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My boyfriend just got super mad at me and left the room because I wouldn't let him go down on me. He was being kinda tough with me after I kept telling him "no" he just kept trying to open my legs. I told him I didn't want him and I kept telling him to stop. But he just left the room angry.
We have been together for almost a year and I feel kinda upset about all of this. #whatshouldido #relationshipproblems

my best friend who i kind of like started dating her professor and i got so angry at her i started a fight. im so tired of having such tenuous relationships. i wish i had none so i could just be alone forever. ill never get hurt if im not attached to anyone. And it wont even matter if we stop talking. Im an insignificant part of everyone's lives. no one needs me around. #tired #relationshipproblems i guess #iwishididntexist

honestly if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend with anxiety, please support them and make sure they're doing okay and they're happy.

I know guys aren't all like this but why is it that most of the time, they lack consistency. At the beginning, they act all in love with you, crazy about you, can't live without you, says you're the only one they see in the future but as time passes, they lose interest. All of a sudden, they don't exert effort anymore. And I'm so stupid to fall so deeply and be won over. Now I'm the one crying. I understand he has issues, he gets depressed but I HAVE NEEDS TOO. I am not askin... read more

man i feel like a bad person
i sorta cheated but it was because i didn want both people hurt
it was a cod awful idea but hey thats 14 year old me for you
how the glub do i tell both about this
sometimes i dont even understand my own decisions or reasoning

#reelationshipproblems #imean #relationshipproblems #ohcod #imsorry

I want to break up with my girlfriend. She's not the emotional type and when I vent out my feelings to her, she's supportive, but she doesn't like talking about her own. I'm the one who reaches out to talk to her 95% of the time and when I text her, she just reads my messages most of the time but never replies. She's a great person but she's so distant and makes me question if she actually loves me or not. It makes me frustrated and anxious when she doesn't reply for days des... read more

I wish I'd never met my boyfriend. It was all so fun and exciting at the beginning. We moved overseas together because I wanted to do further study. Now I am in an exhausting cycle of trying to support him with his mental illness while being crushed by my study workload. He hasn't made friends here. He doesn't like going out. When we fight he always brings up the fact that he moved overseas and gave up everything for me. He says I lack empathy, that I don't appreciate him, th... read more

I'm so sick of this story. The one where the ex is always around. Lurking like a bish a** woman and always making you feel insecure about sh**. I'm also sick and tired of putting up with the fact that my boyfriend just happens to be around her and all.
Last night my cousin bruh asked me all these dodgy questions on if he was treating me right...if he was still in contact with his ex. And it bugged me so I being the girl who can't keep stuff away told my guy
Only to find out h... read more

I'm new to this app, but I regret falling in love. Whenever I fall in love, I hold those emotions permanently. My most recent ex-girlfriend lied to my face and left me, after we had literally just talked about communication and that she can't just ignore me and expect me to know what's wrong. I wish my partners would talk to me instead of expecting me, who also has a lot of emotional problems of my own, to magically guess what they're upset about. I'm 100% willing to change h... read more

My boyfriend just failed a college class that he needed to graduate from college. The class is known for being insanely easy, he just didn't show up do the work. He has also yet to find a job (or even start looking). Right now he should be looking for summer classes to take so he can graduate but instead he's been playing a video game all day, just like he has been all year. I love him but I don't know how long I can deal with him putting off the things he needs to do. I also... read more

I always wanted to fall in love and get married. I used to watch proposal videos on youtube and cry and dream of that. I had my wedding dress picked out since I was 15. When my husband proposed he didn't have a ring, he didn't get down on one knee, he said "let's get married." The next day we drove to reno and got married in a chapel. I had to buy my own ring off amazon for $30. This isn't at all what I wanted. I love him to death so I was willing to give all that stuff up fo... read more

I'm lost. I have an ex boyfriend who chanced my life...for the worst. He was amazing and everything a girl could ask for. Then we started bickering back and fourth a lot. Then it turned into an everyday thing to argue. One day i was supposed to go over to his house, so we could talk everything out, because after all we were in love and we wanted things to go back to happily ever after. But the night I was supposed to head over, I got all ready, grabbed my carefully constructe... read more

so im a horny person not sure why, not sure if its because of my ex's or just who i am.
school didnt teach us much about HIV or anything really if they did its like they were confused themselves and just said "go to these websites"

anyways, because of me touching myself i think i gave myself hiv or something. i dont have symptons of AIDS but mostly hiv.
I get itchy once in awhile i feel tiny bumps down there whenever i please myself. i feel them freak out and stop now and i ... read more

Why can't my partner understand me? I told him that I have to switch birth control because of my testosterone levels are higher than my hormone levels. And for me to do that, the doc said that I have to take a estrogen only pill with a higher dosage. He was okay with till I told him that I might get my periods back. And we'll he got upset and saying that he likes the pills I'm taking. Then he goes and says that it's because of my weight or the foods I'm eating. In my head I'm... read more

So, I'm a girl.
I'm 17.
Hi ??
Since I'm in the category of love, I might as well share my love issue, right? Here goes..
In December, I realized I had a crush on this girl in my history class. BUT, this was my first *real* crush on another girl. There were instances before where I found myself crushing on a girl, but those went away fairly quickly. This crush, however, has been going on since (aforementioned) December. It is now late April.
I know, 4 months isn't... read more

I want to hate you, i want to scream horrid things at you to make you feel as hurt as i am. The emotional pain you caused me is so intense it hurts me physically, I want you to feel the way i feel when you injected that pain into me. I want to hate you, but the glint in your eyes when you laugh and the smile you get after making cheesy puns is too precious for me to forget. The way you get excited over stupid stuff for me because you know i love it, the stupid f***ing smile y... read more

So my best friend of many years is a lesbian and we've been friends for a long time. A few weekends ago she arrived in town and was going to stay at my place for the weekend. We've always had an extremely close friendship to the point that even while we're dating other people we've made each other's significant others uncomfortable. This particular weekend I was single and she was just broken up with her girlfriend so we were just drinking and having a good time. That is unti... read more

If your boyfriend/girlfriend talks sh** to you, calls you names or just degrades and insults you straight in your face for inevitable mistakes in your relationship, BREAK UP. You don't need those kind of people in your life. They are the worse. #RelationshipProblems

My boyfriend called me a bad investment. #RelationshipProblems

he drinks when he says he will quit talks more about sex together in everyday conversation rather than take me seriously (I'm pregnant) n has sex when i say no. He pulls at me I'm already aching due to pregnancy I submit just to make him stop. Don't know how to tell him these are all pretty awful issues I'm having with him any more all I get is "I'm sorry. You love it. I love you. I'll try not to piss you off." Wtf am I going to do???? I want to feel happy n he's not having i... read more