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I have a best friend. They are super nice and we have so much in common. We had a whole conversation about a fall out boy song! They are so wonderful and an amazing friend. I only just recently realized how adorable they are. I am so attracted to them, and it terrifies me. I am in a relationship, But it's long distance. They don't really give me as much attention anymore. My friend, however, has everything I need. They make me feel loved and important and we click so perfectl... read more

Almost a year ago I met an amazing girl. We had a lot of fun chatting and drawing together through a few sites. But around 3 months into our friendship we decided to be together, making us a homosexual couple. There were a lot of things that could ruin our relationship, mostly our age gap (I'm 17 she's 14) as well as the fact we live far apart so everything is practically online. my parent fell ill, went into hospice, then died 2 months later. She said she'd be there when eve... read more

i'm in the ace/aro spectrum (demi-romantic to be specific), which makes it nearly impossible for me to like someone y'know? i've only felt a real emotional connection with... idk, maybe 3 people? the only relationship i had was last year, which ended after 3 1/2 months. it turns out the person i was dating didn't romantically like me at all and only said yes out of pity, which worsened my whole view on relationships as a whole.
i moved on, but to someone new.
in december, we ... read more

Okay so there is this guy at my work and we have been talking since September. We were basically dating but he said he is not ready for a relationship and after some thought I was like okay that's fine. As long as he is in my life. Everything was great he'd call me princess and boo and say that he love's me, he'd surprise me at work with my favorite coffee and for Christmas he got me candy and a beautiful heart necklace. The January came around. I went away to Florida for a w... read more

50 shades crazy in love - sofia karlberg cover #love #relationshipproblems

I didn't ask for my friend to send me nudes. Please don't be upset at me. I didn't send him anything in return. I can't make you happy... I can't f***ing make you happy.... Please be happy... you're worrying me a lot...


#depression #life #lost #helpless #down #relationshipproblems #muttr

This isn't really a vent. I am just looking for some non-professional advice. Feel free to respond as honestly as possible.

I am 19 and in a relationship with my boyfriend who has three children. I live with them in a rural location and have no children of my own. To tell you the truth I absolutely HATE it here and I feel extremely trapped. I have little family except for an Aunt who has a physiological di... read more

I'm not afraid of asking her out and I'm not afraid of rejection... What I am afraid of is losing her. I don't want to ask her out then get rejected and end up losing her.I have really strong feelings for this girl and I don't know what to do. :(

#Sad #Confused #RelationshipProblems #Idonthashtag

Im not really sure how to start this so ill just go into it. I love my boyfriend ore then anything but lately we have just been fighting a lot.. Its over the smallest and stupidest stuff. The only time we have a decent conversation anymore is when its about sex. I am so scared that its all our relationship is about anymore:( it is hurting me and I have no idea how to talk to him about it without him flipping out on me. #relationshipproblems #helpme

I lost my brother and a very close friend a few months ago. I started dating someone, with whom it seemed to go very well, then they turned out to be "busy". I seeked help in online communities and I've just been rejected with rude jokes from people who clearly go there to have fun rater than help.
I thought about killing myself, but I don't want my cat to starve.
I found out self-mutilation gets my mind off emotions. You should try it. Sharpened bobby pins edges on the top a... read more

Been single for 6 years, now. Spent the last 5 years taking care of my mentally challenged and mentally ill brother. Now, my brother is gone and I am free to resume a normal life. I met a guy that I am crazy about and he is moving in 6 months! We've had sex and it's the best I've ever had and I have very high standards!!! I keep telling myself that it's just sex - that I like him so much because the sex is so good. But, I know that I am lying to myself. I want more with him. ... read more

I f***ING HATE BLOOD SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #relationshipproblems

I'm in a relationship and recently I've felt so awful and guilty because I had a crush on someone else. Now, I kinda know that nothing is gonna happen with the other person. I should feel relieved to be free to concentrate on my SO, right? Actually, I'm disappointed. More than anything. My relationship feels boring and I feel like the worst phony ever. So I basically feel awful and guilty x2. I guess I'll figure out what to do eventually... #relationshipproblems

Ever get that feeling that you're not needed - or even wanted? I get it. I was gone for almost three years and everyone's moved on. New group of friends, new relationships. I get it. But they don't have to act like they care in front of me cause I can see that they don't. Everyone's an open book with all these social networks so no point hiding the truth. I get it that I've drifted away, faded into the background. But ever since I got back, I've been trying to get back in, be... read more

I have no idea what to do with this boy. I dated him for like 3 months but ended things because we never spoke but now I keep thinking about him and I just want to be with him but I don't know if it would be a mistake. All my friends are telling me to "go for it, because who cares", but I care, and I don't wanna make a stupid decision I'm going to regret.

I told my BFF that I'm terrified of losing her because ever since she and her BF became official (and our other good friend/roommate got a BF the following week) I've felt left out, excluded, lonely, bored, etc. She confirmed that she doesn't have as much time for me any more but still loves me. But now we haven't talked (texted, FBed, etc) in 48 hrs. excluding times when we are sleeping 48 minutes is usually excessive . #friends #relationshipproblems #thirdwheel #ditched

#relationshipproblems 12 yrs "dating"? Guess you're waiting to see if the bigger, better deal comes along. Wish I had the courage to call it quits!

ok so during the summer i kind of hooked up with a guy at a party, lets call him Jesse and his best friend found out. lets call his best friend Samuel. Samuel and i are close friends, and we've done some not so innocent things as well. anyways so because Jesse and Samuel are bffs, Jesse told Samuel everything. Samuel confronted me because he thought it was funny. And then he decided to tell his other friends how hilarious i am. Samuel's other friends now know as "that" girl. ... read more

First time muttr-er. My girlfriend of four years left me two months ago. It was a long-distance relationship that lasted four years. I visited her every December. Right after breaking up with me over the phone, she declared on various social media/blogging sites that she was entering into a new relationship with one of her male friends - who is now visiting her instead of me. We were each other's first sexual partners so the thought of her having sex with a new person breaks ... read more

So, I'm a lesbian and I'm in a relationship with this girl who is apparently transgender FTM meaning that she will someday be a male. I don't see how the relationship could possibly have a future this way. Not to mention that the more I think about her as a male the more I start to become less interested in her even if she is still a female at the current time. I don't want to tell her that and hurt her feelings but at the same time I'm not sure how much longer I can stay wit... read more