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So done with constantly giving people what they need and not prioritizing myself, then getting criticized or having my flaws pointed out.
Also very annoyed by how i woke up feeling I could conquer the world, or at least my university assignments, and then having my entire day ruined by the one person I trust and give my everything to. #RelationshipProblems

My boyfriend is very confusing. He's not very passionate or romantic, but he talks about wanting a future with me. I always feel like I care way more about him and try to make him happy, and he is just kind of dull or doesn't notice me at all. He talks about moving in together, hints at an engagement, but says it in a completely monotone way. Is this just how some people are? I don't want to be stuck with a boring boyfriend

I'm pregnant. I also have BPD- borderline personality disorder. I was on medication for 8 years before becoming pregnant. I wasn't trying to become pregnant-it happened on its own. I had to stop all of my medicine cold when I found out. At first I was okay-just taking everything as it comes, as happy as I can be while throwing up all day. Everything seemed all okay. Then my BPD came back and hit me like a train. Everything all at once-I shouldn't keep the baby, the father doe... read more

I think this might be weird and many might not respond, but if you read this, please give advice on what to do, please.

So my mom has been judging me recently, she keeps commenting on how fat I am, how I act, my way of doing things, How my acne been very noticeable recently, how I do things ( laundry, writing etc. ) etc. And she talks about it to her friends too, not in a caring way but in a ' mean girl gossiping ' way. She talks about it loudly in public, and she keeps hitt... read more

I been with this guy for 2 years and when I asked him to move in with me I wasn't working then as soon as I got a job he wanted to move in with me but I was hesitant about it. Recently about a month ago to be accurate I decided to let him move in. Now we are going into 2 months and I've come to realize I don't like living with him but I'm conflicted with how to tell him this and if I do is it just a fade I'm going through. I don't want him to get mad which I'm sure he will an... read more

sometimes I get annoyed because by the time im done brushing my teeth for the night and coming to bed, my fiancee is already asleep. She works a 8-5 5 days a week with OT , & has some minor health problems along with depression, so i know ALL of that alone can be draining on a person. I just feel like damn, atleast wait until i'm back in the room so we can say good night to each other you know??! Maybe a kiss and I love you.. But if i bring it up to her, she just takes offens... read more

My wife had a terrible day at work and I didn't respond to her text telling me so because I too was having a hellishly busy and frustrating day. Now she has locked herself in the bathroom and just wants to be alone because my not responding was apparently the straw that broke the camel's back. I was looking to coming home and making dinner with her to wind down before finishing the work that I had to bring home with me. Now I have to make dinner and finish drafting a f***ing ... read more

So basically I'm going to try and keep It simple. Me and my boyfriend have been together 4 years. We met at college. I had 2 friends who ended up becoming a couple when we left college. I introduced my boyfriend to them and they got on really well and we all ended up working together for a year. That was a few years ago.

Neither of us work together anymore. However we are still close as couples. We go on a load of double dates. Shes one of my best friends and my boyfriend an... read more

So I was with this guy for two year and it was rocky af but we came too and our relationship was good but suddenly we are now living together and I am not sure I made the right decision. I am not happy with him living with me I feel a bit choked up no space and I don't like some of his ways. Should I tell him to move out and go back to living on my own? I feel like I miss living in my own space and it felt better when he was just coming over and staying just for a couple of d... read more

Pretty sure my boyfriends going to break up with meand talking to someone else #relationshipproblems

*it's long*
Im thinking of breaking up with my boyfriend because everything about him makes me sick. He doesnt have a real job , so he constantly borrows money from his mum, He wants to be a racer so he is pouring all his mum's money into this .His "career"is so important that he constantly disappears and reappear, I guess he thinks he is in a movie because he always gives really dramatic answers ( example : me : why dont you text me ? Him : because. My passion and dreams are... read more

My fiancé and I got in a huge fight. We've been having problems for awhile. Same thing with no progress made recently. We yelled. We slammed doors. Ultimately I left to get away by staying with family. We have been engaged for a few months and together about two years. He's my soulmate and I am his. I've never ever doubted his love for me. I cried endlessly over leaving. I texted him today and let him call. I want to give him another chance. He broke my heart but I still see... read more

In August last year we had a huge fight on a late night drive about her mental health and how I have been wanting her to get help for years with her bulimia and depression. She was so deep in it and would only share the details with me and our friendship was becoming toxic. I couldn't handle being a part of it anymore. I told her she needed to get help and we haven't talked since. I don't want to be enabling her so I ... read more

Im falling in love with someone else. She's perfect. It's as if God made two of us from one single drop of water, we are so alike in so many ways, fit so well together. We live so, so far appart and i cant see her, but i can feel her. Shes gorgeous too. Not your stereotypical beauty either. Shes got scars on her face from acne, scars on her arms from suffering. She's pale, isnt too much on the femenine side in both stance and body, curls into herself from her anxiety even in ... read more

I am here to talk about me and my girlfriends relationship. To put some background down first I am 23, live with my mom, in-between jobs, and working on getting my license back because someone f***ed me over and am a full time college student. She is 21, living with me and my mom, has a full time job and a part time college student.

So her problem with me is that i dont currently have a job, license, or car, even though i am working super hard on all those things and i know ... read more

For starters, I am 18 going on 19 in March, and I bit more mature for my age. My recently ex boyfriend (Tyler) of a little over a year is also the same age, just turning 19 a couple weeks ago. We were very, very happy, but we argued a lot over the simplest things; food, actors, him choosing to see friends and vise versa. I wasn't trying to control him or keep him away from friends, I just wanted to be involved and actually get to know them. In December of 2016, he left me. He... read more

Literally I'm with the most sensitive and whiny man. I love him, don't get me wrong but I raised my voice barely to get my point across and now he's pouting in the other room because I "yelled" at him. I seriously didn't even remember raising my tone at first. I can't deal with it. It's always something #venting #relationshipproblems #always

I feel so dumb for complaining about this but my heart hurts and I can't tell anyone close to me. My boyfriend lives 2 continents away and we don't have the same religion(which is so important to each of us). So it's basically impossible for us to be together and each day that goes by I just fall more and more in love with him. He gets me like no one else. He understands and he tries so hard for me. He's such a good and kind person as well and he knows his limits. He says to ... read more

My wife and I work together and she treats me like sh** at work to look badass in front of our coworkers. She also stalks my Facebook nearby friends when I'm not with her, refuses to be affectionate in even the slightest of ways, and is a complete pillow princess!!! #UtahLGBT #venting #relationshipProblems

Idk what to do ! Like I f***ing love this guy , I know I f***ed up but he started it , yeah I know that's childish in a way . But I have gave him everything ! My love my attention my ALL and it wasnt enough for him , but once I stop and once start giving him the same treatment as he did me , such as .. Lying , deleting messages , calling everyone " sis" knowing damn well he only has 2 blood sisters and or calling them "cuz " like come on now , if that was the case then why de... read more