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Have you ever thought, "I'm so average. My problems aren't even mine. Why should I be cutting? Why am I crying? I honestly have nothing to cry about." However, you think about it a little more and realize you wrapped a rope around your throat and gave it to someone else to draw you around with. That's how I feel right now. What do you do when you're the dirty little secret and all you want is a security blanket and the person you care about is even more f***ed up and unstable... read more

I finally got my first girlfriend and our one month is almost hereand I feel like it's coming to an end. Her parents are psychotic and will not let her hangout with me at any place that isn't public. Now she's hardly texting back, if at all. I feel like I don't even have a girlfriend. On top of that I finished my Musical auditions and didn't make it, and I have a test tomorrow and pretty much want to sleep for the next week and hope things get better but that's not the case. ... read more

My girlfriend is a great person and I love her, but our relationship hasn't worked for several months now, and I feel like it would be healthier for both of us to go our separate ways. I feel like we've been forcing things and not staying together because it truly feels right, and I have come to the conclusion that I would prefer to be single and see how things go. However, whenever I bring it up and tell her that I feel like I need us to be apart, she threatens to kill herse... read more

my boyfriend does not want to touch me anymore. we haven't had sex in weeks, and i haven't gained any weight or anything. all i want is a hug, and he won't even give me a proper one, just a pat on the shoulder. i feel like he doesn't love me anymore or is maybe cheating on me. #relationshipproblems #help

My friends all say that I have a harem since I apparently have tons of guys that like me. There are about nine guys that have told me they like me, but the one guy I like hates me. FML. #harem #love #relationshipproblems

My ex just recently broke up with me temporarily and we had the best sex ever last Saturday (compared to any other time we had sex) and we texted the day after and everything was fine and we talked about staying up and talking to one another all night. But he hasn't texted me since Sunday and today I texted him and asked him on a date. He hasn't rejected my request but he's taking forever to answer me and I've just been waiting for so long for him to take me back(almost a mon... read more

My boyfriend just made me extremely mad. He tells me "Oh you must be on the phone with another boy". Like what the hell. Are you serious right now?! That just completely pissed me off. I'm waiting on you to call me back, you never did! So you make assumptions. I just got off OOVOO with you less than 20 minutes ago. YOU are the only person I'm thinking about and I don't think you realize that. I'm the clingy/goofy/annoying girlfriend. I miss YOU. I don't give a damn about anyo... read more

Okay so I'm in a relationship with this girl, and everything is going good. But i get the feeling she isn't over her ex girlfriend. Which really bothers me because they hangout and talk constantly. Not only that, but i'm loosing my best friend because he doesn't like the fact I'm lesbian. I just don't understand how you could abandon a friend when they're going through something like this?? I just don't know what to do about either.. #RelationshipProblems #BestFriendProblems

#relationshipproblems #venting My f***ing boyfriend really just told me that he not gonna f***ing spoil me like his last girlfriend because he learned his lesson. The f*** type of sh** is that. its hurt my feelings so bad mind you I've been holding him down for 1 year and half right now while his a** is in a detention center ! My blood is boiling then he gone say okay Im sorry and expect me to just be like okay. Thats was so not cool.

What do you do, when you're in this "relationship" that has to be a godd*mn secret and you act like a little sl*t. And you feel just f*cking awful because you haven't been together a week, nor are you even a public relationship and suddenly you let him touch your most intimate spot without hesitation.
#intimate #venting #relationshipproblems

All my sister wanted for her 16th birthday was for me to come home from college and go trick-or-treating with her. My boyfriend promised me a ride but then last minute bailed on me. I let her down.

#relationshipproblems #sister #birthday #halloween #iamtheworstsisterever

There is no right way to start this so here I go. I've been dating this guy for 2 years and 3 months on and off but only 9 months straight. Lets name him "Bob" The first time I saw bob I met another guy who I thought was attractive, "Jim". At that time I hung out with bob a lot more so we got together, that summer another guy liked me and I thought he was okay and bob was cheating on me and I wasn't about cheating so I dumped bob. That guy and I broke up 2 weeks later. That S... read more

It's been almost 9 months since my daughter's dad was murdered in cold blood. I'm still devastated, depressed, and still feeling very hurt. OMG, I loved and hated him. In the 5 years we were together we laughed so hard, cried so hard, learned to depend on each other and live independently from each other.

After his death, I married a old flame that came back into my life 3 weeks prior, after not seeing him for 7 years. I don't know what I was thinking. I guess, I just was so... read more

All we ever do is fight. We don't even fight;make love;fight;make love like some "intense" couples. We just fight.
"Where's the love?" said Hanson. I agree; where has it gone?
I have known this man FIVE YEARS. That is a long time, man. Especially for me.
I am listening to "Duffy - Warwick Avenue", and I'm crying. There I said it.
He doesn't want me, he doesn't respect me. I don't know what he wants, I honestly don't even think he does.
Does he stay with me just because he's a... read more

I've pretty much been with a guy for several years now. He says he is bisexual. However, I genuinely think he's gay; or at least, more gay than straight.
It's a bit confusing though, as he has had a lot of ex girlfriends and is still close with a lot of them. That also bothers me, but I suppose that's a separate issue.
I don't really know how he feels, though, as he won't say. We're quite close, sometimes, but other times he's very 'off', doesn't share a lot with me. He also ... read more

So apparently my grades are slipping. Yeah I know, I need to fix them. But the last thing I want is an irritating a** mother in my ear constantly telling me to do sh**. Its like all she wants is what she wants. She doesn't like to listen to how I feel, and she doesn't listen when I try to have a deep conversation with her. I'm also have #RelationshipProblems. But I feel like I can handle that. We just need to work on spending time together, and communicating better. Hopefully... read more

In the past few months, my boyfriend dumped me, and I moved cities. I was planning to move anyway, but the break-up accelerated things a bit, as I was kind of unhappy there anyway and being dumped unceremoniously set me over the edge. I've mostly been out of contact with him, but have checked in on his Facebook on occasion, just to see what he's up to since we split. It's become clear the past couple months that he's dating someone new. It's fine, we've broken up, he can do w... read more

I am a male and 20 years old. I turn 21 on November.3rd. I have a girlfriend, work, and go to college. I feel like I can't talk to anyone. I get a weird feeling inside why I think about getting help. I am a junior in college, first time not being full time. I study geology. I have been noticing I've been procrastinating more and more. I am trying to work on that. I feel like I have no idea where I am going in life. I feel lost and quite depressed. I feel like I don't really h... read more

I'm at a very strange part of my life right now, I'm doing really well in terms of family and friends and social life, I'm very successful in university and I've overcome most of my darker problems that have plagued me for the past three years. With that being said, it's good to add that my appetite for everything new and interesting hasn't been sated and probably never will, but it has gotten me in trouble.
Over the summer I shared a course with a teacher who was close to my... read more

I'm a little pissed of at the universe. i don't understand why i keep getting "friend zoned". i haven't had a gf in almost 2 years. its getting a little annoying. and really hard to concentrate on my life.
last girl i tried to get with was going great! i know she likes me she knows i like her. but apparently shes Mentally not able to handle what we were already doing.
we were basically dating. going out to get food.. ice cream and parties and stuff.. and we got along perfect.... read more