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I’m honestly really upset and I have no words to use to really express how upset about it, but I’m going to try my best. I need to write this down because I have no idea what else to do and really need a shoulder and a ear from anyone going through the same thing.

I am a bisexual female, I turned 18 in February and I’ve just recently got a girlfriend who I adore more than anything in the world. We had been interested in one another for a long while and had met in schoo... read more

I think my dad might be emotionally abusing me.

#venting #relationshipproblems #youcantalktome #manipulation #idontknowwhattodo

I don't want to be around him. No matter what I do it isn't good enough. I can't disagree with him without him spouting long conversations as to why he is right and he won't even listen to my side of things (whether it be about politics or personal stuff). He will always critisize me after a sporting event--and even though I've told him multiple ti... read more

My boyfriend gave me a list with pretty much *all* of my interests on it, and said I'm not allowed to talk about any of them because it annoyed him, otherwise he wouldn't talk to me.
To begin with I sort of laughed it off, and thought "maybe I *do* go on a bit when I'm excited", until I literally mentioned the title of a game I liked, one that was on the list, and he just turned away from me and wouldn't say anything. Since then, every mention has earned me a look of warning ... read more

so lately i've been feeling?? jealous i think??? my boyfriend told me recently about his friend having a crush on him, and i'm a little worried that he might take him from me. i don't think i have the right to be upset about this, since im very sure my bf loves me, he tries to show me everyday (he's just not good w affection. at all) but i cant help but feel a. burning and bad feeling in my gut when his friend tells him he loves him (theyre 'qpps' so it's natural he'd say thi... read more

OK SO I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOO UPSET RIGHT NOW because I'm a kind hearted person and when it comes to the ones i love I would bend over backwards for them...BUT...there is a MOTHER F***ING bastard that I call a boyfriend that I try to be there for and encourage and sacrifice for but he seriously treats me like S**T and Im sick of it...I F***ING took a car loan out for him and he continues to treat me like garbage!! And now I can't even get my own car before the end of the summer li... read more

its so funny how some one can claim they love you for 3½ years then when you ask them one day if they still loved you b/c they have been acting different and you felt like you weren't important, but anyway let me start from the top. i was dating this guy for 3 1/2 years no problem or anything until may, he had been acting different and i was worried he told me what was going on and i wasn't so worried anymore. well one day he was being really secretive and i got frustrated a... read more

I need help.
There are two issues in my friend's love life that are really starting to get to my head.
The first is that her boyfriend is suicidal and she's only staying in a relationship with him because she doesn't want him to kill himself or self harm because of her, she's told me that, and two, that I love her too.
It's a... weird.... situation that I've gotten myself in, but I'm the person who she looks too for advice about everything, but I also ha... read more

Can my medication affect the taste of my vagina?
Ive had depression and anxiety on severe levels for 10+ years, I'm a young adult, I was finally able to get treatment a few months ago and have been taking medication for depression and anxiety for 3 months. My boyfriend doesnt go down on me because it tastes "off". I clean myself very well especially before sex so I know for a fact it's not dirty and I have no vaginal health problems. I decided to taste it myself last night af... read more

so, i've been having a pretty non-serious but nonetheless intense problem recently, and it has to do with jealousy. i guess it's kind of a long story but for the sake of everyone's sanity i'll keep it brief. i'm currently engaged in a very casual sexual relationship with a friend; FWB is what we defined it as, but even though it wasn't part of the arrangement, i went into it knowing i was going to catch some level of feelings for him, and it was only made worse by the fact th... read more

First of all, I hate your guts. I was always very nice to you, nodding, smiling, using all the years of theatre experience I have to make myself seem thrilled to see you whenever we crossed paths. But here's the thing. You are a b****. You strung along someone I love very much, who was very invested in your relationship. He was HAPPY with you. I have no idea why. Oh yes, you're nice and pretty, but really? Whenever I see you I have the feeling that you're just so EMPTY. And s... read more

My boyfriend is useless with money, treats me more like a mother than a girlfriend and is constantly in need of being looked after. He is lazy and has no motivation with life unless im there to hold his hand and take him somewhere to do something. I told him it was all very difficult tonight and that I really want him to go and do things and be the best he can, and he broke up with me.

He was so blunt, "I guess I need a lot of me time, lets call it quits".

I don't understan... read more

I do your homework and help you with everything. I pay rent, I work hard, even if I don't have two jobs like you do. I don't need you to help me, I could do it all on my own. So don't blame me for your problems when I'm f***ing helping you. The other day you dragged me across the floor and acted like nothing happened. Why is it that you blame me every single day, we fight because you want to fight, because you feel like I'm doing everything wrong. f*** you. You're a piece of ... read more

Dead end relationship. Over 3 years, been engaged for over 1 year and it's inevitable. There is no fixing this, yet I'm still here. This is why the weaker one will always lose. Left my friends and family, moved to an unknown state (over 3 years here and I hate it more everyday), etc. My depression came back and I am suicidal again. All we ever do is fight, I don't enjoy the their presence anymore. Can't just easily say bye because no matter what decision I pick, I lose. I sta... read more

So I need to vent. I met this guy in the middle of October. We hung out once and had sex but honestly I wasn't feeling the vibes. I guess he was... you'll see why. So I had sex with someone else and I couldn't get wet. I felt guilty and was thinking about him the entire time so I kicked this other guy out. 2 weeks later, me and this boy are getting more and more serious and I started feeling more and more guilty. I decided to tell him. The 100% honest truth. He was crushed. H... read more

Sooooo my love life kinda sucks cause my last ex just kinda tuned out one day, never told me what happened, started to ignore me, then started hanging all over my friend (she had a fling with). I don't know if it's something I did so I apologized. the ex previous to my last cheated on me and is now dating one of my best friends so we run into eachother a lot. All of my friends are dating and come up to me for advice like I'm some kinda guru and leave super happy. Everything f... read more

So, I'm starting a friends with benefits relationship with my ex (we are both girls). I low key think it will end up being like dating, but without going. That's not a very good way of describing it but I will try; It will most likely be sex, hangout afterwards, maybe cuddling. If I could call it something it would be a warm body arrangement. I know we both wouldn't mind getting back together, but she just got out of a long term relationship. She said she's healing, so I'm as... read more

I love her, but she doesn't know it. She knows I like her because she's told me, but I have never actually told her how much I care about her. It's eating me up inside. It's hard to talk to her because we live an hour away from each other, and she is always super busy. I will finally muster the courage to text her, but it will take hours, even days to respond, if she even responds at all. I want to text her and see if she will go grab a bite to eat or something so we can talk... read more

Verbally abusive people are so frustrating to deal with.
It's hard to tell them they're wrong.
More like you CAN'T tell them they're wrong.
If you do, they'll find some way to turn it against you.
They can do anything they want and it's fine, but even if it's wrong, and you try to tell them it's wrong they turn it on you.
Suddenly you're in the wrong because of something they did that was bad.
But if you go and do the same thing they did, you're wrong and horrible and did som... read more

#Boston #venting #YOLO #RelationshipProblems

Met a guy on tinder almost 2 years ago. I didn't think much of him at first, but once we decided to become friends with benefits I fell for him H A R D. And I think he liked me as well, but I never acted on that because I was too afraid. This fall I ended up moving one city over for school (I come home often) and I fooolishy decided i would tell him how I felt the night before I left. He turned me down; his ex cheated on him and with the distance it wasn't an ideal situation ... read more