about poisonous people that I encountered my first year. I never felt safe at school. Not around campus. Not in the classroom. Not in my dorm. Racism and gender inequality are topics I wish weren't even topics to focus on in our society. I don't think a 5 year old should have been scoffed at for having friends of different col... read more

So today a bigoted ignorant lady at the train station who randomly directed her anger towards me for no reason, yes she was a black woman, by telling her Jamaican influence, and her badman attitude, she was sucking her teeth and running her mouth off in her language when she's trying piss me off. I'll just say that I've been hating black people for 15 years now, so does it mean that I'm a racist? To be specific I'm a Moderate Muslim, but I do hate the older generation of blac... read more

I just got home for the holidays and my parents have been making me so angry I can't stand it. They keep making racist comments (for example: I'm leaving the country the day after Christmas and my dad has repeatedly told me to "watch out for towelheads" on the plane) and when I point out that what they're saying is offensive, they tell me I'm being over-sensitive and need to lighten up, KNOWING that I'm getting my third degree in a field of anthropology, where it is my JOB to... read more

Okay so on tumblr people are saying that Chris Pratt's tan in Jurassic Park is racist somehow. I do not even understant what is going on in peoples minds to think that because he has a tan it is racist. White people tan, that is all I can say. If you think I am missing what people of color are talking about, please comment so I understand better and am not ignorant to the rest of the world. #IDK #Racism #Sorry? #ISoundLikeADouche

I am absolutely sick of people thinking and assuming that purely because of my race and gender, I live a perfect life. I can understand that I may not be struggling as much as a person of color, and I can respect that I may never suffer as some do when it comes to being oppressed. But to go as far as to say that I have an easy life, that I have everything going for me, when its hard to get out of bed, and I feel as though I am worthless, is sickeningly racist. I wish I could ... read more

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