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I love my boyfriend a lot, but I feel like he's broken me emotionally. Maybe it's unintentionally but it's set me back with my depression and anxiety, which he knows the majority about. We've had a conversation about this before kind of and he's said that he's just bad at remembering to reply but idk anymore. He's bad at getting back to me in general which I could cope with, but then he went on holiday for a week. he's been intermittent with his responses which I could unders... read more

there is this waiter who keeps staring at me. If I ignore him long enough he comes up to talk. Today he just straight up walked to my table in the cafe he works and sat next to me although
1)it was his shift
2)i was with a girl friend of mine
3)he wasn't our waiter
He invaded my personal space and started chatting with me although his boss was calling him. WHAT THE HELL?
He keeps staring when i'm talking to guy friends and was pissed off when another waiter(a friend of mine) ... read more

In a long term relationship and absolutely f***ing love my significant other to death, but god, do I miss meaningless fun flirting sometimes. Just back and forth banter. All verbal, nothing physical at all. It used to give me such a confidence boost and I *know* it would again. My SO doesn't flirt with me. We haven't flirted in years. And I need the boost, I really f***ing do. But I don't want to hurt my SO. So instead, I'm venting here while my SO sleeps and I resist chattin... read more

My brother is such a f***ing idiot, he wants me to give him money I worked for with my sister, because he's our brother.
What's worse is I owe him money, so the money I worked for is going to him regardless.
But he doesn't care so he complained to our mom, who never lets me speak,
and she says "you have to share the money!111 u guta be a good kids!11 itz unfair to be rude to him!!1111!!1"

I hate my family.

#venting #RelationshipProblems #Family #Ihatemyfamily

Me and my (now friend) ex girlfriend broke up because of how clingy she was/is and ever once in a while she'll text me saying "I know we are not dating but do you still think I'm pretty" and it annoys me because i know she still likes me but I don't want to be with her and this clingy friend thing she's doing is really ticking me off but she's one of the only friends I have #Friends #venting #RelationshipProblems #clingy

Have you ever dated someone that makes you feel terrible for no reason? Like, she just f***ing cries when I go take a shower by myself and I have to stay up 4 extra hours to comfort her when I have an interview in the morning and she doesn't have to do sh** the next day jfc i love her but i can't do everything
im so exhausted
#relationships #relationshipproblems

there was a girl 2 years ago that l was in love with for a year but she never felt the same. eventually the feelings went away after l realized l was wasting my time. l then started dating a new girl, and she started dating a new guy. me and my girlfriend talk about marriage and our future and everything together and she has a promise ring, the whole 9 yards. lately, l havent been as happy as l was before but l dont want to break up. idk its like l still love her but l cant s... read more

This guy tells me he's ready to settle down. We start talking, he gets to know me and my favorite things, cooks for me, takes me on awesome dates, gives me the key to his apartment, I meet all his friends, etc. I one day ask him where are we going with things and he says let's take it slow. Couple days later, and he tells me he's not ready for a relationship. What's the point of leading me on, making me like you and then ending things?? After all this, I'm finally getting ove... read more

Ne znam više šta hoće od mene? Pun mi je klinac kontrole, zajebavanja i sranja. Jbt tito imam i ja osjećaje, nisam životinja čovjek sam. Svaki dan se svađa sa mnom, psuje mi, naziva me ružnim imenima. Ja ponekad šutim ponekad odgovorim. Vrijeđanje ubija. Sve ubija. Pun mi je kofer svega, da mi je da odem na more tri mjeseca i da uživam, da odmorim dušu, da živim. Ne znam kako ovo sve trpim. Svaki dan se budim sa mislim "zbog čega ćemo se danas svađati". #relat... read more

So I'm in a predicament. I was talking to this guy like I usually would, messing around and then he says "I have a girlfriend" so I congradulated him and limited what I said about certain things so I could respect their relationship. I started talking to him like I would talk to any other friend. Then I saw he screenshotted our conversation. A while ago we had promised that we wouldnt screenshot anything. The his girlfriend added me on snapchat, so I accepted because I didnt ... read more

Im gonna just get this off my chest.... I don't know what to do.. So I've been with this girl for about 5 months and I absolutely love her, like I'm head over heels for her and would do anything for her.. as she was the same for a little bit but things came crashing down soon after... well she likes to party a lot and got drunk one night and kissed her ex... As we all know that never goes well especially being in another relationship but we got passed it.. The head over heels... read more

My boyfriend and I are going through a rough patch as he lied, manipulated, and hurt me badly. He has borderline personality disorder so I can't really say much. He has been so distant and not affectionate at all because he feels bad and he feels like he doesn't deserve or to be able to be affectionate to me. I don't really get how that is the case but I have to go with it. I don't feel like I can share my feelings openly with him anymore and he gets mad when I do.
Because of... read more

I been living with someone for a couple of months now and I'm seriously not happy and know that the relationship is no longer not working for me. I'm finding it hard to tell him to just pack up and leave but at the same time I keep replaying in my head "this relationship is not working for me." Ugh #relationshipproblems I want to end the #drama!

I haven't been able to talk to my boyfriend in a while except maybe a few texts a day but i haven't heard from him at all today. its a long distance relationship (dont tell me he's cheating i know he isnt) and he's been really busy with family stuff or visiting friends that live in different towns and so have i.
I stayed at my friends house for a bit not too long ago and he talked on skype with his boyfriend so my boyfriend would join the call but the whole time he would be p... read more

I asked my boyfriend to wash the bed. He takes the sheets but not the blanket. Is he filing retarded. I can't ask him to do something so simple. His mother lives 30 minutes away and I have errands to do WITH A PUPPY. I can't.All he does all day is read comic books and watch YouTube. He says he is writing a story-whatever that means- to follow his passion and generate income. OK cool! Follow your passion but you still have to TAKE CARE OF THE HOUSE. not ONCE has he cleaned any... read more


So I was casually seeing a guy for a semester. It was largely hooking up but we also did some very cutesy couple things like watching a movie together, getting ice cream and going on a romantic weekend. We were stuck in this gray zone where neither of us could really put a label on what we were. During this time I developed feelings, because unfortunately I was cursed by my own humanity. Goddamnit. Anyways recently we left school and are now living in separate states. We neve... read more

I really hate that my boyfriend has these "unwanted thoughts" about killing, destroying, or hurting me. Not on purpose tho from his ocd/ anxiety but I love him and be there even tho I wish he didnt think about me dying alot it's a mood killer....if anybody had or has the same problem with whomever please give me advice #RelationshipProblems

I’m honestly really upset and I have no words to use to really express how upset about it, but I’m going to try my best. I need to write this down because I have no idea what else to do and really need a shoulder and a ear from anyone going through the same thing.

I am a bisexual female, I turned 18 in February and I’ve just recently got a girlfriend who I adore more than anything in the world. We had been interested in one another for a long while and had met in schoo... read more

I think my dad might be emotionally abusing me.

#venting #relationshipproblems #youcantalktome #manipulation #idontknowwhattodo

I don't want to be around him. No matter what I do it isn't good enough. I can't disagree with him without him spouting long conversations as to why he is right and he won't even listen to my side of things (whether it be about politics or personal stuff). He will always critisize me after a sporting event--and even though I've told him multiple ti... read more